Enneagram 9 wing 8 (9w8) – The Negotiator


Are you a peaceful person with a touch of steel? Are you always trying to be in control of your life while maintaining while at peace with everyone? Do you find it easy to say how you feel while maintaining a calm disposition? Do you have what it takes to push for what you want when the chips are down? If you do, then you are most likely an enneagram 9 wing 8. We’ll just call you a 9w8.

An In-Depth Description of the 9w8

For every enneagram type, there are two types besides them. These types have an influence on your dominant type. These two types are called wings. If you are an enneagram type 9, then your two wings will be type 1 and type 8.

An enneagram 9w8 is the type 9 who has the type 8 as their dominant wing.

9w8s are much more peaceful than core type 8s and are not as calm as type 9s. These types often know how to switch both sides of their personalities on or off.

When the 9w8 is healthy and quite mature, they can use this to devastating effect. This also makes them great negotiators.

9w8s are at their core type 9s. This means that they are generally going to be peaceful people. However, they will resist any attempt to control their lives.

Depending on the strength of their wings, this can make them more confrontational than your typical 9. Type 8 and 9 are part of the anger triad in the enneagram chart. This means that they process their feelings and emotions using anger.

While the natural tendency of 9w8s will be to repress that anger, they can at times let it go. When they do, they can look really scary and intimidating. The change from a peaceful kind person to an angry person will be quite dramatic.

9w8s will try to avoid being stressed as much as they can. They will be very easy-going people who will put their families and loved ones first. However, the presence of their wings will make them much more goal-oriented and ambitious.

However, they will act on those goals only if it does not cause unnecessary conflict.

9w8 in Stages

Depending on the strength of their wings, we might see three types of 9w8s. These are the pronounced, normal, or weak 9w8.

9w8 (Pronounced)

This is where the wing is very strong. The variant will show strong traits of type 8s. They will be more assertive and crave to be in complete control of their lives. It will be very easy to mistype them as an 8w9.  

They will be aggressive about their goals and will be much more expressive. They will be tougher and be willing to take on different challenges.

9w8 (Normal)

This variant will show only moderate traits of both enneagram types. They will generally want to live in peace with others. However, they will resist attempts to be controlled. They will also generally have more ambition and decisiveness than a type 9

However, the complacency and often laziness associated with type 9s might prevent them from reaching their goals.

9w8 (Weak)

This variant has a weak wing. This means they will generally show signs of being a core type 9 than their wings. However, you might see occasional bouts of assertiveness. This assertiveness might occur when the issue is very important to them.

What Is The Basic Fear Of The Enneagram 9 Wing 8?

The basic fear of 9w8 is to be internally unbalanced. They want to have just the right amount of control over their lives while being peaceful with others. If their balance in life is threatened, 9w8s will assert themselves to recover it.

What Is The Basic Desire Of The Enneagram 9 Wing 8?

The basic desire of the 9w8 is to live in peace with others while controlling their lives. They also want to be free from negative thinking and feelings. They try to achieve this by using the defense mechanism of type 9s.

Strengths of an Enneagram 9 Wing 8

1.      Great Negotiators

9w8 are often considered to be great negotiators. The peacemaking qualities of type 9 will make them look friendly and generally approachable while type 8 will make them assertive enough.

The 9w8 is also able to see the different perspectives in a discussion or issue. This means that they know what each party wants in an issue. Thus, they are usually the best person to turn to when you have to strike a deal.

2.      Less of a People-Pleaser

Type 9s are chronic people-pleasers. They do this to make sure that they are at peace with the people they love. While they love that inner peace, they also want some control over their lives. If pushed to the wall, they will become assertive about their needs.

This reduces the possibility of 9w8s becoming a people-pleaser.

3.      Great Leaders

9w8s make great leaders. They are interested in making sure everyone gets what they want. However, when the need arises, 9w8s will be able to make tough decisions.

People are more inclined to follow their lead and will often feel respected by the 9w8s.

4.      Flexible and Adaptive

Whether in relationships or at the workplace, you are going to notice the adaptiveness of the 9w8. Because they are natural peacemakers, they will want to go with the flow as much as they can. They are not as resistant as type 8s.

This makes them very flexible and adaptive in all facets of life. People will find it easy to get along with the 9w8.

5.      Disciplined

Type 9s can lack discipline and be complacent. This is especially true when they are stressed. However, 9w8s will much more disciplined than their counterparts.

They will have the drive to carry out projects and do them well. They may also be more decisive about their future and their potential.

While this is true, 9w8s will never be as goal-oriented as a core type 8.

6.      Hardworking and Reliable

The work ethic of type 8s will show a lot in the 9w8s. When combined with type 9’s need for peace, this can make them very reliable.

