Enneagram Type 9- The Peace Maker


“Peace is hard, but we know that it is possible. So, together, let us be resolved to see that it is defined by our hopes and not by our fears. Together, let us make peace, but a peace, most importantly, that will last.”Barack Obama Enneagram type 9

The enneagram type 9 are very trusting and friendly people. They value harmony and want to be as close as possible to loved ones. This means they often have to go along with other’s ideas while ignoring theirs. They can very supportive people and will often have the backs of their friends. You would quickly notice that type 9 is as cool as it gets in the enneagram of personality.

While the need to be in harmony with others is what defines the enneagram type 9, they have some weaknesses. Type 9s can be very stubborn. Because of their fear of issues, you will usually find the enneagram type 9 trying to minimize serious problems. By doing so, they can create even more problems in their lives.

If these qualities sound a lot like you, then there’s a big possibility that you are an enneagram type 9

In-Depth Description of an Enneagram Type 9

The enneagram type 9 is a very stable personality. They are often ready to go to very great extents in their quest to keep the peace. For this reason, the type 9 is also called a mediator. They are certainly agreeable and calm. Aside from the enneagram 2, they are the most likely to go along with the flow.

While this is true, the enneagram 9 does not like being controlled. If they sense that this is the case, they can get really stubborn. However, they do not do this by being confrontational like the type 8. Rather, the type 9 will use other tactics in their bid to drag their feet such as passive-aggressiveness.

Enneagram 9 can see all sides of the coins. They are also the enneagram type at the top of the enneagram diagram. This often means that type 9s might have difficulties making decisions. They see the truth in everyone’s arguments after all!

They will also find it easy to follow other people’s ideas about life rather than listening to their own voice. This means that the type 9 can often start a career or make an important life decision based on the particular enneagram types in their life.

Enneagram 9 is adept at making peace and making others see the perspectives of other people. Thus, they are at their best when mediating or trying to mend old wounds between people.

Enneagram 9 values harmony so much. This might make them take certain steps if they think their peace is being threatened. One of them is numbing out from the problems they are facing. They might also run away from problems and never get around to solving important issues in life. This can make them indecisive, immature, or even complacent.

Enneagram Type 9 in Stress

The enneagram chart is very fluid. This means that we can look and behave like other types in certain situations. When the enneagram 9 is under stress, they become complacent, anxious, and worried. This makes them look and behave like an unhealthy six.

Enneagram Type 9 When Healthy

When healthy, the enneagram 9 can become a go-getter and seeks to accomplish a lot of things. By doing this, they take on the healthy habits of a type 3. They also show a lot of energy and become more interested in self-development.

What is the Basic Fear of the Enneagram 9?

Enneagram 9 basic fear is losing people by being too needy and opinionated. This fear translates to a more agreeable spirit to keep everyone they love together. Their belief is that once they have their own ideas and opinions and stick to them, no one will want to be with them.

What Is The Basic Desire Of The Enneagram 9?

Enneagram 9 wants to have inner peace. They also want everyone around them to be happy and live in harmony with each other. Enneagram 9 tries to achieve this by mediating when people have problems or running away from their own problems.

Defense Mechanism of the Enneagram Type 9

The defense mechanism of the type 9 is narcotization. This refers to numbing one’s self to big issues in their life. Enneagram 9 will usually do this to avoid dealing with them. One of the big reasons for doing so is their constant need to have inner peace.

If certain issues or situations don’t give them peace, enneagram 9 can ignore these problems and numb themselves to them.


1.      Supportive

Enneagram type 9s are the best support system you can get. They are very supportive of friends and families. Enneagram 9 will put you first above every other thing if they feel that you need support. They will also seek to support you by not being adverse to your ideas.

2.      Ability to See Different Perspectives

Type 9s have the gift of seeing issues from many angles. This allows them to understand people’s perspectives and deal with them accordingly. This gift is what makes them wonderful mediators. By seeing both sides of the story, type 9s make sure that each party feels heard in any situation.

3.      Adaptable and Flexible

Because of their need not to lose those they care about, the type 9 can be very adaptable and flexible. This allows them to find ways to please others even though it can be really stressful. The type 9 will adapt to different circumstances if it means that those closest to them remain happy with them. This can even extend to important life choices.

4.      Great Mediators

All this makes the enneagram type 9 the perfect mediators. They can appeal to people’s thoughts by pointing out other angles that others have failed to see. By doing this, they seek to heal wounds and issues that others are going through.


