ENTJ Girlfriend- Ready for Some Vulnerability

ENTJ girlfriend

ENTJ females stand out for good and sometimes uncomfortable reasons. So, having an ENTJ girlfriend can be one heck of a ride. Want to hear about it?

This article discusses what to expect in a relationship with an ENTJ female.

How Does Dating an ENTJ Lady Feel?

Dating an ENTJ lady is a surreal experience. They are fiercely independent and usually have a strong desire to succeed. This trait will have a profound effect on your relationship.

If you’re dating an ENTJ lady, you are going to see a side of her that’s hidden from the world. ENTJ females command commitment, loyalty, and dedication in their relationships. Because they often have clear goals, they usually know exactly what they want in a relationship.

While reading this article, remember that no two ENTJs are the same. Every person is influenced by other external factors, such as their background. Discuss your partner’s concerns or desires with them using this article as a guide.

What to Expect in a Relationship With an ENTJ Girlfriend

1.   Communication Style

ENTJ females have a direct style of communicating. They say things how they are and don’t shy away from confrontations. This is true of even ENTJ-Ts. So, expect a lot of that in your relationships.

This can be a problem if you’re not used to this form of communication or if you’re a type 9. This might make you feel on the edge on most days.

2.   Drive and Ambition

The typical ENTJ female has a lot of ambition. They’ll enter a male-dominated career path and absolutely crush it seamlessly. Their drive is raw and intense.

If you have an ENTJ girlfriend, you probably noticed her drive already. They need to keep that drive to be happy. It fulfills a need that no relationship can fill.

So, no matter what you do, don’t try to crush it.

3.   Love Languages

This refers to how they prefer to receive and give love. Most ENTJs have quality time, physical touch, and words of affirmation as their top 3 languages in that order.

So, try to spend time with your ENTJ girlfriend. She’s going to make you her priority by giving you her time. So, make it worth her while.

Don’t be afraid to be intimate if this is an accepted part of your relationship. Physical touch is ENTJ’s default way of flirting.

4.   Mental Stimulation

ENTJs enjoy a good conversation. ENTJ females usually want their partners to be in the same mental space as them. This includes intellectual or even spiritual spaces.

Doing this strengthens the relationship and keeps them happy.

5.   Punctuality, Good Hygiene, and Everything Nice

Most ENTJs are type 3 or type 8. So, they place a lot of emphasis on appearance. Your ENTJ girlfriend sees you as an extension of herself. So, she’ll expect you to take these things seriously.

Punctuality and good hygiene are super important to them. If you have a fashion style, even better. Now, this does not mean you have to be obsessed with your looks. Just care about it a bit more.

6.   Space

As mentioned earlier, ENTJ females usually have a lot going on. They’re going to need space to pursue these things. Now, here’s the thing. The need for space doesn’t make them any less clingy. They just plan their time carefully.

ENTJ girlfriends are territorial and possessive clinginess comes with it. There’s no escaping it.

7.   Dedication

ENTJ females go hard in their relationships. They’re picky and know exactly what they want in a relationship. So, when they choose you or vice versa, you can be sure they’ll give it their best.

This is especially true if they are type 8s. They’ll give everything they can to make the relationship work.

Getting the Best Out of the Relationship

1.   Establish Communication Rules

You have to set clear communication rules in the relationship. This is especially important if you’re more emotional. Make it clear that you prefer tactful, calm conversations when there’s an issue.

Also, let them know how their words affect you. If they want the relationship, they’ll find a way to make things work. Of course, a compromise is needed from both sides for any relationship to work.

2.   Just Be Upfront

Don’t beat around the bush with your ENTJ girlfriend. Just tell her how you feel in clear terms. This will let her know where you stand and allow her to make needed changes.

Trust me, her respect for you will only grow.

3.   Focus on Self-Development

Your ENTJ girlfriend will keep on growing and focusing on her self-development. You should do the same. Focus on what makes you happy and strive. This could be your career, a new business, or something else.

Just ensure that the relationship is not the only thing happening in your life.

4.   Match Their Intensity

From the bedroom to their daily routines, ENTJ females are intense people. Life is a war that needs to be won. You need to match their intensity without competing with them. Become their true partners in crime and watch your relationship blossom in ways you didn’t think was possible.

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