They will be more interested in making sure everyone is comfortable and can also be quite protective of those they love.

Weaknesses of an Enneagram 9w8

1.      Two opposite Sides

9w8 is a mixture of two types that approach anger differently. While type 8s are usually upfront with how they feel and can be explosive with their anger, type 9s repress this anger and are more likely to be passive-aggressive.

Thus, 9w8s will face the problem of having both types struggling for control. This can lead to people being intimidated or unsure of who the 9w8 really is.

It can also cause a lot of tension within the family.

2.      9w8s Can Be Quite Stubborn

9w8s need to control their lives to an extent. Thus, you can expect them to resist whatever they deem to be controlling them.

For other types such as type 1 who tends to micro-manage people, this can make them seem stubborn or unyielding.

3.      Numbing Out Emotions

9w8s still carries around the problems of type 9s. They also try to avoid it using the same technique. By numbing their emotions or simply not addressing them, they tend to cause bigger issues for themselves.

They try to do this by creating regular routines for themselves. This allows them to go through the motions. This is often the way out for a 9w8.

This will often translate to a strain in their relationships.

4.      Tends To Make Decisions for Others

In a bid to keep the peace, 9w8s may make decisions for others. They might feel these decisions are clearly in the best interest of the relationship or situation. However, not allowing the other party to make such decisions for themselves can have a bad impact on the entire situation.

Enneagram 9 wing 8 and Stress

Enneagram 9w8 can feel stressed by a few things. These include.

·         Trying To Micromanage Them

9w8s want to be at peace with others. However, they also want to be free and independent. So, if someone is constantly trying to control them, this is going to stress them out.

Also, they are going to resist this control with everything they have.

·         Too Much Conflict

The 9w8 is still a type 9 in the end. This means that they abhor excessive conflicts. They just want to live in peace. So, too much conflict can stress the 9w8 to a great level.

·         Not Being Appreciated

9w8s are very useful people to have on your team. They can help you negotiate and be natural mediators. However, when you do not value and appreciate them, things won’t go well. 9w8s will feel stressed and their productivity might even be affected.

9w8 and Finances

9w8s are going to be in total control of their finances. Type 9’s need for peace and type 8’s need for control over their lives means that their finances will be important to them.

So, you should not expect a lot of impulse buying or reckless spending from the 9w8.

9w8 vs 9w1

Are you wondering if you are a 9w1 or 9w8? If you are in the middle, here are some things that should make things clearer for you.

1.      Peace Maker vs Control

9w8s are more concerned about control. This means that while they are going to keep the peace, they also will not let others control their lives.

The 9w1, on other hand, is more interested in keeping the peace while holding on to their ideals or beliefs. The only time a 9w1 will be assertive is when one of their core values, traditions, or beliefs is being questioned.

2.      Realism vs Idealism

9w8s are very realistic. They are aware of how things are and strive to make progress with the current situation. Thus, they are more earthly than the 9w1s.

9w1s, on the other hand, are more idealistic. They are more concerned about how things should be, rather than how they are. 9w1s often have strong beliefs on how people should behave. They might also criticize people who do not live up to their ideals.

3.      Core Motivations

The core motivations of the 9w8s and the 9w1s are also different. 9w8s are more interested in keeping the peace and being independent of everyone else. They want to live their lives on their own terms while giving people’s feelings the respect they deserve.

9w1s, on the other hand, want to live in peace and keep their ideals.

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9w8 vs 8w9

Another mistype made by most people is 8w9 and 9w8. Again, you just have to look at their core motivations to figure out your wing.

Are you more interested in being in control of your life? If you are, then you are an 8w9.

If you are more interested in keeping the peace than being in control, then you are a 9w8.

9w8- Compatibility

While everyone can make a relationship work with the right commitment and maturity, the best partners of 9w8s are 8w9s, 8w7s, 2w3s, and 3w4s. However, type 9s are pretty much compatible with most types in the enneagram.

To know more about the enneagram 9 in love, this link will prove to be quite useful.

Enneagram 9w8 Fictional Characters and Famous People

  • Barack Obama
  • Janet Jackson
  • Sophia Loren
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Hugh Downs
  • Gerald Ford
  • Ingrid Bergman

Possible Careers for 9w8s

  • Social worker
  • Judge
  • Blogger
  • Psychologists
  • Mediator
  • Top Executive
  • Politician

Worst Careers for 9w8s

  • Paralegal
  • Pre-school teacher
  • Auditor
  • Morgue worker

Growth Tips for 9w8

  • Sometimes, people are actually not trying to control you. So, yield more often.
  • It’s okay to have conflicts with the ones you love once in a while. It allows you to grow.
  • No matter what you do, people are going to leave if they want to.

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