Enneagram Type 8- The Hero


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“There’s no rest for me in this world. Maybe in the next”- Thomas Shelby Enneagram Type 8

The enneagram type 8 are confident and very assertive people. Often called the hero or the protector, they are on a constant quest to always control the narrative about their life. Type 8 is bold and not afraid to make important decisions in their lives. They are often seen as intimidating by other enneagram types.

Enneagram 8 can also be very argumentative. They are confrontational and will not back down from a fight. Type 8 are sometimes called the challengers because they will always rise above the obstacle in front of them. They can also be called the truth bearer because they prefer blunt discussions with people. You will never see the Enneagram 8 sugarcoating the truth.

If you identify with these traits, then you are both likely an enneagram type 8

In-depth Description of the Enneagram Type 8

The enneagram type 8 is a moving force that simply crushes everything in its path. This type is known for their relentless nature and willpower. They can be anything they want to be. Enneagram 8 also comes with boundless energy. This energy is often directed to achieving their goals or aims.

The enneagram 8 is also known for having a close circle which they often refer to as their family. This could be made up of actual family members and friends. The enneagram 8 can die for these and often seek to protect them from as much trouble as they can. For this reason, they are also often called the protector.

If there’s any enneagram who craves to be independent, it is type 8. Not being independent in their opinion involves being controlled by someone or something. That simply won’t work for them. They want to decide their fate and be entirely in control of their lives.

Enneagram 8 and Vulnerability

Enneagram 8 is also quite entrepreneurial. However, this spirit can lead to a lot of problems for this type. They can easily lose sight of their family and their emotions. However, healthy type 8s find ways to make sure that they balance things out.

While the Enneagram 8 might seem impenetrable to people who hardly know them, this is not often the case. The enneagram type 8 has a vulnerable side that they only show to their trusted ones. If you want to see an Enneagram 8 without their defenses up, you should watch them with kids or babies. You will be surprised at what you would find.

There is nothing that type 8 hates more than a betrayal. The meaning of betrayal differs from one type eight to another. However, those who betrayed the enneagram type 8 can easily be kicked out of their circle of friends.

Enneagram Type 8 in Stress

When the enneagram type 8 is in stress, they look like a type 5. This means that this type will become withdrawn and isolated. It is also not unusual for the enneagram type 8 to have a lot of type 5 traits.

Enneagram Type 8 When Healthy

When healthy, the enneagram type 8 starts to look like a type 2. They become very generous and are willing to help people around them reach their potential.

What Is The Basic Fear Of The Enneagram Type 8?

The enneagram 8’s basic fear is being controlled by something or someone. They always want to be in control of their lives and protect themselves and those they love. The enneagram type 8 will go to great lengths to ensure that they are never manipulated or controlled.

What Is The Basic Desire Of The Enneagram Type 8?

The basic desire of the enneagram 8 is to be in control of their own fate or life. They want to call the shots when it comes to their life. They also have the desire to look tough and strong. Also, being independent is a basic desire of the enneagram 8

Defense Mechanism of the Enneagram Type 8

The defense mechanism of the enneagram type 8 is denial. The enneagram never wants to look weak or emotional. This means that they will never accept that they are hurt by others or feel emotionally depressed. They will often deny this fact and try to prove how tough they are.

By denying this fact and looking tough, they seek to have some sort of control over this emotion or feeling.


1.      WillPower

If there is something that the enneagram 8 has in abundance, it is willpower. They can do anything they have set their minds to. They also work just as hard to pull it off. This determination is what drives the enneagram 8 in all their pursuits. If the enneagram 8 has a 7 wing, their willpower will be geared towards leaving a legacy.

2.      Confidence

The enneagram 8 know that they are the boss and they flaunt it. They are quite confident in their abilities. This can make them seem proud, arrogant, or just rude.

3.      Leader

The enneagram type 8 are often great leaders. However, the enneagram type 8 is not as interested in leadership as the enneagram type 3. However, they are always willing to do what most people aren’t. This means that leadership often naturally falls on their shoulder.

4.      Independent and Sufficient

The enneagram 8 are very independent people. This is likely because of their need for control. Being self-sufficient is a great way to maintain control of their lives and enneagram 8 knows that.

This means that enneagram 8 is highly competent in taking care of their needs.

5.      Extremely Logical

Enneagram 8 is extremely logical and fair in its judgments. This means that they will make decisions based on the facts and not on emotions. It’s not a surprise then that ESTJs, ENTJs, and to a lesser extent ENTPs are often typed as the enneagram 8.

6.      Protective of People

Enneagram 8 is highly protective of people they love. They also hate bullies and will try to protect those who are being bullied.


