ENTP and INTJ Relationships- Bringing the Heat


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ENTP and INTJ relationships come with a lot of intrigues. You just need to do a search and you’ll see that one of the natural partners of the ENTP is the INTJ.

However, that’s being very simplistic. An ENTP and INTJ relationship will still have its own problems. In this article, we’ll talk all about this partnership and what you can expect.

Why They Might Be Attracted to Each Other

First, here’s why both personality types might be attracted to each other.

Why the ENTP Will Find the INTJ Attractive

1.    Naturally Smart

ENTPs are usually sapiosexuals. INTJs are too. When two mature people of both types meet, it’s an incredible feeling. ENTPs will feel amazed at the sheer brilliance of the INTJ.

They will feel like they have finally met an equal. That is one of the main reasons why ENTPs are attracted to INTJ. Their brains fall head over heels in love at first sight.

2.    Sarcasm

INTJs are masters of dark humor. The issue is that most people are usually not on the same wavelength. Enter ENTP.

ENTPs love the sarcasm of the INTJ. They also get it quicker than most people. So, things just flow naturally. INTJs will think the ENTP is cool. ENTPs will think the INTJ is even cooler.

3.    Great with Feedbacks

Many people struggle with constructive feedback. ENTPs are one of those types that don’t shy away from being blunt with their feedback.

Because the INTJ is a thinker, they can handle most criticisms or feedback. Thus, the conversation between both MBTI types is straightforward and clear.

That’s the dream of every ENTP.

4.    Amazing Conversations

This just follows the last point. Because of how easy it is to understand and get themselves, their conversations are usually amazing.

Also, remember that ENTP and INTJ are both intuitive. Thus, they both enjoy talking about abstract concepts.

The conversation will be seamless. That’s something every ENTP wants.

5.    Independence/Space

ENTP wants their space. They have so many projects and ideas. So, not giving them their space will leave them dissatisfied. When they notice INTJs need that space too, their minds will be blown.

Both types know when to give each other space. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

6.    Reliability

Most ENTPs are scattered and spontaneous. Thus, there’s a degree of unpredictability that comes with this type. INTJs are the opposite. They love structure and are very organized. This makes them reliable.

ENTPs will see them as a stable foundation. Their reliability is something that will surprise and appeal to them.

Why the INTJ Will Find the ENTP Attractive

1.    Creativity

INTJs will be attracted to the creativity of the ENTP. ENTPs are masters of thinking outside the box. Their solutions to problems will intrigue the INTJ.

They will enjoy the challenge that comes with working with the ENTP. The INTJ will be excited by the ideas of the ENTP. That’s something that doesn’t happen often.

2.    Entrepreneurial Nature

ENTPs are considered one of the ideal entrepreneur types. Their ability to formulate ideas quickly and get something started can be overwhelming. To an INTJ, it’s appealing.

The ability to start and manage their own businesses is a plus in their books.

3.    Naturally Smart

This is really the same for both types. They find each other’s brains attractive. Thus, they can spend hours trying to pick their brains. This is usually enhanced by the Ne and Ni combo.

It’s an incredible experience for INTJs.

4.    Limitless Curiosity

ENTPs are very curious. When they are fixated on something, they can spend hours learning everything they can about it.

This trait usually means more things to talk about. INTJs will find their curiosity enriching. This will also positively impact their discussions.

5.    Love for Shiny New Things

ENTPs love shiny new things. This does not only refer to tangible things. It also includes new adventures and experiments.

INTJs usually find the adventures of ENTPs memorable and thrilling. It opens them to a whole new world. The best part? It fits perfectly with the preferences of a typical INTJ.

Strengths of the Relationship

1.   Shared Love Languages

ENTP and INTJ relationships benefit from having similar love languages. Quality time and physical touch are among their top three languages.

This makes sense as both types see conversations as one of the highest forms of intimacy. Thus, ENTPs and INTJs should have no issues with quality time and other forms of physical intimacy.

