ENTJ 8w7- Here’s What You Can Expect


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ENTJs are the bosses of the MBTI typology. They are smart, creative, and reliable. When compared to the enneagram of personality, they usually identify as type 3 or type 8. Here, we’ll talk about the ENTJ 8w7.

So, what can you expect from an ENTJ 8w7?

What are ENTJ 8w7s Like?

ENTJ correlates perfectly with the 8w7 personality. One of the reasons for this is their extroverted thinking (Te) function.

You can expect ENTJ 8w7s to be quite aggressive and entrepreneurial. They face challenges head-on and are often successful at what they do.

This type is quite confident in themselves and can achieve most things they want.

However, the presence of type 7 as a wing alters some of the personality traits of ENTJs.

What is the Core Desire of the ENTJ 8w7?

The core desire of the ENTJ 8w7 is to have control or power. They do not just seek independence from people. They want to be in control of their life, business, and people around them.

To achieve this, ENTJ 8w7 will try to gather tools of power. This might be wealth or anything peculiar to their background or circumstances.

What is the Core Fear of the ENTJ 8w7?

The core fear of the ENTJ 8w7 is to be controlled or manipulated. They do not want to be dependent on others or controlled.

To avoid this, ENTJ 8w7s strive to always be in power. They also avoid getting into debts or owing people a lot of favors. To this personality type, remaining in the driving seat remains imperative.

How the 8w7 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the ENTJ 8w7

1.      More outwardly Determined

ENTJs are very determined people. However, the 8w7 will take this to another level. Entj 8w7s will approach their goals with gusto and attack them aggressively.

They usually will not stop even when they are faced with challenges. They have just the right amount of willpower to power through any obstacles they might face.

2.      Buzzing with Ideas

Type 7 is known for their endless ideas and spontaneous attitude. This will be present in an ENTJ 8w7. They will have innovative ideas and will look to put them to use.

Because they are type 8s and ENTJ, this personality type will realistically consider their options before implementing their thoughts.

This will increase the likelihood of them succeeding.

3.      Work Hard, Play Hard

ENTJs are chronic workaholics. They spend a lot of time at work and will hardly take a rest. However, the ENTJ 8w7 comes with a twist.

This personality type will play just as hard as they work. So, expect long work hours and long partying hours.

While this will give them the best of both worlds, it will also have an impact on their health.

4.      More Charismatic

ENTJ 8w7s are much more charismatic than other ENTJs. This is all thanks to their wing. They can charm and woo people. People often seem to like this personality type.

They might also be inspiring leaders that people follow to the ends of the earth. They just have an aura around them that is quite telling.

5.      Less Uptight

Type 7 likes to have a lot of fun. They are free spirits and can be the life of the party. We see some traits of this type in the ENTJ 8w7.

When relaxed and healthy, they can be free as a bird and quite generous. Usually, these are the best times for those close to them. There is less tension and everyone’s happy.

The extent to which this happens usually depends on the strength of their wings.

6.      Extremely Driven

ENTJ 8w7s might be loud. However, they have the drive to back it all up. They are reliable and efficient at what they choose to do. Their drive increases their odds of having good finances and revenue over time.

This makes their ride to the top pretty much inevitable. However, this is dependent on if the ENTJ 8w7 can become mature and stay healthy.

New Weaknesses of the ENTJ 8w7

1.      Prone to Anger

If there’s something you are going to notice early on, it’s the ENTJ 8w7’s anger. They’ve got quite a temper. Thus, expect the anger to come quick and hot.

The only benefit here is that the anger goes as quickly as it comes. While this is true, it can do a lot of damage in that short period.

To get the best out of themselves, ENTJ 8w7s need to have some control over expressing their anger. This is especially important when they are around feeler types.

2.      Too Confrontational

There’s a time to be confrontational and there’s a time for diplomacy. Well, try telling that to the ENTJ 8w7. They have just one method of doing things. That’s being confrontational.

This can have bad or negative consequences. People will find them intimidating. Thus, it might be hard to form really good connections with people.

In extreme situations, ENTJ 8w7 can lose out on opportunities or may have bad public relations because of this trait.

They need to find a balance when dealing with others.

3.      Prone to Arrogance

ENTJ 8w7s are good at what they do. There’s simply no doubt about that. They also know this too. They probably also know that they are capable of overcoming some of the toughest issues around.

This can lead to pride and arrogance. Thus, ENTJ 8w7s might think they answer to no one or might not know when to stop.

This can place a strain on their relationship with others.

4.      Too Blunt

ENTJ 8w7s are quite insensitive. They are blunt and very straightforward. This can leave unforgivable scars on people who actually look up to them.

This is something they have to keep in mind when dealing with others.

ENTP 8w7 vs ENTJ 8w7

Wondering if you are an ENTJ 8w7 or ENTJ 8w7? Here are some of their most common differences.

ENTP 8w7ENTJ 8w7
More concerned about being free and independent to make their own choicesMore concerned about being in control of their environment
More ArgumentativeMore Controlling
More likely to be self-employedMore likely to run a company
More DiplomaticMore Confrontational

Here’s a link to an in-depth description of the ENTJ 8w7.

ENTJ 8w7 and Career Options

ENTJs are great at management and organizing people. ENTJ 8w7s are no different. They have a certain flair for running their business and being part of management.

They are creative and can work pretty well in a structure. Their innovative ideas and good work ethic will make them stand out pretty quickly.

To get the best out of the ENTJ 8w7, make sure you place them in roles that offer creativity and the chance to grow.

Best Careers for ENTJ 8w7

  • Lawyer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Executive
  • CEO
  • Director
  • HR Manager
  • Politician
  • Influencer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Compliance Officer
  • Military Officer

Worse Careers for ENTJ 8w7

  • Paralegal
  • Secretary
  • Administrative Staff
  • Receptionist
  • Social Worker
  • Missionary
  • Counselor

Fictional Characters that are ENTJ 8w7

  • Harvey Specter (Suits)
  • Hobbs (Fast and Furious)
  • Nick Fury (The Avengers)
  • Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter)
  • Bane (The Dark Knight Rises)
  • Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)
  • Christian Grey (50 shades of Grey)
  • Irene Adler (Sherlock)


  1. What are the odds of myself and my sister both being an ENTJ-A 8w7 and her son is an ENFP-A 8w7. Is the ENTJ-A 8w7 as rare as it seems. I know I only found 1 person that knows what he is on Quora but he was born in the “Google era” so I can see how access to unlimited knowledge Scary! Not in the feeling way for myself but for the world! I feel fear is a choice and luckily My path didn’t yield biological children so I don’t really have the whole protect the thing most dear to me FEAR! I would do anything to protect my employees, my business partner and their families as well as my Wife and her families. I have alot more people to help find where they are going and in return they will take me where I wanna go! I actually just learned 2 weeks ago what my MBTI and ennergram results meant! I know my grammar and punctuation are off. I’m actually seeing patterns in key words and always have watched people and their reactions. By my guesstimate I usually retain roughly 80-83 % but that is very circumstancle. Anyways just getting out a few things and I learned it is healthy sometimes!


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