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Are you success-driven with an artistic streak? Are you ambitious with enough discipline to meet your goals? Do you feel that you are calm and know a lot about various concepts and ideas? If you answered yes to all or a majority of these questions, chances are that you an enneagram 3 wing 4. We’ll just call you 3w4.

In-depth Description of Enneagram 3w4

Every enneagram type has two types by either side of them. These types are called wings. They exert a measure of influence over the dominant type.

Thus, a person’s personality might have large or little sprinkles of their wings. For enneagram 3, type 4 and 2 are the two wings available.

While both wings are available to each person, one of them is usually dominant.

Enneagram 3w4 is the personality type where type 4 is the dominant wing. These people are often career or goal-oriented. Just like core threes, they desire to be successful and to be seen as successful.

However, unlike type 3s who struggle to identify their own feelings, wing 4 allows 3w4s to understand themselves on a deeper level.

Thus, 3w4s will be sensitive and compassionate towards people. These types will value uniqueness and have artistic taste. Unlike core type 3s who always adapt to their environment through charm and deceit, 3w4s are different.

They are more interested in being successful and unique. Type 3s and type 4s are people who are very conscious of how they look.

Thus, 3w4s are exceptionally good dressers. Their houses are also often beautiful and well thought out. 3w4s are also intellectual. They are more interested in abstract concepts and education when compared to 3w2s.

Their desire to know more about such things might make them look a lot like type 5s. Unlike 3w2s who are definitely extroverts, 3w4s are more introverted. A 3w4 is more likely to be an introverted extrovert because of their wing.

Overall, 3w4s are success-oriented, interested in academics, unique, and very independent.

Enneagram 3w4 in Stages

While 3w4s will generally look alike, there might be small differences. These differences are caused by the varying strength of their wings.

The strength of their wings will depend on the level of influence they wield over the dominant type. Generally, the wing can be pronounced, normal or weak.

Enneagram 3w4 (Pronounced)

This type variant will much more introverted and artistic. They will often attach a big part of their lives to figuring out their identity. However, they will have the drive of type 3.

This often results in a well-rounded person both emotionally and professionally.

Enneagram 3w4 (Normal)

This type variant will display moderate traits of the wings. They will be more interested in being successful. The skills and type 4’s desire to keep learning will make this type variant more likely to succeed.

While they will be more goal-oriented, they will also be artistic and have several interests aside from their careers.

Enneagram 3w4 (Weak)

This type variant will look more like the core type 3. They will be more afraid of failing and will do anything to succeed.

They might have occasional bouts of type 4 traits. However, you will immediately know that this is a type 3 when you meet them.

What is the Core Desire of Enneagram 3 wing 4?

The core desire of 3w4s is to be successful. They want to not just be successful but look the part too. Their uniqueness is part of the way they appear to be successful.

Thus, 3w4s can learn anything or do anything possible to meet their goals.

What is the Core Fear of Enneagram 3w4?

The core fear of 3w4s is being a failure. They fear that not being successful will make them look ordinary. They also are afraid that the image they project will fall if they fail.

This is one of their driving force in life.

Strengths of an Enneagram 3 wing 4

1.      Constant Need to Improve

3w4s are always looking for ways to improve. They often read books or gather more degrees to improve their knowledge. To them, constant improvement is the fast track for success.

For this reason, this enneagram type is often called the expert. Their need to improve will stay with them throughout their lives.

2.      Hardworking and Reliable

If you are looking for someone reliable, then 3w4s are one of your better bets. They have an image to keep. Plus, they also value success. Thus, you can count on them to get the job done.

What makes things even better here is that they usually have the knowledge to carry out the task effectively.

3.      More Conscious of their thoughts

Type 3s are infamous for not knowing what they really want. Their lives are often decided by what others expect of them or the environment they find themselves in.

With 3w4s, things are a bit different. Type 4s are always looking for self-identity and this trait is evident in 3w4s.

Thus, 3w4s will more conscious of their own values and opinions about things. They will also be more conscious about others and how they feel about certain things.

Thus, 3w4s will often have the right balance when it comes to a career and relationships.

4.      Goal-Oriented

3w4s are goal-oriented. They set goals for themselves and have no problems pursuing their goals. This makes procrastination less of an issue for them.

It also means that they usually achieve their targets. What you get from a 3w4 is a well-rounded individual in pretty much all spheres of life.

5.      Practical and Realistic

Type 4s are very idealistic about life. However, 3w4s are very different. While they enjoy the artistic cravings of their wing, they are much more grounded and realistic.

Thus, you can expect 3w4s to make decisions based on realistic goals and expectations. They want to make sure that they set goals that they have a realistic chance of meeting.

