Enneagram 5 in love- What to Expect in a Relationship

enneagram 5 in love

Enneagram 5 is called the investigator or the thinker in the enneagram of personality. They are introverts who need space to learn about their fantastic projects. As thinkers, their mind is forever on the move. So what happens when an enneagram 5 falls in love? Here’s what you can expect from an enneagram 5 in love.

How Does The Enneagram 5 Show That They Love You?

How do know if an enneagram 5 loves you? Here are some surefire signs that tell you how they truly feel.

1.      They Give You Their Time

Time is a precious commodity to type 5s. Their time is usually spent on their favorite projects and learning about the world.

To achieve this, type 5s usually zone out from their families. So, if type 5 is giving you their time and attention, it certainly means they like you at least!

2.      They Want to Hear Your Opinion

Type 5s pride themselves on being competent. That is their greatest desire. This means that it can be hard for them to ask for other’s opinions. After all, they are supposed to know the answers!

However, an enneagram 5 in love is going to ask you for your opinion. They want to understand your thought process and why you act the way you do. To the enneagram 5, knowing more about how you tick is now their favorite pastime.

3.      They Give You Their Attention

Type 5s are thinkers. This sometimes makes them feel detached from their families. An enneagram 5 in love is going to be present when they are with you.

They will give you their full attention and then some. To them, you deserve every bit of that attention.

4.      They Will Help You Solve Your Problems

At their core, type 5s are big problem solvers. Because they approach matters logically, they are always looking at issues as problems that need solving.

So, if you have an issue in your life, your enneagram 5 is only five steps away. They will take up the issue like it’s theirs and find a solution for you as quickly as they can.

5.      An Enneagram 5 in Love Will Open Up To You

Type 5s are not only introverts. They are also very private people. This means that they are very careful about who they give their information to.

If an enneagram 5 is in love with you, they will open to you. You will know about their motivations, fears, desires, and expectations. They will allow themselves to be vulnerable.

Don’t betray this vulnerability. Type 5s find it difficult to trust people after the trust has been broken.

6.      They Are Going To Want Deep Conversations

While type 5s are introverts, they can talk for hours on a topic that they are really passionate about. When they are with their partners, they crave this type of conversation.

They want to explore other issues with their partner and know your opinions. The ability to have deep conversations with their partners is truly satisfying for type 5s.

If you can give them this, then the chances of them staying by your side skyrocket.

Struggles to Expect when Dating an Enneagram Type 5

If you are dating an enneagram 5, there are some issues that you are very likely going to face.

1.      Too Logical

Type 5s can be very logical. They approach life from a rational viewpoint. Thus, they may struggle to understand the emotions of their partner.

If their partner places more emphasis on emotions, this can easily become a problem. Their partner might think they are insensitive. On the other hand, type 5s might feel their partner nags a lot or is just not matured.

If this is not handled properly, it can put a strain on the relationship.

2.      Too Problem-Oriented

While their knack for solving problems is amazing when used in the right way, it can become a problem in the relationship. Sometimes, their partner might not be looking for a solution to a problem. They just want to be comforted.

However, the only language that enneagram 5 understands is logic. This can leave their partners frustrated and confused.

3.      Expressing Themselves Can Be a Problem

If you are big on words of affirmation, dating a type 5 might be a challenge. These types are not big on expressing themselves through words.

Instead, they prefer to show that they love you through their actions. While this might be cute, you still want those words of affirmation.

It’s a big struggle for type 5s to open up about how they feel and express it in words. The key here is to give them time.

Type 5s are always looking for ways to improve their relationship. They will figure it out.

4.      They Want Space

Type 5s like to isolate and detach themselves. While an enneagram 5 in love will spend more time with you, they will still need a bit of their isolation. Without it, type 5s will not function at their best.

This might be a challenge especially if you really enjoy their company. However, giving them that space they crave is one way to keep your relationship heading in the right direction.

How to Make an Enneagram 5 Feel Loved

Are you dating an enneagram 5? Here are the top things that make type 5 feel loved.

·         Physical Touch and Quality Time

Type 5s are suckers for quality time. Quality time to them means time to explore the endless possibilities the world offers. They need that time to feel loved and appreciated by their partners.

Quality time to them also means long vulnerable conversations where they bear your souls to their partners. They also expect the same from their partners.

Type 5s appreciate a good dose of physical intimacy. So, if you are dating a type 5, don’t hold back from touching them.

·         Give Them Space

As earlier stated, type 5 craves space and this is not personal. So, give them their space to explore their projects. Chances are that your type 5 will come back to you sooner than you think.

·         Be Understanding about Their Communication

It’s extremely difficult for type 5s to be expressive about their feelings. Rather than rush them or nag continuously, try to be understanding.

Type 5s will do their best to get better at something they feel will improve their relationship. You just have to be patient.

How an Enneagram 5 Can Be Better In Their Relationship

Here are some ways type 5s can improve their relationship.

1.      Be More Emotional

Type 5s should strive to be more emotional with their partners. Showing emotions is not a sign of weakness. Expressing how you feel will lead to more growth and self-development.

It will also lead to trust between you and your partner.

2.      Be More Expressive

Try to be more expressive about how you feel. To start, you can try writing down how you feel and sharing it with your partner.

It takes time, but sharing how you feel will build a firm bond between you and your partner.

3.      Show More Empathy

While you are built to solve problems, try to show more empathy and consideration towards your partner. Chances are that they are big on emotions and crave this from their partner.

So, don’t hold back in giving them all the love they are asking for.

Type 5s can make fantastic partners. Working on their weaknesses will even make things better.

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