Enneagram 5 memes- 35 of the Very Best


Type 5s are incredible. Also known as the investigator, this enneagram type is known for their analytical minds. Their core desire is to remain self-sufficient. As a way of celebrating this enneagram type, we have compiled 35 of the very best enneagram 5 memes we could find.

So here are 35 of the very best enneagram 5 memes right now.

Top Enneagram 5 Memes that will Leave You Smiling

1. Type 5s and Small Talk

Type 5s love to have genuine deep conversations. This translates into a hatred of small talks. This does not mean they cannot pull it off when the chips are down.

However, it leaves them feeling drained. Combine this with the fact that type 5s are mostly introverted and you’ll get the full picture.

2. Enneagram 5s Love Their Alone Time

When type 5s want alone time, they truly want to be alone. The last thing you’ll want to do is invade their private space. Trust me, it never ends well.

So, when they ask for space, give them space.

3. Type 5s Feel Awkward Hearing Deep Stuff from Strangers

Now, it’s one thing for you to be friends with type 5. It’s yet another thing to be a complete stranger and start telling them personal stuff.

It can get really awkward very quickly.

4. Type 5s Have an Unusual way of Flirting

Romance is not something that comes naturally to type 5s. So, if you’re interested in dating a type 5, don’t expect roses and romantic expressions of love.

The picture below is closer to what you can expect. Of course, if they are enneagram 5w4, things might be a bit better.

5. Type 5s and Emotions

Type 5s are thinkers. They prefer being logical and analytical. So, when others seem to need emotional support, this can be very confusing to a type 5.

Simply put, this is a situation they’ll want to avoid.

6. Enneagram 5 Memes

7. Enneagram 5 Memes

8. Type 5s are Very Impatient People

Type 5s are very smart and creative people. So, they usually think really fast. However, explaining things to others might be a bit difficult.

Because other types need things to be explained carefully, type 5s might lose their patience.

Of course, that’s never their fault.

9. Enneagram 5 Memes

10. Quality Time Starts with Conversations

Type 5s are very conscious of when a discussion changes from small talks to deep, serious conversations.

You guessed right. They are so down for this sort of conversation.

11. Enneagram 5 Memes

12. Try Not to be Too Clingy

Type 5s are not the clingy type in relationships. They also do not really want a clingy partner.

They want someone who will give them their alone time. Of course, this does not rule out physical intimacy.

13. Type 5s and Social Norms

Type 5s are not staunch supporters of social norms and obligations. They’ll rather not do it or prefer to face conflicts because of their decisions.

14. Enneagram 5 Memes

15. Type 5s Really Love their Alone Time

16. Type 5s are Usually Introverts

Type 5s are introverts. Of course, there are some exceptions such as the ENTP 5w4. However, the vast majority will need time to recharge after socializing.

Deny them this time and watch them become cranky.

17. Enneagram 5 Memes

18. Enneagram 5 Memes


20. Type 5s and Arguments

Type 5s are usually after the truth. When they know the truth, they do not hesitate to state their opinions.

However, if they feel an argument is pointless, they are also ready to call you out in a not so polite manner.

21. Enneagram 5 Memes

22. Enneagram 5 Have a Close Knit Circle of Friends




25. Type 5’s Dark Side

Of course, type 5s have negative traits that are similar to INTP and INTJ. One of them is nihilism. This happens pretty frequently in lower levels.

26. Type 5 Turns Every Discussion into Serious Talk


29. Type 5s as Kids

Type 5s as kids find things that adults love as thrilling. For example, studying and learning new concepts come easy to them. It can be a joy to have them as kids.



31. Type 5s Always Have the Full Facts




35. Type 5s are not Fazed By Beauty

While many personalities are concerned about their appearances, type 5s do not really care. In fact, give them all the knowledge in the world and they’ll care less about how they look.

You can’t take the type 5 out of them.

So there you have it. Those are the 35 enneagram 5 memes we could find. I hope you had a blast!


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