Enneagram 7 wing 8 (7w8) – The Ambitious Optimist


Are you an adventurer with a bit of ambition? Do you see yourself as someone who is goal-oriented and people-oriented all at once? Do you love to bounce from idea to idea when you are stimulated by them? Are you in love with the good things of life and make an effort to experience them? If you answered yes to all or a majority of these questions, chances are that you an enneagram 7 wing 8. We’ll just call you a 7w8.

In-depth Description of Enneagram 7w8

For every enneagram type, there are two types on either side. These two types are wings. They influence the behavior of the main type.

Depending on their strength, their influence can be profound or minimal. However, one wing is always more dominant than the other.

For type 7, the two wings are type 6 and type 8. 7w8 is the enneagram type where wing 8 is stronger. These are very positive people who are always in search of some sort of mental stimulation.

Thus, 7w8s will often bounce from idea to idea in the search for more excitement or passion. Because of their wing 8, they will be more disciplined and goal-oriented.

This discipline will allow them to carry out some of their best ideas and avoid procrastination. 7w8s find it difficult to relax. They are quite restless and always want to be doing some sort of activity.

Because of this, they are more likely to have problems with addiction or excessive habits. 7w8s have a lot of energy and charisma.

When this is channeled properly, they can go on to achieve great things. 7w8s want to experience what the world has to offer. They aim to gather the needed resources to do so by implementing their goals to perfection.

Overall, 7w8s are charming people who really just want to have fun and succeed in life.

Enneagram 7w8 in Stages

While 7w8 all have some general qualities, they might vary a lot. This often depends on the strength of their wings.

Usually, the strength of their wings can be divided into strong, normal, or weak.

7w8 (Strong)

This type variant shows strong traits of type 8. Thus, they are going to be more driven and goal-oriented. They are also more likely to be disciplined and less scattered.

While type 7s might struggle with unrealistic goals and ambitions, this type variant will much more pragmatic than your usual type 7. They often mistype themselves as 8w7s.

7w8 (Normal)

This type variant will show moderate traits of their wing. Thus, they will be more disciplined than a typical type 7. However, type 7’s tendencies to act on impulse and be reckless will still be very much present.

This type will also be quite entrepreneurial.

7w8 (Weak)

This type variant will look a lot like the core type 7. They will be more impulsive, reckless, and undisciplined. They will also be much more people-oriented and charming.

In summary, the strengths and weaknesses of a core type 7 will be in full display here.

What is the Core Desire of the Enneagram 7w8?

The core desire of the 7w8 is to be happy and contented. Thus, they plan ideas and create goals to meet this desire. Depending on the strength of their wings, they might have the discipline to achieve most of their targets.

What is the Core Fear of the Enneagram 7w8?

The core fear of the enneagram 7w8 is to be deprived of happiness. Other fears might include being in pain and not been able to meet their needs.

To counteract these fears, 7w8s might work extremely hard to make both ends meet. However, having fun and seeking pleasure will always be more important to them.

Strengths of Enneagram 7 wing 8

1.      Highly Energetic

7w8s have very high levels of energy. This often allows them to exert themselves in a multitude of jobs or tasks. This is also the main reason why they often find it hard to relax.

When their energy is utilized properly, it might be very difficult to match the 7w8’s work ethic. This energy also allows them to work hard and party hard.

Apart from the 8w7s, no other enneagram type can match the energy levels of a 7w8.

2.      A Truckload of Charisma

7w8s are known for their excessive charisma. These people can charm a corpse if they need to. This becomes a huge asset when they need to close a deal or get people to like them.

7w8s are usually liked among their social groups and are also admired. Their charisma also allows them to be excellent public speakers.

This is often their biggest weapon.

3.      They are Very Persuasive

7w8s make excellent sales representatives. This is because of how persuasive they can be. Most 7w8s are extroverts and are intuitive. This allows them to express their ideas creatively.

Their excitement and passion are often contagious to others around them. Thus, most people often find themselves inspired by this type.

If they are lawyers, coming up against 7w8s in the courtroom can be a scary and frustrating event.

4.      Assertive and Opinionated

7w8s are very assertive people. They have strong opinions and they are not exactly afraid to let people know. This might also make them use a lot of sarcasm while talking.

Because of how assertive they might seem, they might look intimidating to other types who are not as assertive.

5.      Positive and Optimistic

Yes, just like the core type 7s, 7w8s are very optimistic people. This helps them to get through most of the challenges that they face.

It also makes them courageous enough to take on new challenges even after multiple failures. If you are on a team with 7w8s, you’ll likely become more optimistic too. It’s just very infectious.

6.      Logical

7w8s are very logical people. The majority of them are very likely to type themselves as ENTPs or ESTPs. Thus, 7w8s will often be able to make rational decisions when faced with a crisis.

This means that most of their actions or discussions will be based mainly on logic and critical thinking.

