Enneagram 5 Wing 6 (5w6) –The Problem Solver


Are you an introvert with an imaginative mind? Do you often stay away from people who you deem too emotional? Do you seem to have a firm grip on your emotions even though you might be hurting? If you answered yes to all or a majority of these questions, you are likely an enneagram 5 wing 6. We’ll just call you 5w6.

In-depth Description of Enneagram 5 wing 6

All enneagram types have two types by their sides. These types on either side exert some influence over the main type. These types are called wings.

For every main dominant type, one of these wings is more influential. The enneagram 5w6 is the type where type 6 is the dominant wing.

These types are introverts by their very nature. The core traits of type 5 mean that they are often detached from their environment.

They crave a lot of alone time and will try to get it by any means possible. This might include avoiding interactions with others and looking aloof.

They have very limited energy for others and tend to use it very carefully.

As their core type is enneagram 5, they are often in control of their feelings and emotions. Thus, this can create variations with feeler types.

For example, an INFP who is an enneagram 5w6 will be in control emotionally and might look like an INTP.

Because they have a lot of control emotionally, they might regard those that do not have this control as weak or vulnerable.

Because they have type 6 as their wing, they will want a bit of security in their lives generally. They do not want to be seen as incapable of handling their own affairs.

This can make opening up to others a big problem. However, doing this can lead to even more growth for 5w6s.

The blend of both types means that they have incredible knowledge about life’s problems and can be great problem solvers.

Overall, 5w6s are logical, detached, and fight to keep their present and future lives as secure as possible.

5w6 in Stages

The strength of their wings is going to have a major impact on their core traits. Depending on this strength, their wings can be pronounced, average or weak.

5w6 (Pronounced)

This type variant is going to show a lot of traits linked to type 6s. They are going to make decisions to secure their future.

This can make them really paranoid about the situations that they face in life.

They are also going to worry a lot about the future and their lives. This can give them anxiety issues. They will also be extremely loyal to those they open up to.

5w6 (Average)

This type variant shows moderate traits of type 6. They will be more cautious than other types and will rely more on intellectual knowledge.

However, they will still possess a majority of type 5’s qualities and will be core introverts.

5w6 (Weak)

This type variant is going to look and behave a lot like a core type 5. They are going to be withdrawn and detached. They are also going to place a lot of emphasis on logic and being practical.

To them, being logical and self-sufficient is who they want to be.

What is the Core Desire of the Enneagram 5 wing 6?

The core desire of 5w6s is to be competent and sufficient. By doing this, they get the chance to secure their lives.

This security will depend on what really matters to them.

What is the Core Fear of the Enneagram 5w6?

The core fear of 5w6s is not measuring up to the ideals that they have set for themselves. This might make them feel like failures.

Their need to be sufficient and independent is often a motivator to meet these goals.

Strengths of 5w6s

1.      Extremely Logical

You won’t see many types as logical as 5w6s in the enneagram of personality. 5w6s are logical and believe that everyone should be logical.

They believe that being logical is a sign of strength. Thus, they feel overwhelmed when people pour their emotions on them.

They used their logic in all areas of their lives including their relationships.

2.      Calm in the eye of the storm

If you need someone who can be calm in a period of immense pressure, 5w6s are the perfect candidate. Type 6s are people who always prepare for the worst.

Chances are that before something bad happens, they have already thought about it.

So, 5w6s have both prepared for the incoming trouble and have the knowledge base to deal with other uncertainty that may arise.

So, their calmness comes from the belief that they can deal with anything thrown at them.

3.      Hardworking

5w6s can be very hardworking. However, they will only focus their energy on things that they feel are important.

Thus, routine and other boring tasks might be neglected a lot by them. If a 5w6 puts a lot of focus into a task, you can be sure that they will come out victorious.

4.      Constantly Trying To Learn

5w6s are constantly trying to learn new things. They are fascinated with the world and the concept it offers. It is not surprising then that 5w6s find reading exciting.

Their need for new knowledge comes from their desire to remain self-sufficient.

5.      Independent

5w6s are very independent people. They want a life that is free from the stress of depending on people for their needs.

Their desire to be self-sufficient means that 5w6s will look for ways to make money or grow their knowledge from an early age.

Because of their wings, they will often align themselves with persons they consider to be smart or knowledgeable.

The aim of doing this is to keep on learning. With more knowledge comes a high dose of independence.

6.      Creativity

5w6s are very creative people. Because they like knowledge and are very analytical, they often come up with creative ways of solving problems.

It is not surprising then that most 5w6s are often INTP or INTJs. A smaller portion of these numbers are INFJs and INFPs.

Their creativity also allows them to take up several creative jobs during their careers. It also makes routine jobs boring to them.

