Enneagram Type 6- The Loyal Skeptic


“The greatest gift is the ability to forget – to forget the bad things and focus on the good” – Joe Biden, Enneagram Type 6.

The enneagram type 6 are the worriers of the enneagram personality. They have a strong need to be secure and safe from the troubles and dangers of this world. This need drives them to be pessimistic about the future. They will often find themselves worrying about the future and the dangers it poses.

This personality type might also become closer to those in authority. The motivation behind this is the belief that those in authority can provide them with all the safety that they need.

Sometimes, their fear of risk and danger can lead to them becoming counter-phobic. This trait makes them embrace danger and do reckless things just to prove a point.

Type 6 will typically struggle to fully trust others including their partners. This stems from their deep to prepare for any negative eventuality.

What Is The Deepest Fear Of Type 6?

The greatest fear of type 6 is not being secured enough to deal with the problems and challenges they might face. Other fears of type 6 include a lack of guidance in times of need.

What Is The Greatest Desire Of The Enneagram Type 6?

The greatest desire of type 6 is to be secure. The type of security they desire will depend on their childhood and background. It can be financial security, emotional or spiritual security. For some type 6s, it can be a bit of all.

Enneagram Type 6- The Loyalist

The enneagram type 6 is loyal. This means they hold their friends in the highest regard. They are also very loyal to the traditional structures of the world. This means that the type 6s are more likely to go along with their religion and holiday traditions. Their loyalty to things that they love is why they are also referred to as the loyalist.

The reason for being so loyal is that they fear abandonment. This issue most times is down to self-confidence. They feel that people they love will only stay when they show unending loyalty towards them.

While wanting to be loyal, the enneagram type 6 also has a mind of its own. They like to make their decisions for themselves. This is true even when these decisions are terrifying. They will resist being controlled by anyone vehemently.

Type 6 also has issues with anxiety. This is because they worry a lot. To reduce their worry, they are more likely to be closer to people with authority. This gives them a sense of security and bolsters their self-confidence.

Defense Mechanisms-The Phobic and Counter-Phobic Type 6

Type 6s will usually try to defend themselves using two main methods. These are the phobic and counter-phobic defense mechanisms.

Phobic Type 6

Type sixes who are phobic are usually straightforward about what they fear and what they try to avoid. They also try to avoid contact with these things. They are driven to run away. This is heavily influenced by their enneagram triad.

Counter-Phobic Type 6

Rather than run away from things they fear, these sections of the personality type tend to push back against those fears. This is done based on the need to look devoid of fear. They actually are afraid that they are scared. They like to look tough on the outside to shield their vulnerability.

Counter-phobic type 6 can sometimes look like a type 8. However, type 8 relishes facing challenges while type 6 would actually prefer not facing them.

In a healthy state, a type 6 can be one of the most honest and trustworthy individuals you will meet.

Fun facts about Enneagram Type 6 (Infographic)


1.      Team Player

If there’s one thing the enneagram type 6 is, it’s a team player. It’s easy to see why. Type 6 wants security. Being in a team that brings a lot of talents together will make them feel secure and confident in their abilities. When they are in a group, type 6 can reach their full potential.

2.      Good with Finances

This type is scared of not being ready for future challenges. Because of this fear, they will be experts at managing their finances. However, when paired with a wing 7, this quality seems to fade into the background.

3.      Loyalists

Type 6s are loyalists by their very nature. This means that they have close friends that they will forever be loyal to. Most times, their friends also feel the same way about them. Having close friends also means a bit of security for type 6.

4.      Warm and Thoughtful

Despite their fears and insecurity, type 6s are always warm and thoughtful. They care deeply about those close to them and will naturally want to protect them. When healthy, the enneagram type 6 will often be the kindest person in the room and would be liked by many people.

5.      Great Planners

Motivated by their fear not to be taken unawares, this personality type will also plan for the future way ahead of time. This makes them great planners. They are also very reliable and level-headed. This ensures that their plans usually succeed.


