Enneagram Social 4 (The Complete Guide)

Enneagram social 4

Enneagram 4 comes in different shades. One such shade is the enneagram social 4. This article discusses this subtype and what you can expect from them.

So, let’s dig in!

Who is the Enneagram Social 4?

You might have learned about the triads if you have researched the enneagrams. Enneagram 4 is in the shame triad. This means that they feel shame deeply.

Social 4s is the embodiment of this. The difference, however, is how they react to it. Unlike other 4s that might hate this feeling, social 4s seem to bask in its acclaim.

They want to be the victim and seem to expect to be one. This makes them more likely to cause problems for themselves.

Shame for them comes from various things or situations. This might include their needs, desires, vices, and much more.

While this is true, social 4s might come alive when they are around people that understand them. When this happens, they look more confident and expressive.

It’s hard to mistype a social 4. This is because they have most of the typical traits of type 4. However, if you mistype them, you’d think they’re type 2s or 7s.

7 Signs That You are an Enneagram Social 4

Wondering if you’re an enneagram social 4? Here are some surefire signs to look out for.

1.   Constant Comparison

Social 4s spend a lot of time comparing themselves with others. Usually, this comparison is not in their favor.

They are more likely to feel inferior to others. Social 4s struggle with envy. Thus, they might envy others for their abilities or what they have.

The constant comparison can affect their self-confidence and mood.

2.   Group Energy is Important

As you’ve probably guessed, social 4s are more likely to be reserved, sad, or moody. If there’s one thing that can cure this, it’s their group.

Social 4s want to be in a group that cares about them. Care here means listening to them whine about their troubles. It might also mean trying to understand them deeply.

These are things that make them feel blessed.

3.   You Might Struggle with Making Some Forms of Connection

While you excel in a group, connecting with others can also be problematic. Here’s the thing. You do well when you’re with others for emotional support.

However, connecting to others for the sake of networking might not appeal to you. To you, it might seem forced or not genuine.

This can set you back in your career and other aspects of life.

4.   Extremely Sensitive

Being sensitive is the hallmark of type 4s. With social 4s, it’s even more obvious. As earlier stated, they seem to worship their sufferings and sad moments.

Thus, social 4s might take every opportunity to access these emotions. While this can be a good thing, it has some obvious consequences, as we shall discuss next.

5.   Highly Self-Absorbed

Because of how invested they are in their emotions and suffering, social 4s become self-absorbed. They become so involved in their feelings that they often neglect the feelings of others.

So, social 4s might spend a lot of time discussing their problems. If they are comfortable, this might be more pronounced.

Being self-absorbed is one of the main flaws of type 4s. So, seeing it rear its head here is not a surprise.

6.   Social Misfits

Social 4s find it hard to fit in with most people. This is one reason why they are introverted. However, they can come alive when they find themselves in comfortable groups.

You’ll see them talk a lot more and even let loose. It is during these periods that you might mistype them as sevens.

7.   You Go Hard For Your Passions

This follows the last point. Regardless of how introverted they can be, social 4s come alive when it comes to their passions.

So, if you want to draw in a social 4, talk more about things they are passionate about. It’s very likely they know a lot about the subject matter.

So, expect their input throughout the conversation.

Growth Tips for Enneagram Social 4

  • Try cultivating a positive mindset about yourself. It’s easy to get bogged down by feelings of inadequacy. However, understanding that you don’t need to compare yourself to others is a good start.
  • It is time to start putting value on all forms of feelings. Try to think about the good things you have achieved. In other words, count your blessings.
  • Sometimes, it’s beneficial to smell the roses. Stop and think about others. They also have problems they are dealing with. Focusing on how others feel can be therapeutic.
  • Sticking out your neck to meet new people or networking more can be terrifying. However, giving it a shot and succeeding can be liberating.

Fictional/Famous People Who Might be Enneagram Social 4

  • Michael Jackson
  • Anne Shirley-Cuthbert (Anne with an E)
  • Han (Stray Kids)
  • Tinker Bell (Tinker Bell)
  • Alice Cullen (Twilight)
  • J.K Rowling
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Tom Hansen (500 days of Summer)
  • Coraline Jones (Coraline)

Frequently Asked Questions About Enneagram Social 4

Are Enneagram 4s Dramatic?

No, enneagram 4s are not dramatic. However, they might feel emotions more intensely than others. This is especially true of social 4s.

How Does an Enneagram 4 Behave When Unhealthy?

Enneagram 4s can be depressed or have sadistic thoughts when unhealthy. This is also characterized by low energy and an inferiority complex.

Are Enneagram 4s Narcissists?

Enneagram 4s can be narcissists. Here’s why. Becoming self-absorbed comes easy to them. They are also very focused on their problems.

So, when they get unhealthy, becoming narcissistic is a real possibility.

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