ENTP 4w5 (The Complete Guide)

ENTP 4w5

Did you ever think a sensitive ENTP can exist? Well, whatever your thoughts were, the ENTP 4w5 defies all expectations.

Here, we’ll talk more about who the ENTP 4w5 is and what you can expect of them.

Who is the ENTP 4w5?

ENTP 4w5s are creative and imaginative people. They have a rich world in their head and come alive when their passions are being discussed. Because of their wing, they are also very analytical.

Type 4 is a very rare type for ENTPs. So, a lot of their typical traits have been distorted as we shall soon see. However, the presence of type 5 helps them retain a semblance of the typical ENTP.

It might be worth checking if you identify with the ENFP 4w5 just to ensure you are not mistyped.

ENTP 4w5s have an equal chance of being assertive and turbulent.

What is the Core Desire of the ENTP 4w5?

The core desire of the ENTP 4w5 is to be unique. They also yearn to be independent. To achieve this, they use their wing to gather information and then express this information creatively.

Information here extends to fashion sense, music, research, and the arts.

What is the Core Fear of the ENTP 4w5?

The core fear of the ENTP 4w5 is to be ordinary or a burden. They are on a unique quest for self-identity. To achieve this, they need to be independent.

They also do not like following the crowd. That explains their MBTI and enneagram combination if you know what I mean.

How the 4w5 Changes Some of the Natural Tendencies of the ENTP

1.   More Sensitive

ENTPs are anything but sensitive. They love triggering people. They are the devil’s advocate after all. However, things are a lot different with ENTP 4w5s.

They are more sensitive. Their emotions are well and truly alive. This also means they take criticisms personally.

While this is true, it won’t be as bad as a core feeler. ENTP 4w5s will move on quickly when given the chance to rationalize the criticism. They are a lot like INFJ 5w4 in this aspect.

2.   Less Argumentative

As earlier stated, ENTPs are the devil’s advocate. They love arguing and ripping traditional ideas apart.

ENTP 4w5s are different. While they can argue, it’s not impulsive. This personality type is more interested in conserving their energy. They only engage when it’s something important to them.

When they do, they can go all the way.

3.   Much More Emotional

This follows the point of sensitivity. ENTP 4w5s will be more emotional than your average ENTP. This is probably because of their enhanced extroverted feeling (Fe) function.

Thus, emotions will play a stronger role in their decisions. For example, emotions might reign supreme when it comes to their romantic life and careers.

4.   More Fashionable

ENTPs do not dress badly. However, most ENTPs with the exception of ENTP 3w4 and 3w2s prefer comfort over style.

ENTP 4w5s combine both traits. Their dressing oozes elegance, yet remains comfortable. They will be more fashionable than the typical ENTP.

5.   Less Assertive

The assertive side of the ENTP is reduced by the presence of type 4. They tend to reserve their opinions or generally speak less.

This personality type does this to conserve their social battery. This can also give them a different aura from typical ENTPs. It’s very easy to mistype them as ENFPs, INFPs, or INFJs.

6.   More Introverted

Type 4 and type 5 are introvert types. ENTPs are introverted extroverts. The result is a personality type who craves alone time. Backed by their desire to be independent, they avoid interactions when they can.

However, because of their Fe, they are still ambiverts.

New Weaknesses of the ENTP 4w5

1.   Fe Overpowering Ti Creates a Crisis

ENTPs proceed with Ne, Ti, Fe, and Si in that order. Because of type 4, Fe becomes stronger than Ti or on equal footing.

This becomes a problem. The process of understanding information will sometimes skip Ti and go straight to Fe.

So, you get someone that can be expressive without well-defined filters and who is also emotional.

ENTP 4w5s can say very hurtful things when upset because of this problem. Simply put, they can become very volatile when unhealthy.

2.   Self-Absorbed/Selfish

All type 4s battle with being self-absorbed and ENTP 4w5s are no different. This personality type feels unique or different.

So, they might feel they are especially favored when blessed or specially cursed when things go south.

This can keep them in their bubble. It can also make them appear selfish or disinterested in other people’s problems.

3.   Shame+Fear

Type 4 is in the shame triad while type 5 is the fear triad. Thus, ENTP 4w5s are cautious of how they are seen by others and can be quite fearful.

They are a walking personality of emotions.

4.   More Manipulative

The enhanced role that Fe plays means that ENTP 4w5s are more aware of people’s emotions and feelings.

It also means that this personality type listens more and can communicate better. This increases their ability to manipulate people. If the ENTP 4w5 ever becomes unhealthy, they can use this superpower in a terrible way.

ENTP 4w5 in the Workplace

ENTPs prefer a workplace that is flexible and gives them the chance to be creative. They are big advocates of remote work and love to try out different projects at once.

ENTP 4w5s are different. While they love working remotely, they simply don’t have the energy to be a jack of all trades. They prefer a career that gives them self-sufficiency and the freedom to be creative.

To get the best out of the ENTP 4w5, make sure their role gives them self-sufficiency.

Best Careers for the ENTP 4w5

  • Writer
  • Musician
  • Actor/Actress
  • Software Engineer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Economist
  • Professor
  • Researcher
  • Doctor
  • Psychologist
  • HR officer
  • Freelancer

Worse Careers for the ENTP 4w5

  • Judge
  • Entrepreneur
  • Executive
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Electrician

Fictional/Famous/Anime Characters that are ENTP 4w5

  • Isaac Goodwin (Sex education)
  • Osamu Dazai (Bungou Stray Dogs)
  • Loki (Marvel Comics)
  • Will Newman (Five Feet Apart)
  • Stephen Fry
  • Flik (A bug’s Life)
  • Mars Argo
  • Charly Garcia
  • Bartemius Crouch Jnr (Harry Potter)
  • Pablo Iglesias
  • Alex Ernst

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  1. I’m really glad there’s this about my type it’s really accurate. I’ve mistyped as ENFP 4w5 and ENTP 5w4 in the past but ENTP 4w5 sounds so accurate.


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