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Are you security conscious, yet playful? Do people describe you as charming and fun to be around? Do you often worry about the outcome of the decisions you have made? If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, chances are that you an enneagram 6 wing 7. We’ll just call you a 6w7.

In-depth Description of Enneagram 6 wing 7

Every enneagram type has two other types by their side. These types are often called wings. Wing types influence the main enneagram type and adds flavor to their behavior.

If you are an enneagram 6, your wings will be type 5 and type 7. While everyone will have both traits of their wings, one of them is usually dominant.

6w7 is the enneagram type with type 7 as the dominant wing.

This type is usually very playful yet security-driven. This creates a form of paradox and can make people with this personality type seem extreme.

One minute, they are all playful without a care in the world, the next minute, they are extra careful and stricken with worry and anxiety.

At their core, they are type 6s. This means that being safe matters to them a lot. However, this is reduced by their wing 7 who just wants to have fun.

Thus, type 6s can often loosen up and have fun. Unlike 6w5s, 6w7s will be more extroverted and will seemingly be free birds to people who don’t know them that well.

However, deep inside 6w7s beats a fearful heart. This personality type is made up of two personalities who are in the fear triad. This means that 6w7s are more likely to be fearful and anxious.

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Since 6w7s are predominantly type 6s, they will also be prepared for any troubles that they might encounter in the future.

This makes them extremely calm under pressure. Overall, 6w7s are fun to be around.

6w7 in Stages

6w7s might look different from each other. This often depends on the strength of their wings and how much influence it exerts over them.

Generally, the wings of any enneagram type are usually pronounced, normal or weak.

6w7 (Pronounced)

When their wings are pronounced, 6w7s are going to display more traits of type 7. They will be much more playful and social. At first glance, you are more likely to think that they are type 7s.

This type variant will always definitely use the counter-phobic method as its defense mechanism. This makes them look brave when they might be terrified.

6w7 (Normal)

When their wings have a normal influence, 6w7s will display caution and also be sociable. They will definitely not be overly cautious. However, they will not be completely reckless or scattered like a core 7.

This type variant will often struggle between the influences of both enneagrams.

6w7 (Weak)

When their wings are weak, they will show more traits of the core type 6. This type will more be focused on security and will often be more worried.

However, they will also be more loyal and have better finances than their counterparts.

What is the Core Desire of the Enneagram 6w7?

The core desire of the 6w7 is to have fun and live in security. They want to get all the fun they can without risking their security.

What is the Core Fear of the Enneagram 6w7?

The core fear of the 6w7 is to put themselves and their loved ones in harm’s way. This can be financially, mentally, or in whatever form.

They are fiercely protective of those they love.

Strengths of 6w7s

1.      Playful and Social

Type 6s, in general, get a bad rep for being too serious or a party pooper. However, the 6w7 is totally different. They are always up for some adventure and fun as far as its in a safe environment.

While they like to be safe, they also don’t fidget over it for too long. Depending on the strength of their wings, they embrace parties and social events in a flash.

This makes them likable and charismatic.

2.      Extremely Loyal to Friends

With the exception of type 2s, 6w7s are probably one of the most loyal bunch. They can keep secrets and will usually remain loyal to their friends.

This also applies to a 6w5. The influence of their wings has no effect on their loyal nature. Because they are so loyal, they will also expect the same in return from friends.

3.      Calm under Pressure

6w7s are still type 6s in the end. Thus, they can spot a problem miles away. This often allows them to prepare for problems even before they have to face them.

So, when problems do come, 6w7s are often calm. This is because they have thought about the worst-case scenario before they even started!

So, if you have an emergency, the best person to call might just be a 6w7.

4.      Very Reliable

6w7s are big on their commitments and promises. This means that if they make a promise to you, they will do everything to keep it.

Therefore, they are very reliable and trustworthy. This also means that a 6w7 will be reluctant to make a promise that they cannot keep.

5.      Security Conscious

Type 6s will also be worried about security. While some might see this as a nagging issue, being safe actually saves lives.

Thus 6w7s are more likely to follow safety measures than other types. They are also likely to follow the rules to stay out of trouble.

While others might see this as unnecessary, 6w7s see this as a way to keep them secure and away from unexpected difficulties.

6.      Realistic and Pragmatic

6w7s are often very realistic people. This is not surprising as their main type often worries about the future and its uncertainty.

Thus, when faced with an issue or a new project, 6w7s are more likely to be pragmatic and realistic about projects. Because of this, they might be reluctant to start new projects. 6w7s are more likely to start projects that they have seen work for others.