1.      Too Harsh

Enneagram 8 is a very confrontational type. This often means that they may seem a bit harsh when dealing with other types. This can especially be a problem with type 9, 2, or 6. Enneagram 8 also approaches most conversations or conflicts with passion. This can often be misinterpreted as anger or criticism.

2.      Non-Traditional To an Extreme

Enneagram 8 is simply not interested in following rules. This is especially true if the rules make absolutely no sense. The enneagram 8 prefers to be realistic when making decisions. This may lead to strained relationships with loved ones. It might also see them clash with the enneagram type 1 who is quite interested in morals and traditions.

3.      Intimidating

Enneagram 8 has a lot of confidence and swagger about the way they do things. This can easily lead to others feeling intimidated. This can also lead to others withdrawing from this type or branding them as proud or arrogant.

4.      Insensitive

Enneagram 8 can also be quite insensitive. This can especially be a problem if they have a more emotional partner. One way this can show is with their working attitude. Since enneagram 8 are often known to be chronic workaholics, they can easily sideline their partners and families.

Enneagram Type 8 in Romantic Relationships

The enneagram 8 feels very deeply despite their tough exterior. This means that when type 8 falls in love, they fall hard. They also want to protect that person. While they might not be very expressive of how they feel, they will definitely let you know that you are special to them.

 To the enneagram 8, being in love with someone means providing them with everything that they need. They will be there for them no matter what. The best partners for the enneagram 8 are those who can push them to greater heights. They also want someone with whom they can be vulnerable and express themselves freely.

The worst thing a partner can do to an enneagram 8 is to break their hearts.

One of the struggles you are likely to face with an enneagram 8 in a relationship is surrendering control. However, they will be ready to do this if you prove that you can handle that control they give you. Sometimes the protector needs some protection. They want you to be that person for them.

Enneagram Type 8 in Childhood

An enneagram type 8 child will often have a temper. They will also be ready to take risks and will be bold. You should also be prepared for a lot of disobedience on their part. They are more likely to have issues obeying set rules and regulations.

A good way to deal with this problem is to explain the reason for the rules to the enneagram 8 child. While the type 8 child might seem stubborn and defiant, they are also very caring and thoughtful. When they are relaxed, you will see a lot of this side if you are observant.

Enneagram Type 8 and Wings

Enneagram 8 has two wings. These are the type 9 and type 7

8w9- If type 8 has a wing 9, you can expect this type to be a bit more people-oriented. They are also less confrontational and calmer than the traditional 8. However, they will have a dogged nature and a silent determination about the way they go about their goals.

8w7- If type 8 has a wing 7, they are more likely to be more outspoken and ambitious. They are also going to be very aggressive about their goals. These types are more likely to be workaholics and big spenders. They are also very likely to be materialistic and will usually achieve their goals.

How to Communicate With a Type 8

  • Go straight to the point. They are very impatient communicators. The faster you state your business, the better for everyone
  • Do not take their confrontational manner to be a sign of anger. Understand that they are simply passionate about their opinions.
  • Stand your ground on matters you believe are right. You will earn the type 8’s respect when you do.
  • Present your opinions to them with only logical facts. The enneagram 8 will not be moved by emotions

Possible Career Options for Enneagram Type 8

Here are some of the best career options for this type according to their wings.

8w7 Career Options

  • Blogger/Freelancer
  • CEO
  • Entrepreneur
  • Lawyer
  • Sales director
  • Politician
  • Executive Director

8w9 Career Options

  • Judge
  • Sales director
  • Activist
  • Paramedic
  • Pilot
  • Entrepreneur
  • Military Officer

Worst Careers for Enneagram Type 8

  • Secretary
  • Administrative Staff
  • Accountant
  • An employee of any Business

Famous Celebrities and Characters that are Enneagram 8

  • Donald Trump
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Mark Cuban
  • Barbara Walters
  • Thomas Shelby (Peaky Blinders)
  • Duke of Hastings (Bridgertons)
  • Klaus Mikaelson (The Originals)
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Indira Gandhi
  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • Sani Abacha
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Serena Williams
  • Kamala Harris
  • Ernest Hemingway
Healthy vs unhealthy enneagram type 8

How Enneagram Type 8 Can Stay Healthy

  • You have to understand that being vulnerable is not a weakness. So, try to be vulnerable around those who care for you. That is the only way you can really give and receive love
  • While you have so much energy, you have certain limits that even you cannot cross. Learn to take care of your body.
  • Allow people to take charge and be in control sometimes. It allows you to see and understand a fresh perspective.
  • Sometimes, being confrontational isn’t necessary. There are other ways a problem can be solved.


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