2.   Communication Style

Another strength is their communication style. Both ENTP and INTJ communicate in a blunt and straightforward manner. Thus, issues will be confronted head-on, and solutions found easily.

They will also handle criticisms better and use them to improve their relationships. Both partners will understand what the other person needs and act accordingly.

There will be little or no misunderstanding between both types.

3.   Less Sensitivity

INTJ and ENTPs are both thinkers. This means they base their decisions on hard logic. While this might have its own issues, it has definite benefits too.

Both partners will be less sensitive to blunt words. Thus, there will be fewer issues with misunderstandings.

It’ll be seamless.

4.   Defined Roles

ENTP and INTJ relationships are clearly defined. ENTPs will take the lead in social events and gatherings. They will turn up the charm and do the heavy lifting in terms of networking.

INTJs will have the chance to save their energies and quietly convey their opinions to the ENTPs. Their defined roles will also extend to other things such as their finances and homes.

INTJs will most likely be in charge of their money and budgeting. They might also take the lead with organization and structure.

The defined roles will be automatic and make things easier.

5.   Shared Realism

ENTP and INTJ are largely realists. Thus, they face issues as they are, not what they ought to be. This helps them to realistically rate their relationships and progress. By doing this, they can make crucial changes when needed.

Do not mistake the ENTP’s habit of looking at the big picture as idealism. When the chips are down, ENTPs think outside the box to solve real problems.

This will greatly benefit their relationship with the INTJ.

Fundamental Problems in the ENTP and INTJ Relationship


1.   Energy Levels

INTJs are super introverts. ENTPs are introverted extroverts. Thus, the energy levels are different. If one or both types are not mature, this can lead to problems.

The INTJ will want some alone time. The ENTP might have social events to attend. The ENTP might want the INTJ to join them. They’ll refuse. The ENTP will insist. The INTJ, in explaining themselves, will lose the remaining energy they had to socialize.

They’ll shut down and the ENTP will be pissed. If not handled properly, it can slowly become a serious problem.

2.   Structure/Chaos

INTJs love a good structure. They are usually organized and tidy. ENTPs are the opposite. They like to keep their options open. This can translate to a disorganized space and chaotic planning. These are things that can leave the INTJ horrified.

The INTJ will complain. The ENTP will promise to improve. They won’t. The INTJ will think they are irresponsible. That could be the start of the end.

3.   Competitive Edge

ENTP and INTJ both have a competitive edge. This usually shows when they have different opinions about a concept or idea. Do you know what’s worse? They both strongly believe in their logic and argument.

While they might not be emotional about losing an argument, it can create a feeling of competitiveness. Sooner or later, conversations will become more about who’s right rather than exploring their minds.

4.   Unbalanced

Both types are blessed with intuition. They can rattle off the big ideas and discuss abstract concepts. However, because of this gift, they might also miss out on tiny details. In some circumstances, these details might be crucial.

Because both partners find it difficult to pick out the tiny details, this will be a struggle. Of course, if it’s an INTJ 1w2 or INTJ 1w9, this might not apply.

How To Make The ENTP and INTJ Relationship Work

Understand You’re Different

You are both different. This remains the truth even though you share so many things in common. So, when those differences start shining through, you have to accept them.

Accepting that your ENTP will never be as structured as you are or that your INTJ will never share the energy levels can be liberating.

Remember Why You Love the Conversations

When the conversations get a bit edgy and competitive, it’s easy to forget why you loved having conversations with your partner.

Suddenly, you’re more concerned about who’s right or has a superior intellect. It might be time to take a trip down memory lane.

Give Yourselves Time

Finally, every relationship takes time. So, make sure you give yourself lots of time to discover yourselves. With enough time, you’ll know a fair chunk of your partner. Who knows? You might even learn a thing or two about yourself.

The ENTP and INTJ relationships can be intense and mind-blowing. It just needs to be managed the right way.


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