ENTJ 4w3 (The Complete Guide)

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ENTJ 4w3s differ from everything you know about ENTJs. This is what makes them attractive. Want to know more about the ENTJ 4w3?

This article discusses who ENTJ 4w3s are and what you can expect of them.

Who is the ENTJ 4w3?

ENTJ 4w3s are independent people with a touch of ambition. They strive to do things on their terms and are often reserved. Because of their wing, they retain the drive of typical ENTJs.

Type 4 is a rare enneagram type for ENTJs. ENTJs are typically type 8, 1, or 9. Thus, the presence of type 4 changes many traits of the typical ENTJ.

ENTJ 4w3s are usually slightly more turbulent than assertive.

What is the Core Desire of the ENTJ 4w3?

The core desire of the ENTJ 4w3 is to be different. They want to stand out because of their skill and achievements. Being bang average is a nightmare.

What is the Core Fear of the ENTJ 4w3?

The core fear of the ENTJ 4w3 is to be seen as average or ordinary. They don’t want to be invisible in the crowd, nor do they want to follow the crowd.

Their uniqueness is important.

How the 4w3 Changes Some of the Natural Tendencies of the ENTJ

1.   More Creative

ENTJs are creative. However, what they can do doesn’t come close to ENTJ 4w3s. This personality type is super creative. They are usually good at writing, playing instruments, drawing, or other creative skills.

The big pro is that they also retain the ENTJ’s problem-solving skills. It’s the best of both worlds.

2.   More Introverted

ENTJs are introverted extroverts. ENTJ 4w3s are even closer to being introverts. Type 4 are usually introverts. Thus, the combined effect means ENTJ 4w3s find comfort in being alone.

They might also feel energized from both being alone and hanging out. This trait also allows them to enjoy conversations with both introverts and extroverts.

3.   More Romantic

ENTJs are thinkers. So, romantic is not really the word we’ll use to describe them. Things are different with ENTJ 4w3s.

They are generally more romantic. Because of their logic, they find even better ways to express their feelings.

It’s perfectly balanced.

4.   More Empathetic

This follows the last point. The presence of type 4 enhances their feeling function. ENTJ 4w3s are more empathetic to people’s sufferings.

This empathy leads to other changes. ENTJ 4w3s are more tactful in their dealings with others. While this is true, their speech and attitude will still scream independence.

It also does not make them people-pleasers. Not in the least.

5.   Better Work-Life Balance

ENTJs are notorious for their work ethic. Most of them might be workaholics. Not this ENTJ. ENTJ 4w3s are balanced workers. They do just enough to achieve their goals. Because they are also concerned about themselves, they are less competitive.

This leads to a better work-life balance. The biggest winners are their loved ones and their health.

6.   Enhanced Fi

ENTJs use Fi as their inferior function. So they don’t focus on it as much. This is different with ENTJ 4w3. Their Fi is more enhanced. Their independence and uniqueness are center-stage because it’s part of their values.

It also explains their increased empathy.

New Weaknesses of the ENTJ 4w3

1.   More Sensitive

While awareness of their emotions leads to empathy, it also causes other issues. ENTJ 4w3s become more sensitive to constructive feedback and other criticisms.

This reduces how fast they improve and can be a problem in relationships. While this is true, ENTJ 4w3s are still ENTJs.

So, it won’t be as bad as a feeler.

2.   Less Energy

One of the reasons for their work-life balance is that ENTJ 4w3 doesn’t have enough energy.

Type 4 loves to stay in their heads. Their imaginations and creativity can keep them ticking for days.

ENTJ 4w3s face a struggle between staying in their heads or being action-oriented. This makes them more complacent and less disciplined when compared to typical ENTJs.

However, in reality, it’s still at a very high-efficiency level.

3.   The Lure of Validation

As stated earlier, Type 4s want to be different. So, validation matters less to them. Type 3, on the other hand, wants a lot of validation.

This becomes a real struggle if their wing is strong. ENTJ 4w3s might appear contradictory because of this struggle.

The extent to which this applies depends on the strength of their wing.

4.   Self-Absorbed

One of the biggest problems of type 4 is being self-absorbed. This trait is also present in ENTJ 4w3s.

There’s a tendency to think of only themselves. Their thoughts might change depending on their current circumstances.

For example, if things are especially tough, they might feel cursed or that no one has it worst than them. If things are going well, they might feel special or different.

Either way, there’s a real danger of becoming self-centered.

5.   A Bit More Idealistic

Being idealistic is not necessarily a bad thing. However, ENTJs are natural realists. The presence of any form of idealism brings with it a bit of confusion.

Thus, ENTJ 4w3s might not exert themselves as well as a typical ENTJ. They might feel torn between what the world is and what it ought to be.

This can affect how they view their careers and relationships.

ENTJ 4w3 in the Workplace

ENTJs are great at managing people and businesses. Innovation and problem-solving are at the forefront of whatever they do.

ENTJ 4w3s are slightly different. This personality type values creativity. While they are also good leaders, they emphasize their independence more. Becoming CEOs of big companies ties them down and has less appeal.

Ensure their role gives them freedom and creativity. If it comes with career progression, even better!

Best Careers for the ENTJ 4w3

  • Freelancer
  • Writer
  • Economist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Attorney
  • Blogger
  • Software Engineer
  • HR Manager
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist

Worst Careers for the ENTJ 4w3

  • Receptionist
  • Compliance Officer
  • Paralegal
  • Secretary
  • Data Entry Clerk

Famous People/Fictional/Anime Character that Might Be ENTJ 4w3

  • Cruella de Vil (Cruella)
  • Lago (Othello)
  • Suigintou (Rozen Maiden)
  • Jealousy (The Amazing World of Gumball)
  • Raina (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)
  • Shonda Rhimes
  • Sarah (Your Boyfriend)
  • Dam Ryeong (Legend of the Blue Sea)

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