Enneagram 7 in Love- What to Expect in a Relationship

Enneagram 7 in love

Enneagram 7s are referred to as the epicure or the optimist in the enneagram of personality. Their basic desire is to be happy and free from pain or suffering. They try to achieve this by focusing on positive things in their life. So what can you expect from an enneagram 7 in love?

That’s exactly what this article will focus on. Here’s what you can expect.

How does an Enneagram 7 Show That They Love You

If you are looking out for signs that you are loved by a type 7, here’s what you would likely see.

1.      They Are Curious About You

Enneagram 7s are very curious people. They are curious about their ideas, projects, and other people. It makes sense then that they will also be curious about their partners or love interest.

An enneagram 7 in love will try their best to know everything they can about their partners. They are going to poke and prod until they have enough information about them.

To type 7s, knowing all they can about their romantic partner makes them feel closer.

2.      They Look to You for Support

Enneagram 7s are very optimistic and happy people. They are also very spontaneous. This means that they can have problems maintaining their discipline.

Because of this, this type usually look for support in their better half. They also seek out partners that will be reliable and great support system.

This is important as type 7s are not independent types. So, when one relies on you, that’s a pretty good sign.

3.      They Surprise You

Type 7s are very spontaneous. They do things on a whim, sometimes without even thinking it through. Type 7s are likely going to take this same habit into a relationship.

They are going to look for ways to surprise you in the relationship. To them, that is simply the best way to keep you happy.

So, get ready for surprise dinners, vacations, or outings. You can never get bored with type 7s by your side.

4.      They Want To Grow With You

Type 7s are always looking for ways to improve their lives. To them, staying stagnant for too long is boring and just doesn’t cut it.

If you are in a relationship with a type 7, they are going to find ways to keep the relationship growing. They are going to want to see you keep improving in your life.

They will be your number one motivator.

5.      They Are Going To Tell You About Their Grand Ideas

Sharing to type 7s is a way to show that they love you. Their constant ideas are very precious to them. So, if they share it with you, it means that they actually care about you.

They want you to be part of this new amazing idea that they have come up with. That means a lot coming from an enneagram 7.

6.      An Enneagram 7 in Love Will Want to Know What You Think

Finally, they are going to care about what you think. They will seek out your opinions on various topics and take your advice.

They will also be very interested in what you think of them and others. Your words and opinions matter a lot to them.

Struggles You Will Face When Dating an Enneagram 7

Just like any other relationship, dating an enneagram 7 will come with its own struggles and pains. Let’s consider some of them.

1.      Constant Change

Type 7s want to enjoy life and remain optimistic. They also want to keep improving their lives. If you are not a type 7, this might be a little hard for you to understand.

You might want to settle into some good old-fashioned dating routine. However, type 7s are always looking for ways to improve the relationship.

Sometimes, this can be a bit overwhelming.

2.      Scattered and Lack Of Discipline

Type 7s lack of discipline is going to affect their relationship with their partners. They are going to have issues keeping up with appointments such as date nights.

This can make them seem unreliable to their partners.

3.      Insensitive

Type 7s are very charming people. This instantly draws others to them. However, they can be insensitive at times.

There might be times when their partners actually need their support. Type 7s also approach issues in their partner’s life as problems that need to be solved.

Sometimes, all their partner might need is emotional support.

4.      Rash Decisions

While you will definitely love the spontaneous side of type 7s, you will also notice its problems. Type 7s are going to make rash decisions in the relationship.

It can get better or worse depending on their level of maturity. However, you should expect some rash decisions once in a while.

If not handled properly, this can become a problem especially when it affects the finance of the relationship.

Who Are The Natural Partners Of Enneagram 7?

The natural partners of enneagram 7 are type 9 and type 2. They might also be compatible with type 3. However, any two mature people can make a relationship work.

How Do You Make An Enneagram 7 Feel Loved?

An enneagram 7 in love will want to give you the world. So how do you make them feel loved in return?

·         Listen to Them

Enneagram 7s are going to talk passionately about their ideas and projects. They are going to notice when you listen to them.

So, do just that. Listen to them and contribute to the improvement of those projects. Help them spot any flaws and suggest ways to overcome them.

If you do not have any suggestions, just truly listen and understand.

·         Give Them Space for their Projects

Type 7s are people-oriented and are always having new ideas. So, they are going to need a lot of space to achieve those projects.

So, give them space. They will love you even more for it.

·         Make Self-Improvements

Enneagram 7s are up for constant change. This means that they want to be making a lot of self-improvement themselves.

So, make sure that you are constantly improving yourself.

·         Be Opinionated

Have your own opinions and stick to them. Make sure they know your core values and principles. Type 7s are going to respect you even more when they notice this.

·         Physical Touch and Quality Time

The majority of type 7s are going to have physical touch and quality time among their top 2 love languages.

So, make sure you give them enough of your time. Also, a little bit of intimacy in the relationship wouldn’t hurt.

An enneagram 7 in love with you will fall even deeper.

How to be better in Relationships as an Enneagram 7

1.      Be More Reliable

Try to be more reliable in your relationship. Your partner is going to expect you to meet up with plans you agreed to.

Make sure that you do not disappoint. If you do regularly, you will probably be seen as unreliable.

2.      Don’t overwhelm your partner

We know that you are constantly searching and finding new ideas. However, understand that not everyone is like you.

People value some form of routine. So, try to be more considerate of your partner.

Being with an enneagram 7 is a thrilling experience. An enneagram 7 in love will give you everything they have.

So, if you have a type 7 in your life, you have something really good.

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