Enneagram 6 Memes- 35 of the Very Best

Enneagram 6 memes

Type 6s are the most loyal bunch out there. Their core desire is to stay secure and stable. We love the type 6 for all they bring to the table. Thus, we have compiled a list of enneagram 6 memes we could.

So, here are 35 of the very best enneagram 6 memes.

Top Enneagram 6 Memes Right Now

1. Type 6 Does Not Like Rushed Plans

Because they want to stay safe, being part of a plan is a risk. Being part of a plan that wasn’t well thought out is an emergency.

Count them out!

2. Enneagram 6 Memes

3. Enneagram 6 Memes

4. They are Always Prepared for an Emergency

Type 6s always have worst-case scenarios playing out in their heads. Thus, they are always prepared for trouble even when impractical.

It has its pros. However, it can seem silly to other types.

5. Ennegram 6 Memes



8. Type 6s and Paranoia

One of the flaws or weaknesses of type 6 is paranoia. This can make them think of the very worst in any situation.

If you’re a type 6, it’s not your fault.

9. More on Paranoia

10. Type 6s and Anxiety

Type 6s are also very anxious. It’s understandable knowing what goes through their head. So, if you ever need someone to talk to about anxiety, meet your friend who’s a type 6.

11. Enneagram 6 Memes


13. Sleep is Really the Only Way Out

Type 6s are more at peace when they are asleep. Finally, their brains take a rest and they can stop worrying so much.

If you’re a type 6, sleeping is a form of self-care.


15. Type 6 and Trust

Type 6s are very loyal people. Because of this, they expect the same from their friends and loved ones.

If you have proven yourself disloyal, this can be the end of your relationship with them. Or at the very minimum, you’ll lose their trust.


17. The Need to Feel Safe

Because type 6s always want to be safe, any suspicious behavior is a red flag for them. Especially the police.

18. WebMD is a Big No for Type 6s

19. Enneagram 6 Memes




23. Again with the Worst Case Scenario




27. Core Loyalist

If you are friends with type 6, you just got yourself a loyalist. They’ll do anything within their power to support and help you.

Their support can be very pivotal to your success.

Enneagram 6 Memes

28. Assumptions and More Assumptions

Type 6 is very skeptical. So, when they are faced with situations or vague problems, they will always think the worst. Don’t take their assumptions too personally. It’s a lifelong problem.

29. Loyalty Extends To Relationships

Provided they are mature, type 6s is one of the most loyal companions or partners you will find.

You should have no issues with their fidelity.


Enneagram 6 Memes

31. Type 6 and Trust Issues

Type 6s have big trust issues. This extends to their romantic relationships. They just cannot believe their partners like them.

It can also manifest in many ways. This can put a strain on their relationship.


Enneagram 6 Memes


34. Compliments are Lies

Type 6s find it difficult to believe in compliments. Their skepticism just won’t allow it. Dealing with type 6 can be frustrating sometimes.


So, there you have it! Those are the best enneagram 6 memes we could find. I hope you had a blast!

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