Enneagram Type 1: The Self-Controlled


“I mean, it’s sort of exciting, isn’t it? Breaking the rules.” –Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

In-depth Description of the Enneagram Type 1

Enneagram type one normally stands out for their seeming high standards. To other types, they are probably seen as being traditional, responsible, and perfectionistic.

Type ones have dreams of changing the world in their own way. Whether it’s through teaching, volunteering, or their religion, they strive to make a difference.

Type ones also have streaks of impatience and often see others as incompetent or irresponsible. This is especially true if these types do not share the same viewpoint in life.

Type ones are often quiet and very organized. They also have a morally imposed duty to be as perfect as they can be. This means that they often feel disappointment and resentment if their work doesn’t measure up to their required standards.

Their perfectionistic standards would often see them create detailed schedules about how they intend to go about their day. These schedules can also include what and when to cook as well.

Because they are very opinionated about what they believe in, they struggle to see other people’s perspectives. This might lead to clashes or even attempts by the type one to make people see sense in their own perspective.

They have a strong inclination towards morals and religion. This means that type ones ultimately want to be seen as good or contributing to a good cause. They will often neglect their own needs if they feel it doesn’t serve their goals. This can easily lead to accumulated resentment and anger.

Enneagram Type 1 in Stress

The enneagram types are always moving fluidly in several directions depending on situations and circumstances. When it comes to stress, the enneagram type 1 also follows this trend.

When facing a lot of stress, type 1 will share similar traits with an unhealthy type 4. This means that they will look at people as being against them or being incompetent. They will also feel that people’s expectations about them are too much for them to handle.

This can easily put a strain on their relationship with others.

Enneagram Type 1 When Healthy

When healthy, type 1 will share some similar traits with type 7. They will want to wander the world and have fun. This will significantly reduce the rigid and perfectionistic nature that comes with being a type 1.

It is often said that this is the only time that type 1 allows them to actually enjoy life.



Types ones have a very high moral compass. This means that they struggle to do what is right. One of their biggest fears is to be seen as evil, corrupt, or not up to scratch morally. So, honesty is one of the ways they satisfy their burning need to be perfect.

Constant Improvement

Types ones are often looking for ways to improve their lives. This improvement is often narrowed down to their viewpoint on life and how things work. They will look for ways to keep improving and changing the world in their own little way.


Types ones are very hardworking people. This is down to their need to be a game-changer in what they feel is important. Type ones are often the ones saving their homes from chaos. This is because they are very reliable. This is down to their need to be perfect. You can expect type ones to show up every day.



Type ones usually believe that only one perspective is right. Thus, it is a struggle for them when others seem to make decisions that do not tally with theirs. This can easily lead to them being critical or judgmental about others.

Rigid or Uptight

Type ones have a hard time having fun. They are often regarded as uptight as they find it hard to change their views on even the tiniest of things. Their difficulty in adapting can lead to them being unnecessarily rigid.


Type ones want to offer the best in terms of their abilities. This often translates to perfectionistic tendencies. These tendencies may see them struggle to see their work as complete or a worthy achievement. It can also translate into criticism or negative feedback of other people’s efforts.


Type ones are known to hold a lot of resentment. Most time, this can be down to the perceived incompetence of other people. Their rigidness combined with perfectionistic tendencies makes it very hard for them to let go of resentment.

Defense Mechanism- Reaction Formation

To combat anger or other feelings of resentment, type ones will usually increase their level of kindness. This is in a bid to maintain their self-image when dealing with people who may seem irritating.

Enneagram type 1

Enneagram Type One and Wings

Just like every other enneagram, the type one enneagram will either have 9 or 2 as a wing type.

1w9- When winged by 9, they are often calmer and seeks to live in harmony with others. This calm disposition will also make them less rigid and more flexible to new ideas and adventures. Find more about 1w9 here.

1w2- When winged by a 2, they become more interested in the lives of others. The tendencies of a type one still shine through as they are heavily concerned about what is right and wrong. This can lead to an obsession to see others follow these trends. Find more about 1w2 here.

How to Communicate With Type Ones

  • Learn to take their beliefs seriously and see them as an extension of themselves
  • Straightforwardly talk to them. Do not beat around the bush
  • Challenge them to see different perspectives and viewpoints
  • Make sure you adhere to some or all of their ethics when you can
  • Help them to see themselves as good people. They are often the worst critics of themselves.

Enneagram Type 1 and possible Job Interests

Type ones like to be in a position where they can impart their knowledge to others. They sincerely and genuinely believe that what they share will be helpful. For that reason, jobs that will fit the enneagram type 1 most are jobs that require some form of teaching.

  • Teaching
  • Lecturing
  • Judges
  • Missionaries
  • Safety officers
  • Nurses
  • Police officers

Worst Career Options for Enneagram Type 1

  • Administrative Staff
  • Stock Brokers
  • Accountants
  • Sales Representatives

Famous People and Characters Who Are Enneagram Type 1

  • Hermione Granger
  • Hilary Clinton
  • Captain America
  • Superman (Clark Kent)
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Michelle Obama
  • Mahatma Gandhi

How Enneagram Type 1 can stay healthy

  • Understand that people are different. They will not always agree with how you see things or what you have to say. Worse, most people will withdraw from you when they see your reaction to their different perspectives. Learn to be more accommodating.
  • Learn to be patient. While you have all these nice things you have to say to people and your students, it will take time. Instead of losing your patience, focus on showing them what needs to be done by your example.
  • Learn to accept the messy things that make us human. It does not mean you are corrupt or evil. It simply means that you are what you are. Simply human.
  • Try to relax regularly. Without some time to recharge, you will never be able to reach the productivity levels that you want so badly.


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