Enneagram 4 memes- 35 Of the Very Best

Enneagram 4 Memes

Type 4s are very interesting people. Their unique way of seeing the world makes them very intriguing. To celebrate this enneagram type, we’ve gathered some of the best enneagram 4 memes we could find.

So here are 35 of the very best enneagram memes right now.

The Best Enneagram 4 Memes Right Now

1. Type 4’s Core Desire At Work

The core desire of enneagram 4 is to be unique. So, they already feel different within themselves. Don’t be too surprised if you actually hear them voice it out.

They truly believe that they are special and different from the rest.

2. Still on Being Unique and Different

Yes, we’re still on this. Sometimes, this feeling can go to the extreme. Type 4s can become self-absorbed and start to believe that their problems are more important.

It never ends well.

3. Type 4s Love their Fashion

4. Enneagram 4 Memes

5. The Lure of Music and Arts

Music and the arts are things that are important to type 4s. If they trade them for you, they must really like you.

6. Type 4s Like to Feel their Emotions in Peace

7. Emotions and More Emotions

Type 4 is known for being emotional. They feel a lot of things during the day and feel it deeply too.

It’s not a surprise then that INFJs, INFPs, and ENFPs can be type 4s. If you’re an INFP, you might like to learn more about the INFP 4w5.

8. The Enneagram 8 and 4 Relationship

9. Detached+Introverts

Type 4s are introverts. There’s no other way to say this. This is also true of type 5. Type 5s also suffer from being detached from others.

Thus a 4w5 will find it difficult to have a bustling social life. Their social batteries are just not high enough.

10. Type 4 is a World of Emotions+Imaginations

Type 4s are creative and emotional. They also have a vivid imagination. Sometimes, they imagine things that are literally crazy.

11. Words of Affirmation

Type 4s want to hear you affirm their values and efforts. They also want to know they are special.

If this isn’t given to them, they can subtly fish out those affirmations and compliments.

12. Relationships Can Be Brutal for Type 4s

13. Type 4s Want Their Alone Time

As earlier stated, type 4s are introverts. So, they want a significant amount of alone time. Don’t be surprised if they ghost you on some times. They just can’t help it.

Having that alone time allows them to spend more time with you.

14. Enneagram 4 Memes

15. Enneagram 4 Memes

16. Enneagram 4 Memes

17. Enneagram 4 Memes

18. Type 4 and Heart Break Songs

Know a type 4? Take a look at their playlist sometime. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find.

19. Enneagram 4 and Their Music AGAIN

20. Type 4 and their Mood at Events

Type 4s suffer from looking gloomy even in enjoyable events. Sometimes, it really isn’t their fault. Some types combine this problem with their own issues.

For example, an INFJ who is a type 4 might also have the INFJ stare. This makes them look intimidating and tough even when they don’t mean to.

21. Type 4s and Avoiding Social Interactions

22. Type 4s vs Optimists

Type 4s really cannot wrap their head around how optimists pull it off. So when they are all pessimistic, it can be very irritating to see an optimist looking all cheerful.

23. Only Type 4s Fully Understand Type 4s

24. Enneagram 4 Memes

25. Nicknamed the Romantic For a Reason

26. Negative Emotions

Type 4s feel deeply. Half of those emotions are negative. Because they are pessimists, you are more likely to see those emotions come to the fore.

There’s just nothing they can do about it.

27. Enneagram 4 Memes

28. Enneagram 4 Memes








So there you have it! Those were the best enneagram 4 memes we could find. I hope you had a blast

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