Weaknesses of 5w6s

1.      Aloof and Indifferent

5w6s are often seen as aloof and indifferent. There are reasons why. One of them is their need to detach themselves from their environment.

Thus, they often live in their heads and like to stay there. Dealing with people is just so stressful. Another reason could be their introverted intuition.

INTJs and INFJs both use this function. For the INTJs, this might lead to the INTJ death stare. If you want to know about this, you can click that link.

2.      Insensitive

In the minds of 5w6s, showing emotions often translate to being weak. Thus, they take people who show emotions as timid.

This might lead to insensitivity. Most people around them might see them as harsh or just big snubs.

3.      Lack of Follow Through

5w6s often lack follow-through. This is especially true when they are not motivated enough to carry out such tasks.

For 5w6s, passion and interest are very important. When this is missing, they often fail to rise to the occasion.

This can be a big hindrance to their careers and financial life.

4.      Isolation

5w6s like to spend time alone. However, this often means that they are isolated from others. This can lead to potential issues.

5w6s can struggle with anxiety and depression. However, because they often isolate themselves, they will find it hard to open up to others.

If you find yourself in this situation, seeing a mental therapist might do a world of good. Online-therapy is an online platform that allows you to meet therapists that will help you with whatever problems you might be facing. It’s worth taking a look.

5.      Defensive When Criticized

5w6s for all their rationality often find it hard to take criticism. Their natural response during and after facing criticism is to defend themselves.

They often focus on how it was said rather than the message that has been passed. This might prevent 5w6s from implementing useful feedbacks as fast as possible.

5w6s and Stress

Like every other person or personality type in the world today, some things are particularly stressful to 5w6s.

Here are the most popular ones.

·         People’s Emotions

5w6s do not want to have to carry the emotional troubles of others. They feel like everyone should be able to handle their own lives.

So, it’s incredibly stressful when others try to pour out their emotions on this type. They don’t want to be in that situation.

·         Insecurity

5w6s want to be completely assured about their chances and potential. Thus, any self-doubt or insecurity might make them really anxious.

This can easily descend into sheer paranoia. Doubts and insecurity are huge stressors for them.

·         Spending Too Much Time with People

Even though they love you, 5w6s really like their space. They want to be alone. This gives them time to gather their thoughts.

It also allows them to recharge and be themselves again. If you are friends with them, give them this space.

5w6 and Finances

Most type 5 and type 6 stress about their finances a lot. Thus, you can expect them to be good savers. However, 5w6s might not be ready to take as much risk when investing with their finances.

This is often because of the fear of not having enough for their future needs.

5w6 vs 5w4

Do you often wonder if you are 5w6 or a 5w4? Here are some things that might give each type away.

1.      Fashion and Style

5w4s are more interested in how they look. Thus, they are often into fashion and style. They want to look as unique as possible.

5w6s, on the other hand, are more concerned with abstract ideas. They are more interested in their life and its purpose than their fashion.

This does not mean that 5w6s do not dress well. They just don’t pay attention to their style as much as 5w4s.

2.      Core Motivations

5w6s are more interested in being self-sufficient. To them, this is the only way they can secure their future. 5w4s, on the other hand, are more interested in forming and holding on to a unique identity.

They do this by being competent and very knowledgeable.

3.      Weaknesses

5w4s are more likely to exaggerate their issues and suffer from envy and self-pity. 5w6s, on the other hand, are more likely to isolate themselves and suffer from anxiety and depression.

Most types hardly share their problems with others. This can further aggravate the issue.

5w6 vs 6w5

How do you know if you are 5w6 or a 6w5? Well, it’s all about your first priority. If you are more interested in learning new things, then you are a 5w6.

If you are more interested in being secure in all aspects of your life, then you are likely a 6w5.

Enneagram 5w6 and Compatibility

The natural partners of 5w6s are type 8s and type 9s. However, they can also be compatible with type 4s as well as type 2s.

However, for any relationship to work, all it takes is dedication and commitment.

Famous and Fictional Characters that are 5w6

  • Isaac Newton
  • Bill Murray
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Edward Snowden
  • Jodie Foster
  • Charles Darwin
  • Frederich Nietzsche

Possible Careers for 5w6s

  • Professors
  • Scientists
  • Researchers
  • Accountants
  • Financial Analysts
  • Auditors
  • Lawyers

Worse Careers for 5w6

  • Paralegals
  • Compliance Officers
  • Entrepreneur
  • Clergy
  • UX designers

Growth Tips for 5w6

  • Remember that your loved ones actually care and want to connect with you. It’s okay to be vulnerable around them.
  • Emotions do not mean you are weak. It simply means you are human. So, don’t be afraid to show how you feel.
  • You have to do the work even though it seems boring. That is the only way to grow.

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