1.      Chronic People-Pleasers

Their need to keep everyone happy and in harmony can make them chronic people-pleasers. This can also be taken advantage of by others. Like an enneagram type 2, type 9s will harbor resentment if they continuously have to do things they do not want or desire. This might lead to passive-aggressiveness.

2.      A tendency to Run Away From Problems

Type 9s are often on the search for inner peace. Thus, any situation that might be unsettling to them might not be welcome. If a type 9 believes that the unsettling situation is simply too big or has a great impact on their life, they can simply ignore the problem. In a worst-case scenario, type 9s will choose to run away from the issue.

What was once a small issue will then become a much bigger problem.

3.      Complacent

Type 9s have a problem with being complacent. When healthy, type 9s will become energetic and happy. However, once under stress, they can become really complacent. This complacency transcends most parts of their life. They might become complacent in school, at work, or in romantic relationships.

4.      A Tendency to Minimize Issues

Because of their need for inner peace, type 9s might minimize issues. This can often lead to more complications. Type 9s believe that if they minimize issues, they will also be able to minimize the unsettling nature of the problem.

In the process of minimizing issues, type 9s might focus on irrelevant things in a conflict. They might also seek to use other tactics such as passive-aggressiveness in their bid to avoid the problem.

Enneagram Type 9 in Romantic Relationships

Enneagram type 9 can be great romantic partners. They are extremely supportive and really just want their partners to be happy. This need can drive them to make adjustments in their own life just to make their partner more comfortable.

Type 9s will be very sensitive to the problems and struggles of their partners. This means that they will be there for them if needed. They are affectionate and will not hesitate to shower their partners with their love.

However, enneagram type 9s will also face a lot of struggles. Their need to avoid conflicts is one struggle that can cause a lot of tension in the relationship. Every relationship will have certain issues that have to be dealt with. Type 9s might not be too comfortable with conflicts. This might make them avoid the issues or simply numb out to avoid the problem.

When paired with confrontational types like the type 8, 7, 3, or 1, this can definitely be a point of struggle. To combat this issue, partners of type 9s should try to make the environment as relaxed as possible. This will allow type 9s to express themselves freely.

Enneagram Type 9 in Childhood

It is often said that our enneagram type is solidified during our childhood through experiences. The enneagram type 9 has a great attachment to family. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the circumstances surrounding their childhood.

If the type 9s grow up in a happy family and are well nurtured, this will have a tremendous impact on type 9s. However, if the family is broken and they got to see most of the problems that tore the family apart, this will have a terrible effect on type 9s.

If your child is a type 9, then they need a lot of inner peace and gentle nurturing.

Enneagram Type 9 and Wings

The enneagram type 9 wings are the type 8 and type 1

9w8-The traits of type 8s make the enneagram 9 far more grounded and goal-oriented. Type 9s with a wing 8 will usually know what they want and might be able to handle conflicts way better than a typical 9. They will also be independent in their lives.

9w1- The traits of type 1s will make them more perfectionistic. They will also be modest people who want to make an impact in the world. They might also have high morals and will be more hardworking.

How to Communicate with a Type 9

  • Validate their concerns and contributions. Type 9s like to be appreciated for their contributions. This will go a long way in helping them express their true opinions
  • Type 9s are notorious for being stubborn. Therefore, make it a point of call to always explain why certain actions need to be taken. This will make them more willing to follow orders.
  • Type 9s work well within a structure. So, make sure that they always know what’s coming
  • Press type 9s to give a definite answer. Sometimes, they haven’t said no and they haven’t said yes too. In such a scenario, always assume that their answer is no.

Possible Careers Options for Enneagram Type 9

Here are some of the best career options according to their wings

9w8 Career Options

  • Counselor
  • Judge
  • Social worker
  • Mediator
  • Editor
  • Blogger
  • Psychologists

9w1 Career Options

  • Pharmacists
  • Nurse
  • Missionary
  • Counsel
  • Human Resource Manager

Worst Careers for Enneagram Type 9

  • Politicians (9w1)
  • Lawyers (9w1)
  • Stock Brokers
  • Solicitors
  • Morgue Workers

Famous Celebrities and Characters That Are Enneagram Type 9

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Barack Obama
  • Bill Clinton
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Walt Disney
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)
  • Harry Potter (From the Harry Potter Series)
  • Rue (Hunger Games)
  • Collins (The Bridgertons)

How Enneagram 9 Can Stay Healthy

  • Try to see conflict as self-development. Without conflict, your worst fears might actually come true; losing your loved ones.
  • Avoid numbing yourself to big issues. This will only make things worse.
  • Try not to be overly stubborn. Sometimes, advice and orders are for your own good.

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