Enneagram 8 wing 7 (8w7)-The Maverick

8w7 Enneagram

Are you passionate about your goals with just the right discipline to achieve them? Are you very opinionated with no fear of expressing these opinions? Do you seem to have a materialistic view of the world? If these traits sound familiar, chances are that you are an enneagram 8 wing 7. We’ll just call you an 8w7.

In-depth Description of the 8w7

Just like every other enneagram type, the enneagram type 8 has two types by its side. These are types 7 and 9. These can be referred to as the wings of the enneagram 8.

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Type 8s are influenced by these two types. However, in everyone, one of them is dominant. The 8w7 refers to the personality type where type 7 is the dominant wing.

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8w7s are very aggressive and dominant people. They are on a quest to achieve their goals and will stop at nothing in achieving this. The grounded and determined nature of the type 8 mixed with the optimistic and curious nature of the type 7 gives them incredible skills.

This type will be very entrepreneurial and will be a force to be reckoned with. Depending on the strength of the wing 7, the 8w7 will show a lot of traits of the type 7.

They will be bold, more people-oriented, and more optimistic about their lives. However, their core traits will still be that of type 8s. The 8w7 will aim to create a legacy or an empire that will outlast them. There are two main reasons why 8w7s will have such incredible goals.

First, they want to avoid the core fear of the enneagram 8; to be controlled. Then, they also want to enjoy life which is a core trait of type 7s. These two reasons will drive the 8w7s to succeed in life. It will also lead to several other problems such as becoming workaholics and not taking care of their physical health.

8w7 in three stages

The enneagram 8w7 will have a wing 7 which is either pronounced, normal or weak. Depending on the strength of the wing 7, 8w7s are going to show these traits in varying degrees.

8w7 (Pronounced)

They are going to be bold and aggressive. These types are going to go to the extreme to meet their goals. They are also going to very materialistic. Because they have a strong 7, they will be interested in traveling and enjoying life.

The excessive nature of both types in one person can make them face problems with addiction and insomnia. This personality type is going to adopt the motto of working hard and playing hard.

8w7 (Normal)

They will still have the traits of the first category. However, it will be to a lesser degree. This version of the 8w7 will still be goal-oriented as this trait comes from the type 8. However, they will be less optimistic and have a better work-life balance.

8w7 (Weak)

This type will have fewer traits of the type 8 and will look a lot like the original type 8. However, some traits of the type 7 will still be visible. These types might enjoy good experiences in life and have a passive interest in reaching out for these things.

What is the Basic Fear of the 8w7?

The basic fear of the 8w7 is to be micromanaged by others or put in a box by others. Thus, they will often prefer to be self-employed or be entrepreneurs.

What Is The Basic Desire Or Motivation Of The 8w7?

The basic desire of 8w7 is to be independent. They strive to do this by accumulating enough resources to make this possible. To the 8w7, having resources means control over their lives. It also means being powerful. That is a trait that is appealing to the 8w7.

Strengths of the Enneagram 8 wing 7

1.      Work Ethic

The determination and the curious nature of 8w7s make them the ideal workaholics. This combined with their need to accumulate resources will make them work really hard. Because of the presence of type 7, they are often big spenders.

However, type 8s are not ones to be in debt. This means they will work extra hard to satisfy the craving of their wing 7. This makes them one of the most hardworking personality types on the enneagram.

2.      Optimistic and Creative

The traits of their wing will often make them more optimistic and creative. They will be able to have big ideas and dreams as their type 7 will let them see the big picture.

They are still at their very core type 8s. So, while they might have some really great ideas, they tend to more realistic and pragmatic. This allows them to sieve out those exciting but not attainable ideas easily. Overall, the 8w7 is going to very innovative.

3.      More People-Oriented

8w7s are going to be more people-oriented than the typical 8. They are going to be interested in networking and creating these connections with other people.

Their wing will allow them to connect with people. People will often think that the 8w7 is charming and very charismatic.

However, they will still have a tight circle of family and friends that they can die for.

4.      Logical and Precise

8w7s are very logical people. This means that they often focus on the facts rather than emotions. This makes them excellent problem solvers. The type 7 is adept in solving problems with out-of-the-box methods.

This gives the 8w7s a double edge over others. They have both the creativity and determination to solve any problems that they are faced with.

5.      Great Communicators

8w7s have a clear way of communicating. They know how to drive a point home without saying a lot. They are also very forward about their opinions. This means that the 8w7s will always have those opinions at the tip of their tongues.

If you want to know the opinions of the 8w7, all you have to do is ask.

6.      Very Efficient

8w7s are very efficient at what they do. The core 8 traits will make them more disciplined. This often means that they can get work done at a frightening pace and accuracy.

This can be intimidating to others as the 8w7s always seem to be one step ahead.

Weakness of the 8w7

1.      Insensitive

The 8w7 is more interested in projects and logical thinking. Thus, they sometimes have little or no patience for emotional talk or feelings.

For enneagram and MBTI types who are feelers, this can be really challenging. This might make them unapproachable, insensitive, and just plain harsh.

2.      Excessive

With the enneagram 8 wing 7, there really is no middle ground. Everything is done to the extreme. They often work themselves into the ground and play too hard.

Their motto is to party hard and work hard. This can make them excessive people.

3.      Arrogant

8w7s are fully aware of what they want in life. This means that they can often view people as inferior to them.

