ENTJ 1w9 (The Complete Guide)

ENTJ 1w9

ENTJs are a force to be reckoned with. Often considered to be one of the alphas of the MBTIverse, it’s no wonder they attract some attention. When compared with the enneagram of personality, some of them might identify as the ENTJ 1w9.

This article will focus on the ENTJ 1w9 and what you can expect from them.

Who is the ENTJ 1w9?

ENTJ 1w9s are people with pretty high standards. The ambitious and innovative nature of the ENTJ combines beautifully with type 1’s need for perfection and organization.

Thus, what you get is a well-drilled person who knows exactly what can make them stand out. However, type 1 is more of an ethically upright person, while ENTJs are more non-conventional. This creates a struggle in this personality type that might not be visible on the surface.

The presence of type 1 and type 9 changes some of the traits of the ENTJ as we shall soon see.

ENTJ 1w9 are more likely to be ENTJ-A than ENTJ-T. However, if their wing is strong, they can be turbulent.

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What is the Core Desire of the ENTJ 1w9?

The core desire of the ENTJ 1w9 is to be good and to be seen as good. To achieve this, they make sure that their goals and ambitions are always seen as good.

What is the Core Fear of the ENTJ 1w9?

The core fear of the ENTJ 1w9 is to be seen as corrupt. To avoid this, they try to be the perfect person. In their view, this is the best way to be seen as good.

How the 1w9 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the ENTJ 1w9

1.   More Ethical

The first clear change is rooted in their core desire. ENTJ 1w9s will be more ethical and morally inclined. They will look to do the right thing always.

This is probably because their introverted feeling (Fi) function is more developed. Thus, they have more sensitive personal values. Because they are ENTJs, they will try to assert those beliefs.

However, if their wing is strong, their level of assertiveness will be reduced.

2.   Perfectionist

ENTJs are very innovative. However, being a type 1 adds a different dimension to them. They become more perfectionistic. They will have high standards and want to stick to them.

The big pro here is that their innovative ideas now have a much higher chance of succeeding. Backed by their extroverted thinking (Te) function, they can dissect any issues and solve them almost perfectly.

However, if their wing is strong, their high standards might suffer.

3.   Visionary+Detail-Oriented

ENTJs are intuitive. Thus, they love the big picture and how they can tweak it to their advantage. ENTJ 1w9s will be a bit different.

While they are still visionaries, they will also be more detail-oriented. However, if they have a strong wing, their detail-oriented nature might end up being frustrating.

Having the urge to be detail-oriented but not able to pull it off can be sad.

4.   More Diplomatic

This is mainly because of having type 9 as their wing. ENTJ 1w9s can see the perspectives of others more clearly. This allows them to soften their stance wherever possible.

However, this is only pronounced when their wing is strong. Because of this change, ENTJ 1w9s are more tactful than typical ENTJs.

5.   Concerned About Justice

This correlates with their need to do the right thing. This personality type will pay more attention to injustice and how to stop it. Because of this passion, they might be drawn to career paths such as law and activism.

This might also make them more outspoken.

New Weaknesses of the ENTJ 1w9

1.   Self-Critical

Despite doing their utmost to be seen as good, ENTJ 1w9s will still be very doubtful of themselves. They will doubt their abilities and might even lose their self-confidence.

This will make them self-critical about themselves. This ties in perfectly with type 1’s habit of internalizing anger. ENTJ 1w9s hold themselves to very high standards. These standards are often impossible to meet.

2.   Judgmental

With the development of their Fi comes the problem of criticizing others. ENTJ 1w9s have strong values and beliefs. They also believe that these values are right.

Type 1’s attitude towards other values that do not agree with theirs will be on display. Thus, ENTJ 1w9s will be judgmental about others. Because of their wing, they might not be too outspoken about their criticism.

However, make no mistake. It will be very present in their heads.

3.   More Complacent

Type 9 is known for being complacent. ENTJ 1w9s will have streaks of complacency. While this might seem detrimental, it might not be so bad. ENTJs have a crazy work ethic. Type 1s are always working to meet their high standards.

The introduction of type 9 as a wing allows them to take a breather. They can take breaks and actually enjoy the rewards of their efforts.

4.   A Tad Indecisive

This is another weakness that is associated with type 9s. They are always looking to keep the peace. So, they are wary of making any decisions that might cause disharmony.

This problem is present in the ENTJ 1w9s to a lesser degree. They might be indecisive if they perceive that their actions might cause a lot of conflicts.

However, their indecisiveness will never be as bad as a core type 9.

ENTJ 1w9 in the Workplace

ENTJs value creativity, tenacity, and structure in the workplace. They also want to be in managerial and leadership positions.

This is similar to the ENTJ 1w9s. However, their reasons might be different. This personality type will prefer to take the lead when it involves a good cause. This is different from typical ENTJs who love power and want to be at the top of their careers.

However, this doesn’t mean that ENTJ 1w9s won’t want to succeed. They will. This is just the type of position they will prefer.

To get the best out of the ENTJ 1w9, place them in roles that inspire them and require innovation.

Best Careers for the ENTJ 1w9

  • Lawyer
  • Activist
  • Ambassador
  • Diplomat
  • Clergy
  • Physician
  • Executive
  • Police officer
  • Diplomat
  • Mediator
  • Public health official
  • Compliance officer

Worst Careers for the ENTJ 1w9

  • Paralegal
  • Bartender
  • Mechanic
  • Electrician
  • Carpenter

Famous/Fictional Characters that are ENTJ 1w9

  • Vincenzo Cassano (Vincenzo)
  • Rizuna Ann (Alice in Wonderland)
  • The Darkling (Grishaverse)
  • Odin (Marvel)
  • Paul (Bible)
  • Claudia Tiedemann (Dark)
  • Tissaia de Vries (The Witcher)
  • The Blackfish (Game of Thrones)
  • Benjamin (Elite)
  • Neil Melendez (The Good Doctor)

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