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Are you peaceful and approachable with a touch of idealism? Do you want to live in harmony but still have strong convictions about your beliefs and morals? Do you have a perfectionistic streak even though you might seem quite calm and modest? If you answer yes to these questions, then you are probably an enneagram 9 wing 1. We’ll just call you 9w1.

An In-depth Description of the 9w1

Every enneagram type on the enneagram chart has two types besides it. These two types influence the dominant type in many ways.

For the enneagram type 9, those two types are type 1 and type 8. These types are called wings. We all have traits of both wings. However, only one is dominant.

The 9w1 is a type 9 that has type 1 as a dominant wing.

9w1s are happy and friendly people who seek inner peace. However, they are idealistic people who will find trouble abandoning long-held beliefs and traditions.

This combination is made up of two types who are in the anger triad. Both types 9 and 1 use anger as their way of processing feelings. However, this anger will usually be repressed. This will make the 9w1 look like they are always in control of situations.

These repressions of their feelings and emotions will also make them look less emotional to those who don’t know them quite well.

The wing one is also going to see a change in some of the core 9’s traits. A typical type 9 will be able to see all sides of the issues and take in different perspectives. However, a 9w1 will have some issues with this.

This is because type 1 has very strong beliefs about issues. Therefore, this will make it hard for them to see through their bias.

Unlike the normal 9, the 9w1 will also criticize other people. Most times, these criticisms will be aimed at people who do not share the same views with them. However, they won’t be as harsh as a core type 1.

9w1s might also be intellectually inclined. This could see them be interested in education and take that part of their lives seriously.

9w1 in Stages

Depending on the strength of their wings, the 9w1 is going to have several variants. These variants include pronounced, average or weak. These are based on the strength of their wings.

9w1 (Pronounced)

This variant is going to have a pronounced wing. Thus, you are going to see a much more critical type 9 with very strong beliefs and moral standards.

They are also to be more perfectionistic and see themselves as failures when they don’t meet their lofty expectations. This variant of the 9w1 is generally more serious than a typical nine.

9w1 (Average)

This variant is going to have a moderate or average wing. This means that while they will have the idealistic views of type 1, they will naturally lean towards the more peaceful type 9.

This variant might have perfectionistic streaks and might want to do something good for the world. However, they might be complacent about it and have trouble maintaining projects that they start.

9w1 (Weak)

This variant is going to look way more like the type 9. They are also going to be largely peaceful and seek the harmony of everyone. However, there might be occasional bouts of traits of type 1. They might occasionally stand up for core beliefs when they are attacked.

They might also be painfully aware of their flaws. This can take a toll on their self-confidence.

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What is the Basic Fear of the Enneagram 9 wing 1?

The basic fear of the 9w1 is losing their loved ones. They are also scared of losing important things and beliefs in their lives. This might include traditions, morals, or long-standing beliefs. 9w1s strongly believe that such things are sacred to their existence.

What is the Basic Desire of the Enneagram 9 wing 1?

The basic desire of 9w1 is to live in peace. They want to have inner peace and live in harmony with what they believe and stand for. To achieve this desire, 9w1s might use the core defense mechanism of the type 9s to numb out negative emotions.

This might be a problem if those emotions or issues are valid.

Strengths of an Enneagram 9 wing 1

1.      Strong Core Values

Whether they realize it or not, 9w1s have strong values and principles. These are boundaries or beliefs that they hold dear to them. Leaving these beliefs or crossing such boundaries will disrupt the inner peace of the 9w1.

These core values can shape the 9w1’s life and give them a purpose.

2.      More Decisive

Type 9s are notoriously indecisive. However, the 9w1s are different. Armed with a healthy dose of the willpower of type ones, 9w1s can make some important decisions easily.

However, it might not be with the same consistency as a core type 1. However, you can easily tell that they are more in control of the situation.

3.      Will Power

The only willpower that is equal to type 1 or probably better is the willpower of type 8. This shows in the 9w1s. Depending on the strength of their wing, they can tap into that willpower of type 1.

This makes them more reliable and increases their ability to follow through on their various tasks.

4.      Work Ethic

Type 1s are notorious for their work ethic. This is often because they want to meet up the high standards that they have set for themselves.

Thus, 9w1s also have a good dose of this work ethic. They will be able to push through deadlines and do it perfectly. Most 9w1s are going to be disappointed if they get anything less than perfect in the tasks that they perform.

5.      Yearning to Make a Difference

9w1s want to make a difference in society. While type 1 will often want a grand project to make things better, 9w1s simply want to do what makes things a little better.

While they yearn to make a difference, 9w1s also want to be appreciated for their hard work. Appreciation shown makes them feel valued.

6.      More Expressive

Type 9s are notorious for internalizing strong feelings and decisions. Thus, they can be said to have difficulties expressing themselves.

9w1s, however, are different. They can access the core traits of type 1s when it comes to expressing themselves. This allows them to voice out their options to a certain degree.

The level at which they do this will be dependent on how strong their wing is.