1.      Anxious

Type 6s can be very anxious people. This stems from their fear of the unknown. Their anxiety can make them take decisions that may be counter-productive to their development.

2.      Fearful

The enneagram type 6 is part of the fear triad. Thus, it is not a surprise that this personality type is often fearful of situations. This often leads to them using their defense mechanisms in a bid to escape from danger.

3.      Low Self-Confidence

Type 6 might suffer from low self-confidence and self-doubts. They will also doubt their steps as they are very cautious people. This might lead to them not being confident in their own abilities.

Enneagram Type 6 in Romantic Relationships

Enneagram type 6 and romance

Type 6 in a romantic relationship is deeply committed to their partners. They are always looking for ways to protect their partners. Type 6s are also very practical and pragmatic when it comes to relationships and love.

Type 6s are willing to hang on to their relationship even when things are not looking so good. If there’s one type that can commit to a relationship, it’s the enneagram type 6

However, type 6 is also likely to face some struggles in relationships. These types are often focused on taking action on the things that need to be done. This might see them neglect their partner or take their feelings for granted.

Type 6 is always looking out for security. If their partner doesn’t seem to offer them enough security in all aspects of their life, they can become less trusting and doubt their partner loves them. This can put a strain on their relationship. This type is more likely to feel this way when they are younger or under stress.

Enneagram Type 6 in Childhood

Usually, our personality types are formed based on a traumatic event that might have happened when we were children. For the enneagram type 6, that might have been growing up in an unsafe place or exposure to dangerous people. Because of this, the enneagram type 6 are only totally comfortable with people in their social circle.

Enneagram Type 6 and Their Wings

As always, the enneagram personalities are influenced by the two numbers that are beside them. With the enneagram type 6, those numbers are 7 and 5.

6w7- when paired with a wing 7, type sixes will usually become less rigid and more social. Also, some of their significant traits such as being careful with money are reduced. Type 7 is often interested in getting the best out of life and this is bound to influence type six. Read about 6w7 here.

6w5- when paired with a wing 5, type 6 becomes much more introverted. They are also very independent and self-sufficient. They also become interested in intellectual discussions and would become more logical in their thinking. However, this also translates to less trust even among their social circle. Read about 6w5 here.

How to Communicate With Type 6

  • Try to have clear procedures and rules. Make sure you follow them. it might also be a good idea not to change things so quickly when dealing with an enneagram type 6
  • Try not to belittle their fears and concerns. That really is the core of enneagram 6
  • Agree with them that things can go wrong. However, show them why things will go right in a calm and relaxed tone.
  • Be straight with them when you need things done. If you feel that their fears regarding an issue are not correct, disagree with them in a polite but firm way.

Enneagram Type 6 and Possible Job Careers

The enneagram type 6 will succeed or grow in an area that makes them feel secure and happy. Their possible job interests include

  • Paralegal
  • Executive assistants
  • Teaching
  • Dentist
  • Police officer
  • Vet doctors

Worst Careers for the Enneagram Type 6

  • Software engineer
  • Programmer
  • Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Stock Broker

Famous People and Characters Who Are Enneagram 6

  • Joe Biden
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Prince Harry
  • Richard Nixon
  • Mark Twain
  • Ben Affleck
  • Tom Hanks
  • Drew Carey
  • Julia Roberts
  • Mulan
Enneagram Type 6 (Infographic of Healthy vs Unhealthy)

How the Enneagram Type 6 Can Stay Healthy

  • You must fight anxiety. Anxiety is usually created by staying too long in your head. Try to focus on other things and activities. Two activities that might prove to be helpful are exercises and Yoga.
  • Take control of your life. Understand that you are the captain of your life. You will never reach your true potential if you do not take control
  • Make sure you build trust in your partner. They absolutely adore you and are hurt you don’t trust them enough.
  • Focus on the positives when moving forward. Try not to be so concerned about what may go wrong. This might be much easier to do for a 6w7.

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