ENTJ 3w2 (The Complete Guide)

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ENTJs are now the rarest personality type in the world. When compared with the enneagram, some identify as ENTJ 3w2.

Here, we look at who the ENTJ 3w2 is and what to expect from them.

Who is the ENTJ 3w2?

ENTJ 3w2s are ambitious people with streaks of generosity. They are straight talkers with a lot of charisma.

Their wing allows them to have a more significant influence on people’s lives.

Type 3 is a reasonably common enneagram type for the ENTJ. However, the presence of type 2 as a wing will distort some of the typical traits of the ENTJ, as we shall soon see.

ENTJ 3w2s are more likely to be ENTJ-A. However, they can also be turbulent. You can click that link to learn more about the Enneagram 3w2.

What is the Core Desire of the ENTJ 3w2?

The core desire of the ENTJ 3w2 is to be successful and appear successful. They want the recognition and glamour that comes with being successful.

To achieve this, they work very hard to achieve their goals. Their work ethic is next to none.

What is the Core Fear of the ENTJ 3w2?

The core fear of the ENTJ 3w2 is to be a failure and to appear as a failure. Thus, ENTJ 3w2s are usually core believers of the saying “fake it until you make it.”

They can exaggerate their wealth or success if they are not as successful.

How the 3w2 Changes Some of the Natural Tendencies of the ENTJ

1.   More Helpful

ENTJ 3w2s are very helpful and generous, which is down to their wing. Type 2 wants to feel useful or practical to others.

Thus, this personality type will give their time and resources to help others. Because they are ENTJs, their help might be financially or socially inclined.

This is different from the ENFJ 3w2, who are more likely to render help through teaching.

2.   More Extroverted

ENTJs are introverted extroverts. This means while they get their energy from external interaction, they also enjoy their alone time.

This is a bit different from the ENTJ 3w2. They will be more outwardly extroverted. They have to be because they use their interactions with others to climb the success ladder.

They need to interact and charm people, and being introverted makes it more challenging. Plus, their wing is also a cheerful type.

3.   More People-Oriented

ENTJs use introverted feeling (Fi) when dealing with others. This means they are more concerned with their internal value system. With ENTJ 3w2, things are a bit different.

While this function still exists, ENTJ 3w2 is more people-oriented. They are concerned about what people think about them, their gestures, and much more.

They are also more likely to give weight to people’s opinions.

4.   More Sensitive

ENTJs are thinkers. So, they often struggle with understanding emotions. However, part of the ENTJ 3w2’s skillset is understanding how people react to issues and situations.

So, they understand how emotions can play a role and use it to their advantage. Because they have type 2 as their wing, they are also sensitive to people’s opinions about them.

While this is true, they are still not feelers.

5.   Better Networking Skills

As earlier stated, their networking skills are top-notch. ENTJ 3w2s are concerned about success. Unlike the ENTJ 8w7, who uses sheer willpower to succeed, this personality type prefers charm, deceit, and soft power.

Thus, networking with others is the ideal way for them to gain power and influence. Buoyed by their impeccable logic, they execute it to devastating effect.

6.   More Competitive

Type 3s are incredibly competitive, and It’s no surprise that’s also present with ENTJ 3w2s. They want to win every time. For them, being second is a failure and should not be celebrated.

However, if they do fail, they know how to make failure look good. Being competitive is ingrained in them.

They can’t help it.

New Weaknesses of the ENTJ 3w2

1.   Manipulative

Just like type 3, type 2 wants some recognition. However, this time, they want credit for their help. Similarly, ENTJ 3w2s want recognition for two things.

First, they want recognition for their achievements. They also want recognition for their help. When this doesn’t come, the ENTJ 3w2 can become cranky and manipulative.

They will try to fish out the recognition themselves. In some situations, they can even become resentful.

2.   Excessively Concerned About Their Self-Image

ENTJ 3w2s live or die on their self-image. This includes their external appearance. It’s not surprising that this personality type usually has a good fashion sense.

Because of this, they can do anything to preserve their self-image even when it negatively affects those they love.

3.   The Need for External Validation

Type 3s need people to recognize their efforts before they can be convinced of their success. If this recognition doesn’t come, then it’s not really a success for them.

This external validation can become a problem for the ENTJ 3w2. If they are not recognized for their effort, it can make them depressed or take a toll on their self-confidence.

4.   Reduced Time for Friends and Family

With all the networking and goals, ENTJ 3w2s can quickly lose their work-life balance. They might spend so much time with people they don’t really like and neglect those they love.

This can put a strain on their personal life. In worst-case scenarios, they might no longer have a clear picture of their identity.

ENTJ 3w2 and Handling Money

Type 3s are highly motivated by money. Money is a sign of success and can buy you things that scream success. They also need money to live up to their achievements.

So you bet that ENTJ 3w2s will know how to make money. However, managing the money will be difficult. While ENTJs are better handlers of money, there’s always the temptation of spending impulsively.

This personality type might also spend their budget on unnecessary things. The good thing is that they usually have enough income to handle their excesses.

ENTJ 3w2 in the Workplace

ENTJs are drawn to innovative career paths. They love to solve difficult problems and find new ways of doing things. ENTJs also make very good leaders that inspire people to new heights.

ENTJ 3w2s are similar. They are born leaders who understand the work environment. Because of their wing, they are usually helpful and charming as leaders. ENTJ 3w2 wants a job that gives them the feeling of success. They also want to earn a lot.

To get the best out of the ENTJ 3w2, give them a role that offers innovation and growth opportunities.

Best Careers for the ENTJ 3w2

  • Entrepreneur
  • Top Executive
  • HR manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Attorney
  • Psychologist
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Sociologist
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacist
  • Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Software Engineer

Worst Careers for the ENTJ 3w2

  • Cosmetologist
  • Dental Assistant
  • Bill collector
  • Teacher aide
  • Bartender
  • Receptionist

Famous/Fictional/Anime Characters that are ENTJ 3w2

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Miyuki Shirogane
  • Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Jude Duarte (The Folk of the air)
  • Louis Bloom (Nightcrawler)
  • Hope Haddon (Sex Education)
  • Emmanuel Macron
  • Bernadette Rostenkowski
  • Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
  • Addison Montgomery (Grey Anatomy)
  • Howard Hamlin (Better call Saul)
  • Felice (Young Royals)
  • Elizabeth Warren

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