3w4s also have a rough estimation of what they are capable of. This allows them to prepare targets with precision.

6.      Energetic and Competitive

Just like all type 3s, 3w4s are energetic and competitive. They have boundless energy to get the job done. They are also very competitive and always want to stay ahead of the competition.

While this is true, their competitive streak is often tempered with their need to explore new concepts. Their wing 4 makes them much more relaxed and introverted than a core type 3.

7.      Great Leaders

3w4s will often make great leaders or bosses. They have the drive to get the job done and the sensitivity to make people feel valued and appreciated.

Because of this, people will often feel comfortable when they are around 3w4s.

Weaknesses of Enneagram 3w4

1.      Extreme Moods

Type 3s and Type 4s are world’s apart in terms of their emotions and moods. This extremity often takes a toll on 3w4s. They can be so energetic and happy one minute. The next minute, they can be filled with so much self-doubt and anxious thoughts.

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2.      Narrow Idea of Success

3w4s often have a very narrow idea of success. In other words, success to them is usually attached to their career or business.

Thus, if 3w4 have an average career but a very successful life, this will not be enough for them. To 3w4s, having a successful life means being successful in their careers.

3.      Self-Doubts

Wing 4 brings along some of its unhealthy traits to 3w4. One of them is self-doubt. Thus, 3w4s will often face a lot of self-doubt in life. This can often make them mull over a decision way longer than a core type 3.

Their self-doubt might reduce or increase based on the strengths of their wings.

4.      Much More Sensitive

3w4s are sensitive people. Unlike their core type 3s, they find it much more difficult to take constructive criticism.

Too much criticism might affect them emotionally and mentally. While type 3s will usually not have an emotional response to criticism, 3w4s are more likely to have one.

Enneagram 3w4 and Stress

Just like any other enneagram type, 3w4s are going to have certain factors that stress them out. Here are some of them.

·         Failing

3w4s do not like failure. They see it as a really annoying part of their lives. So, when 3w4s fail repetitively, it can be a high-stress factor to them.

This can either make them depressed or force them to break the rut. Depending on the wing of 3w4, this can go either way.

·         Facing Excessive Criticism

3w4s do not want to be criticized excessively. Criticism is like a sign that they are failing or not living up to their expectations.

So, when they are constantly being criticized about their actions, they will become stressed. For unhealthy 3w4s, their reaction will not be pretty.

·         Bad Self-Image

3w4s want to have a good self-image. They also want to be validated by others. This is one way they can tell if they are doing well or not. Thus, when their self-image takes a dive, 3w4s will be stressed. They will do anything in their power to regain their self-image.

Enneagram 3w4 and Finances

Type 3s along with type 8 are highly motivated by money. This means that having money is a high priority for type 3s.

Type 4s are not usually motivated by money. However, money affords them uniqueness and allows them comfort. Thus, 3w4s will often have a lot of money. This money will often fund their wing’s craving for uniqueness.

3w4 vs 3w2

Wondering if you are a 3w2 or 3w4? Here are some of their core differences. To read an in-depth description of 3w2s, you can click that link.

More ExtrovertedMore Introverted
ENFJ, ESTJ, ENTJ, ESFJs are more likely 3w2sINFJ, INTP, INTJs, ENTPs are more likely 3w4s
Core desire is to be seen as successful and helpful to othersMore interested in being seen as successful and unique.
More likely to be assertiveMore likely to be turbulent

3w4 vs 4w3

Wondering if you are a 3w4 or 4w3? Here are some of their core differences

3w4s are more success-driven4w3s are more interested in being unique
3w4s are more rational4w3s are more emotional
3w4s are more likely to be introverted extroverts4w3s are more likely to be extroverted introverts

Enneagram 3w4 and Compatibility

3w4’s natural partners are type 8s and type 9s. However, they can also be compatible with type 6s and type 2s.

However, any two mature persons can make a relationship work.

Fictional and Famous People who are 3w4s

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Andy Warhol
  • Meryl Streep
  • Richard Gere
  • Truman Capote

Best Careers for 3w4s

  • Venture capitalists
  • Politician
  • Lawyer
  • CEO
  • Political Scientist
  • Psychologist
  • Writer

Worst Careers for 3w4s

  • Clerk
  • Paralegal
  • Freelancing
  • Administrative Staff

Growth Tips for Enneagram 3w4s

  • Start trusting yourself more. Stick to your decisions even when you are in self-doubt. Most times, you will succeed.
  • Learn to accept criticism. It’s not a sign of failure. It’s just room for improvement.

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