ENTP 6w5 (The Complete Guide)

ENTP 6w5

ENTPs are the debaters of the MBTIverse. When compared with the enneagram of personality, some identify as the ENTP 6w5.

Here, we’ll discuss who the ENTP 6w5 is and what you can expect of them.

What are ENTP 6w5s Like?

ENTP 6w5s are loyal and charming people. They are also big skeptics who find it hard to trust people. Because of their wing, they share a lot of traits with the typical ENTP.

However, the presence of type 6 distorts some of the traits of the ENTP. ENTP 6w5s are more likely to be ENTP-A.

Most ENTP 6w5s are counterphobic. This means they attack fearful situations instead of withdrawing or running away. Thus, ENTP 6w5 might mistype themselves as ENTP 8w7.

Can ENTP be 6w5s?

Yes, ENTP 6w5s do exist. The truth is that type 6 identifies strongly with all MBTI types. So, the ENTP 6w5 is perfectly normal.

In fact, the presence of type 5 allows this ENTP variant to retain their enhanced use of the introverted thinking function (Ti).

What is the Core Desire of the ENTP 6w5?

The core desire of the ENTP 6w5 is to be secure and safe. To achieve this, they try to be as cautious as possible. However, that’s not an easy task as an ENTP.

What is the Core Fear of the ENTP 6w5?

The core fear of the ENTP 6w5 is to be insecure or vulnerable. To prevent this, they use their wing’s tendency to gather knowledge and information.

In their view, knowledge keeps them safe and informed.

How the 6w5 Changes Some of the Natural Tendencies of the ENTP

1.   More Cautious

Type 6 is a very cautious type. So, it’s no surprise that the ENTP 6w5 inherits this trait. So, you can expect them to be wary about loopholes in ideas and discussions.

ENTP 6w5s are more likely to vote against a risky plan when the chips are down. Their inclination towards caution cuts across all aspects of their lives.

2.   More Realistic

ENTPs are not idealists. However, they often have big dreams and ideas. These ideas are often impractical or might never be acted on.

ENTP 6w5s are different. This personality type is more realistic with their ideas. This has some benefits. They are more likely to pick an idea that has a chance of succeeding.

The downside is that they lose the outside-the-box touch of the ENTP.

3.   Self-Discipline Goes Through The Roofs

ENTPs and discipline are not usually in the same sentence. However, with the ENTP 6w5s, things are a lot different.

ENTP 6w5s are a lot more disciplined. Here’s why. Type 6 understands that to remain alert, self-discipline and carefulness are essential. Type 5 understands that to be self-sufficient, the need to work hard and consistently is non-negotiable.

Thus, ENTP 6w5s are well aware of what they need to achieve or avoid. This is one of their greatest springboards.

4.   More Introverted

ENTPs are introverted extroverts. ENTP 6w5s are a lot more introverted. This personality type loves their alone time. They are also usually interested in some form of academics.

This could be research, personal reading, or something else. Regardless, ENTP 6w5s are still slightly extroverted.

5.   Undertakes Less Risky Adventures

Adventures excite the ENTP. ENTP 6w5 is no different. However, this personality type will normally engage in safer adventures.

However, expect something spontaneous from them occasionally. They are ENTPs, after all.

6.   Good at Emergencies

ENTPs are thinkers. Type 5 and 6 both belong in the thinking triad. Type 6 is also very worried about what could go wrong.

So, you have a personality type who can spot all the potential issues a mile away and can solve them logically.

This makes the ENTP 6w5 one of the best people to have around when there’s an emergency. They’ll know what to do.

New Weaknesses of the ENTP 6w5

1.   Distrustful

The problems associated with type 6 are bound to rear its head here. ENTP 6w5s will be very distrustful of others.

Their distrust is down to fear of being abandoned. Thus, they prepare their minds for that eventuality. Their distrust can affect their romantic relationships, careers, and other aspects of their lives.

2.   Anxiety Issues

Because the ENTP 6w5 is always thinking of what could go wrong, they are usually anxious people. They worry a lot about future events that have not occurred.

They also worry about their finances, friends, and family members. Because they are ENTPs, their anxiety issues might not be outwardly visible.

3.   Fear and Paranoia

Type 5 and type 6 access their emotions through fear. Thus, ENTP 6w5s are very fearful. Their fear causes other weaknesses such as anxiety and paranoia.

In extreme situations, their fear can lead to other mental health issues such as depression.

4.   Detached

Type 5 has issues with being detached from others. If their wing is strong, ENTP 6w5s will have this problem on a lower level.

This happens because they spend most of their time in their head or pursuing their hobbies. While this might be thrilling to them, it can make their loved ones feel disconnected from them.

As with most things, the key is finding a balance.

ENTP 6w5 and Handling Money

ENTPs are experts at making money but struggle to manage it effectively. Type 6 might not have the skills that the ENTP has, but they are great savers. Motivated by their desire to be secure, type 6s are very responsible with their finances.

Type 5 strives to be self-sufficient. They do not want to be a burden. Thus, they also pay close attention to their finances. So, the presence of type 5 and 6 balances out the ENTP’s financial mismanagement.

The ENTP 6w5 will be adept at managing their finances.

ENTP 6w5 in the Workplace

ENTPs value flexibility, creativity, and a bit of innovation in their careers. They want to have the freedom to think of new ideas. The ENTP 6w5s also have these needs. However, stability and security matter more to them.

Thus, the ENTP 6w5 might forfeit their other wants if security is guaranteed. Things get better if self-sufficiency is also promised.

ENTP 6w5s do not have a preference between traditional workplace or remote work. They can do both!

To get the best out of this personality type, make sure you offer them creativity and stability.

Best Careers for the ENTP 6w5

  • Professor
  • Medical researcher
  • Dentist
  • Writer
  • Attorney
  • Economist
  • Financial Manager

Worst Careers for the ENTP 6w5

  • Freelancer
  • Law enforcement
  • Bartender
  • Receptionist
  • Engineer

Fictional/Famous/Anime Characters that are ENTP 6w5

  • Baron Zeppeli (Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken)
  • Lucien (A court of thorns and roses)
  • CM Punk
  • Zoroark (Pokemon)
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  • Shin Tsukimi (Your turn to die)
  • Larry Daley (Night at the museum)
  • Old Joe (Breaking bad)
  • Will Treaty (Ranger’s Apprentice)
  • JJ McCullough
  • Daniel Greene

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