In the world of the 8w7, you are either weak or strong. This might make them arrogant towards people who they have classified as being weak or unserious.

4.      Non-conformist

8w7s are known to be serious non-conformists. CrystalKnows refers to them as the non-conformist in their description. It’s easy to see why.

The 8w7 will not conform to traditional views and authority just because they have been told to do so. While this is generally a good thing, it can often lead to explosive situations.

8w7s will be easily irritated with authority figures that tend to micromanage people. The 8w7 will resist any attempt to control their actions vehemently.

5.      Routine Activities Are Boring To Them

Type 7s hate anything that will make them take on boring tasks. They are very stimulated by their environment. This trait is also evident in the 8w7. While type 8 can do these tasks, they will be done with less passion.

This is because the 8w7 does not like boring or mundane activities. This might make house chores very difficult for them to follow through.

Enneagram 8 Wing 7 and Stress

The 8w7 will often be stressed out by some feelings or problems. This can include

1.      Being in Debt

This is one of the last things this type wants to be facing. They have a craving to gather enough resources. So, being at the end of that spectrum will definitely stress out the 8w7.

This can even make them feel worthless or incompetent.

2.      Being Micro-managed

There’s nothing more distasteful to an 8w7 than being micromanaged by others. The 8w7 wants the freedom to work and make their own decisions. Therefore, being micromanaged will annoy the 8w7 and leave them irritated.

This is often one of the major struggles the 8w7 will have with the enneagram type 1.

3.      Emotional Decisions

The 8w7 is often going to be surrounded by friends and families. Decisions made by those they care about that are based on emotions and timidity is going to stress the 8w7.

This is often because they often care a lot about this person. This will often lead to them expressing their opinions if they feel their decision is wrong.

4.      Misunderstanding Their Passion for Anger

Most times, the 8w7 will be labeled as someone that has a short fuse. However, they might just be passionate about what they do.

Thus, when people tell them they look angry or think they are angry when they are just being passionate, this can be really annoying to them. They will almost always give up explaining how they feel.

Enneagram 8 wing 7 (8w7) Fun facts Infographic

Enneagram 8 wing 7 and Finances

When it comes to finances, it is really a battle of will between the two types. Type 7s are impulse spenders and are often going to get into trouble. Type 8s always want to be in control of their lives. This often translates to a tight control over their finances.

However, when these two types are merged in 8w7, it becomes a situation of give and take. The 8w7 will still be big spenders. However, they will work twice as hard to ensure that they have the money for their occasional spending spree.

The downside is that it might take more time than necessary to achieve their set goals.

8w7 MBTI

When it comes to MBTI and this type, you will usually have extroverts and thinkers in this box. Thus, the major personality types that will be typed as 8w7s include ESTJ, ENTJ, and the ENTP.

The ESTJ and the ENTJ are two of the most controlling types in the MBTI. Therefore, it is close to a perfect match with the 8w7.

The 8w7 ENTP, on the other hand, is more curious and optimistic. When they merge with the 8w7, they will be more disciplined and hit levels most ENTPs might struggle to hit. This is because they will be aggressive in their goals and procrastinate less.

This does not mean that other MBTI types cannot be 8w7s. It is just more unlikely or less popular.

8w7 vs 7w8

It is fairly easy to be confused as to what type and wing you fall under. One of the major points of confusion can deciding if you are a 7w8 or 8w7 enneagram type.

To figure this out, you should look out for the motives behind your actions. Are you more interested in not feeling pain or experiencing life’s pleasures? Or do you want to be more independent and in control?

Sometimes, you can have both inclinations. However, it’s more about the one that takes center focus.

The 7w8 is more interested in enjoying life. They are more optimistic and have a tendency to bounce off ideas. However, they are also more goal-oriented and ambitious than a typical type 7.

The 8w7, on the other hand, is more practical and realistic. Big ideas still excite them. However, they can pick the best parts of the big ideas and execute them efficiently.

8w7 vs 8w9

These are like two sides of the same coins. 8w7s and 8w9s both share core type 8 traits. However, the 8w7 is going to be more aggressive and confrontational than the 8w9.

They are also going to go about their goals with brute force and determination. The 8w9, on the other hand, is more sensitive to people’s emotions and feelings. Their wing 9 allows them to create some sort of harmony.

They will be typically calmer than an 8w7.

8w7- Relationship Compatibility

According to Similar Minds, the best compatibility types for the 8w7 are the 8w7 and 2w3. They can also get along perfectly with the 3w2, 9w8, 9w1, and 2w1.

However, as far as both people are committed and are matured, the relationship will always be successful.

8w7 Fictional Character and Celebrities

  • Sirius Black (Harry Potter)
  • Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter)
  • Donald Trump
  • Garfield
  • Ernest Hemmingway
  • Sani Abacha
  • Klaus Mikaelson (The Originals)

Possible Careers for the 8w7

  • Executive director
  • Lawyer
  • Blogger/freelancer
  • Politician
  • Entrepreneur
  • Any other business that ensures that they do not work for someone else.

Worst Careers for the 8w7

  • Accountant
  • Secretarial jobs
  • Administrative Staff
  • Paralegal
  • Being an employee

Growth Tips for the 8w7

  • Try to understand that others might have sensitive topics that they do not want to talk about.
  • Be more sensitive about people’s emotions. People look up to you. Simply dismissing their opinions will sometimes be hard to take
  • Understand that it is okay to be vulnerable sometimes. That is what makes us human.

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