Enneagram Social 8- Everything You Should Know About this Subtype

enneagram Social 8

Brash, aggressive, and quick to anger. Those are some of the words used to describe a typical type 8. While these traits are often present, there are some exceptions. One of these exceptions is the enneagram social 8.

This article discusses the enneagram social 8 and what you can expect from them.

Who is the Enneagram Social Type 8?

The enneagram social type 8 is calmer and less aggressive than the typical 8. Social 8s are interested in harmonious relationships and want to nurture others.

While this is true, this does not make them any less independent than other social 8s. They are straightforward and love a direct style of communication.

Social 8s care a lot about their loved ones and protect them fiercely. People who are social 8s can easily be mistyped as type 2 for various reasons.

First, they love to help others which makes them extremely generous. They also prefer to nurture others. So they may show more care and emotion in their daily lives.

At their best, social 8s can be charming, inspiring, and very driven. They can be manipulative, busy but unproductive, and insensitive at their worst.

7 Signs You are an Enneagram Social Type 8

1.   You’re Always Willing to Help or Protect

Social 8s have an inbuilt need to help those they love. So, they are naturally protective. Because of their outward appearance, this trait might not be immediately noticeable.

However, hurt their loved ones, and you’ll see their other side. It’s never pretty.

2.   You’re Always on the Go

Social 8s are always on the go. They have so many ideas running through their heads. Because of this, they usually have lots of projects running at once.

There are pros and cons that come with this. One big pro is that social 8s can actually go on to achieve great things. A con is that they can run themselves into the ground.

3.   You’re Bold and Daring

If you’re a social type 8, people may have referred to you as daring or very assertive. While social 8s are not outwardly aggressive, they are very opinionated.

So, expect them to break social norms at the same rate as typical 8s. When the chips are down, social 8s are still type 8s.

So, never expect them to be scared of a fight.

4.   You’re More Friendly and Approachable

Type 8s are often described as intense. While you’re very much as intense, it’s usually hidden with smiles and positive speech.

This makes them seem more approachable. These are truly the popular type 8s. While this is true, there are times when their intensity shines through.

For example, when they are impatient or frustrated, they start to look more like typical 8s.

5.   You Want to Live an Exciting Life

Social 8s are interested in life. They want to experience life in all its glory. Social 8s with extroverted sensing (Se) will have an even stronger urge to enjoy life.

Expect them to seek excitement in their careers and personal life. To them, boring is not welcome.

6.   You Prefer to Go with the Flow

With typical 8s, you sense a willingness always to challenge the status quo or the prevailing opinion. This is one reason they are called challengers.

Social 8s are a bit different. They are more willing to go with the flow than to cause problems. Thus, they are more likely to be people-pleasers.

The good side about this is that social 8s can relax and have fun. They can also engage with others without any contentious issues popping up.

7.   You Value Collective Power

Group power matter more to social 8s. They thrive when they have a harmonious group behind them. Most times, they are the ones at the helm.

This is unlike type 8s, who might see themselves as lone wolves facing a hostile world. This has its drawbacks, though.

When the group is not really thriving, social type 8s might suffer.

Fictional/Famous Characters that are Social Type 8

  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Socrates
  • Magneto (X-men)
  • Skipper (Madagascar)
  • Napoleon (Animal Farm)
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Kristy Thomas (Baby Sitter’s Club)
  • Josephine March (Little Women)
  • Melissa Talks (Youtube)

Frequently Asked Questions About the Enneagram Social Type 8

Who is the Enneagram Type 8?

Enneagram type 8 is known as the challenger. This personality type desires control over their life and surroundings. They are driven and full of grit.

Click that link for an in-depth description of the enneagram 8.

What is the Counter type of Type 8?

This is the social 8. This is because they are literally the opposite of what you thought you knew about type 8s.

This is one of the reasons why some people might be mistyped.

What Does Type 8 Go to in Stress?

When type 8 is stressed, they start to behave and look like type 5s. Thus, they may become detached and spend a lot of time taking in information.

They also become introverted.

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