Weaknesses of the Enneagram 9 Wing 1

1.      Biggest Critic of Themselves

9w1 holds themselves in very high regard. It’s almost impossible to meet such standards as imperfect humans. Thus, when they don’t do as well as they expect, 9w1s will often beat themselves up.

To them, they are complete failures and cannot seem to do anything right. However, a closer look at the situation will show that 9w1s have more blessings than failures.

2.      Critics of Others

While they are at their core a type 9, their wing 1 will make them more critical and judgmental of others. The 9w1 is going to have some views about their lives and will not be scared to express it.

While they want to teach others, they are also not ready to take useful criticism online. When people do not believe in the same things that they do, this will often lead to them criticizing other people’s beliefs.

3.      Volatile Reactions to Conflict

As you probably already know, type 9 are often called the peacemakers. This is down to their need to have inner peace. However, the combination of types 1 and 9 will cause some challenges.

These are two enneagram types that repress their anger. Therefore, what you get is an accumulation of pent-up anger. When they are fed up, their reactions can be quite volatile.

4.      Bouts of Impatience

Type 9s might also show certain streaks of impatience. This quality largely comes from their wing. While they might never hit the heights of type 1s, they will be more impatient than your regular type 9.

5.      No Sustained Follow Through

9w1s are dreamers. This means that they have certain targets or possibilities that they wish they could meet. However, they are often not able to meet these goals due to a lack of follow-through.

Unhealthy 9w1s might face and struggle with this problem for most of their lives.

Enneagram 9 wing 1 and Stress

Every enneagram types have certain things that stress them out the most. 9w1s are not any different. Here are some things that are definitely in this category.

1.      Conflict

Unlike the 8w7 who lives for conflict, 9w1 does not like conflict at all. When possible, they are going to avoid issues that they think will cause this conflict.

However, certain matters or beliefs held by 9w1s may see them take on certain discussions and conflicts. Overall, the 9w1s simply want to live in peace. Avoiding conflict is a great way to do this.

2.      Unappreciative People

9w1s usually do a lot of work for people. They are natural mediators and they also have their own life and needs to take care of. When people are not grateful for what the 9w1 has done, this might not go down well with 9w1s.

They want to be appreciated for the value that they bring to society. Unappreciative people are simply a no for them.

3.      Not Reaching Their Targets

9w1s are idealistic types. This means that they have strong goals and targets. They will do all they can to reach these targets. So, when they fall short, it can be a bit worrying to 9w1s.

It can also make them feel unworthy and take a hit to their self-confidence levels. 9w1s should realize that your goals and targets make up just a small fraction of who you really are.

4.      Rejection of a Loved One

The core fear of the type 9 is to be rejected by people who matter to them. Even as 9w1s, this is still a very important issue to them.

So, if they feel that they have been abandoned by people who they love and care about the most, it’s bound to stress the 9w1.

9w1 and Finances

9w1s are going to be adept in handling their finances. Their wing is a type who takes a certain pride in knowing where their money goes monthly.

So, depending on the strength of their wings, 9w1s will be pretty good at handling a budget.

9w1 vs 9w8

Most people face a struggle finding out what their dominant wing is. If you are a type 9, then you’re either a 9w1 or a 9w8. Here are some telling differences between the type variants.

·         Independent vs keeping the Peace

With 9w8, their main desire is to not be controlled by anyone. This does not mean they want to control others. On the contrary, the 9w8 wants to live in peace and not be controlled.

They are fiercely independent and will defend their freedom with everything they have. 9w1s are more interested in keeping the peace. They might also want you to adapt their own way of thinking. Most times, people who resist this might be heavily criticized by the 9w1.

·         Idealism vs Realism

The 9w1 is more of an idealistic type. This means that they look at things from how it should be and not what is. The 9w8, on the other hand, is more of a realist. They are realistic about how things are and work with what they have.

·         Different motivations

The 9w1 and 9w8 are driven by completely different motivations. While the 9w1 wants to avoid conflict and live in peace while holding fast to their own beliefs, 9w8 aims to have control over their lives. They want to achieve this while being at peace with others.

9w1 vs 1w9

The core difference between these two types rests in their core motivations. If you are a 1w9, then you are interested in being seen as a good person. However, you do not continuously push out your feelings to others. You will be much more tolerant.

9w1s are more interested in living in peace with others while holding on to their own beliefs.

9w1- Compatibility

9w1 natural romantic partners are the 7w8 and 9w1. However, they are also compatible with 2w1, 2w3, and 4w5.

However, any two mature people can make a relationship work with the right commitment.

9w1 Fictional Characters and Celebrities

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Collins (The Bridgertons)
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Walt Disney
  • Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)

Possible Careers for 9w1

  • Human resource manager
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Evangelist
  • Mid-wife
  • Career Counselor

Worst Careers for 9w1

  • Politicians
  • Lawyers
  • Stock Broker
  • Financial Analyst
  • Public Relations Officer

Growth Tips for 9w1

  • Understand that not everybody will actually have the same opinions as you.
  • Take it easy on yourself. You are human and are bound to make mistakes sometimes.
  • Sometimes, people leave and there is nothing you can do about it. It’s also not your fault.


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