ENTJ memes- 40 Of The Very Best

ENTJ Memes

ENTJ are often called the commanders of the MBTI types. They are known for their bluntness and ability to make tough decisions. This type is often called the alpha of the MBTI. We love the ENTJ. So, we have decided to give you 40 of the best ENTJ memes we could find.

So here are 40 of the very best.

40 ENTJ Memes that All ENTJs Can Relate to

1. ENTJ Makes the Rules

ENTJs are non-conformists. This means that they find it hard to obey rules and traditions. Instead, the ENTJ loves to make the rules. For some people, they are the rules.


3. ENTJs and Problem Solving

ENTJs are into problem solving. This means that ENTJs are likely to help you find solutions for some of the issues you face. If you are telling them your problems for comfort, then think again.

4. ENTJ Memes

5. ENTJ Memes- Insensitive Issues

ENTJ are quite insensitive. However, this is far from intentional. Most times, the ENTJ is simply saying what they are thinking. This can be a big problem.

6. ENTJs Are Very Logical

ENTJs are very logic. Because of this, they are going to approach all situations in life from a logical standpoint. They might find it a problem to properly understand other people’s emotions.

7. ENTJ Memes

8. ENTJs Crave Control

ENTJs like to be in control of their lives. It’s not surprising then that ENTJs will usually type as enneagram 8. They simply want to have a firm grip on the events in their life.

9. ENTJ Memes

10. ENTJs Can Be Intimidating

ENTJs can seem very bossy and intimidating. This can make their spouse or partner feel inferior to them.

11. ENTJs Are One of the Highest Income Earners

ENTJs are one of the highest income earners in the world. This makes sense as ENTJs are often out to conquer the world. ENTJs will always have a master plan up their sleeves.

12. ENTJ Memes- Soft Core

Behind their tough exterior beats a very soft heart. ENTJs want to find love and love. This might seem hard to believe especially if you have seen the ENTJ in action.

13. ENTJ Memes

14. ENTJ Memes

15. ENTJs are The Top Dogs

ENTJs are the top dogs of the MBTI. They are going to dominate any careers they set their minds too. Usually, they don’t do well when they work for others.

16. ENTJ Memes





21. ESTJ and ENTJ Are Born Leaders

ENTJs and ESTJs find it very easy to step into leadership roles. This could be because of their ability to manage businesses and people better.

22. ENTJ Memes

23. ENTP and ISFP Are Worlds Apart

The completely opposite of the ENTJ are the ISFP. Chances are that you might never see an ENTJ and ISFP get along. It’s just wasn’t made to work out.

24. Work Hard, Party Hard is the ENTJ’s Motto

ENTJs are known for the amazing work ethic. When it’s time to pull a shift, you can always rely on the ENTJs.

After work, expect this type to also party just as hard. There is no in between for the ENTJs. The same applies to the ESTJs



27. ENTJs are really Passionate

ENTJs are really passionate about what they love. This includes movies. So, you can expect the ENTJ to do this when it comes to their favorite movie.


29. ENTJs Work Ethic is unmatched

The difference between the ENTJ and the rest is their work ethic. They can put in the work when its needed. Other personality types just cannot meet their standards.

30. ENTJ Memes- They Want a Legacy

The ENTJ is interested in leaving behind an empire or a legacy for their children and loved ones. It’s also a sign of power for them.

31. ENTJs Are Incredibly Blunt

If you ever want to recognize an ENTJ, you just have to watch out for their bluntness. They will tell you things just as they are. While others might think this as rude, they are simply telling you their truth.

32. ENTJ Memes

33. ENTJ Memes




37. ENTJ Have A God Complex

ENTJs have plans all mapped out. They have a God complex which keeps them craving power.


39. Emotions Don’t Matter to the 4 Brothers

ENTPs, ENTJs, INTJs and INTPs simply do not like emotions. They try their best to avoid it at all costs.


ENTJs can leave you inspired or leave you frustrated. It all depends on who you are to them.

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