While being realistic might be good, it also limits their creativity.

Weaknesses of Enneagram 6w7

1.      Impulsive Spender

6w7 are not great with managing their funds. Depending on the strength of their wings, this can be a moderate problem or a really bad issue. Either way, it’s something that will need to be addressed.

While their type 6 might keep their finances intact 90% of the time, it takes just one occasion for their wing 7 to step in. That occasion can spell doom for their finances and plans.

2.      Lack of Trust

6w7s often find difficulty trusting others. This stems from their need to always play out the worst-case scenario in their minds.

Thus, 6w7s might test people who are close to them to see if they remain loyal to them. Their lack of trust can put a strain on their relationship with close friends and their own partners.

3.      Materialism

Type 6s are usually obsessed with being secure. Type 7s are usually obsessed with getting all that life has to offer.

When these two types merge, you get a person who feels that having a lot of material wealth and items makes them safer.

Thus, 6w7s are often worried about making more money or buying the most luxurious items. They might also be interested in getting the best experiences in life.

However, the level to which this applies will often depend on the strength of their wings.

4.      Indecisive

6w7s often have a hard making important decisions about their life. This is usually due to the inclinations of both types.

Type 6s will always cling to the safety of their comfort zones while type 7s desperately want to leave that zone and explore the world.

What this creates is someone who is indecisive and cannot seem to make up their minds on what they want.

5.      Fearful

6w7s are in the fear triad. Thus, it’s not really a surprise that this type is very fearful. They can back out of plans or decisions because of this fear.

While it might be a good thing, it also limits them and stops them from achieving what is possible.

6w7s and Stress

Just like any other enneagram type, certain things can stress the 6w7s. Here are some of the common ones.

·         Negativity

6w7s hate negativity or criticisms. This can be very confusing to them especially when they have to make a decision.

They are worriers by default. Thus, when someone points out loopholes or faults that they think are reasonable, it only makes them doubt their choices even more.

·         Insecure Situations

While they are playful and very social, 6w7s do not like to be in any form of danger. Thus, they are likely to be stressed when put in an insecure position.

Some of the major danger zones for 6w7s are poor financial status and rejection by their loved ones.

·         Making an Important Decision

6w7s are often stressed out when they have to make an important decision. This is because there is often an internal conflict between their main type and their wing.

Thus, making a decision might be a herculean task for them. This becomes worse if they have an especially strong wing.

6w7 vs 6w5

Are you 6w7 or a 6w5? If you are confused, that’s perfectly normal. Here are some major differences between these enneagram types.

·         Introvert and Extrovert

6w5s are more likely to be introverts while 6w7s are more likely to be extroverts. This makes sense as their wings play a major role in their final personality.

Type 5s are more detached and are core introverts. Type 7s are optimists and are often very extroverted and social.

·         MBTI Types

6w5s are more likely to INTJs, INTPs, or ISTJs. They are also mostly introverts and thinking types. 6w7s are more likely ESFJs, ISFJs, or ISFPs. They are mostly sensors and feeling types.

·         Supporting Roles

Because of their wings, 6w5s will be more intellectual and intuitive. They will use this to feel secure. To them, having information or being knowledgeable is very important.

6w7s will depend on their wing to be more social. This helps 6w7s gain acceptance. It also reduces the extent to which they worry.

6w7 vs 7w6

The core difference between both enneagram types lies in their core motivations. If you are more interested in having the best experiences in life and being happy, then you are more likely a 7w6.

If you are more interested in being secure before having fun, then you are more likely a 6w7. It’s very easy to mistype these two personalities as they are both extroverted and behave alike.

Enneagram 6w7 and Compatibility

The natural partners of 6w7 are type 9 and type 1. They can also be compatible with type 3s and type 2s. However, any two mature persons can make a relationship work.

Famous and Fictional Characters that are 6w7s

  • Woody (Toy Story)
  • Mulan
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Julia Roberts
  • Joe Biden
  • Prince Harry

Possible Careers for 6w7s

  • Dentists
  • Paralegals
  • Police Officer
  • Military Personnel
  • Administrative Staff
  • Human Resource Specialist

Worst Careers for 6w7s

  • Software Engineers
  • Stock Broker
  • Accountant
  • Auditor

Growth Tips for 6w7s

  • Be more decisive. While your two types might be at war, you should make quick decisions. Your brain has most likely already calculated the risk involved. So, trust it.
  • Don’t allow negativity to get to you. Everyone has their opinion about different things. Stick to what you believe in.
  • Try to trust people who love you. Most times, they just want what’s best for you.

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