7.      Non-Conformists

While 7w8s are people-oriented, they are far from conformists or people-pleasers. On the contrary, 7w8s take a lot of pleasure from forming their own opinions.

Thus, they are more likely to reject a well-known norm or belief than any other enneagram type. They are also likely to find new ways to do things even though long-held practices are still in place.

With the 7w8s, nothing is off the table.

8.      Entrepreneurial

Because they have pretty big ideas and visions, 7w8s are often entrepreneurs. When they are in this field, they work hard to bring their actions to life. Most times, they succeed.

Another reason why 7w8s often gravitate towards this profession is the need not to be micromanaged. Thus, being an entrepreneur gives them the freedom to be whoever they want to be.

Weaknesses of Enneagram 7 wing 8

1.      Too Materialistic

7w8s are often very materialistic. While being materialistic might not be a bad thing, they take it to the extreme. Thus, 7w8s might sacrifice their relationships just to get ahead in their career.

The need to make money might also drive them to make reckless decisions. These decisions might have an impact on the rest of their lives.

2.      Self-Centered

With 7w8s, it’s more about them than others. They seek their own pleasures first before thinking of others.

This trait can put a strain on family issues as 7w8s are more inclined to put themselves ahead of their own family.

3.      Insensitive

While being opinionated and assertive are generally good qualities, 7w8s will usually push it too far. They might become harsh or condescending to others.

This can be hard to put up with especially for feeler types. This can cause others to withdraw from them.

4.      Procrastination

While 7w8s are much more disciplined than a core type 7, they still suffer from indiscipline. This can make them unreliable and scattered. Worse, it can make them miss out on some of their biggest dreams.

5.      Impulsive and Disorganized

7w8s are very impulsive people. They have the tendency to make decisions on a whim. This can lead to disastrous consequences.

This trait also makes them impulsive buyers. Thus, it can be quite difficult for them to be good at managing money.

7w8 and Stress

Just like any other enneagram type, 7w8s have some situations that will prove to be extremely stressful. Here are some of the most common ones.

·         Micro-Managing Them

If there is one thing that is extremely stressful for 7w8s, it’s micromanaging them. 7w8s are big personalities that do not want to be put in a box.

Thus, expect them to react quite dramatically if this happens. This can be a point of conflict between this type and type 1s.

·         Mundane Routines

7w8s are spontaneous people who want to enjoy life. So, doing things that are mundane and routine is not exactly appealing to them.

Thus, things like chores can leave this enneagram type feeling mightily stressed.

·         Too Many Projects

While 7w8s can be referred to as the Jack of all Trades, they usually don’t benefit from having too many projects open at the same time.

This saps them of energy and reduces their productivity levels. 2 or 3 projects are enough for 7w8s.

7w8 and Finances

Type 7s are known to be reckless spenders. For 7w8s, this is very much at the forefront. Thus, while 7w8s might be exceptional when it comes to making money, they have serious problems with managing their money.

So, 7w8s might have to keep working really hard into their later years to ensure that they keep the money coming.

7w8 vs 7w6

Wondering whether you are a 7w8 or 7w6? Here are some of the main differences between these types.

They are more concerned about achieving their targetsThey are more concerned about being secure
7w8s are more people-oriented7w6s are more likely to be introverted extroverts or introverts
They are bad with managing finances7w6s are better with managing their finances

7w8 vs 8w7

Wondering whether you are an 8w7 or 7w8? Here are some of the main differences between these types.

Their core desire is to be happy and enjoy lifeTheir core desire is to remain in control of their lives
They are more people-orientedThey are more power-seeking
The fun comes first, then workWork comes first, then play
They are prone to procrastination8w7s have the highest work ethic in the enneagram of personality

Most 7w8s are ENTPs, ENFPs, and ESTPs. However, most 8w7s are ENTJs and ESTJs. However, ENTPs can also be 8w7s. Here’s an article I wrote about ENTP 8w7. You should have a look if you are interested.

Enneagram 7w8 and Compatibility

The natural partners of 7w8s are type 1 and type 9. They can also be compatible with type 3s. However, any two mature people can make a relationship work.

Fictional or Famous People who are 7w8s

  • Iron Man (Marvel)
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Madonna
  • Howard Stern
  • Warren Buffet

Best Careers for 7w8

  • Sales Representative
  • Politician
  • Entrepreneur
  • Lawyer
  • Police Officer
  • Historian
  • Psychologist

Careers 7w8s Should Avoid

  • Compliance Officer
  • Physician
  • Paralegal
  • Administrative Staff
  • Clergy

Growth Tips for 7w8s

  • While you might not find certain chores exciting, it’s really in your best interests to do them. It makes you more responsible.
  • Sometimes, tactfully explaining your position might be better than being blunt.
  • It might be a good idea to put your family first before your needs.

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