ESFJ 3w4 (The Complete Guide)

ESFJ 3w4

If you’ve met an ESFJ, you’ll love their jovial nature. Most times, they’re also popular. When compared with the enneagram, some ESFJs identify as the ESFJ 3w4.

This article talks about ESFJ 3w4s and what you can expect from them.

Who is the ESFJ 3w4?

Popular and ambitious. ESFJ 3w4s combine these two traits perfectly. ESFJ 3w4s are charismatic and confident people. They know how to get and hold people’s attention.

Because of their wing, they’re also creative. They want to do things their way in their pursuit of success. ESFJ’s need to be kind and serve others also plays in their favor. They retain their ability to serve but with different intentions- networking or gaining favor.

Type 3 is a fairly common type for ESFJs. This is because type 3’s ability to adapt matches ESFJ’s use of the extroverted feeling (Fe) function. Nevertheless, as you shall soon see, their wing changes some of the ESFJ’s traits.

ESFJ 3w4s are more likely to be ESFJ-A than ESFJ-T. 

What is the Core Desire of the ESFJ 3w4?

The core desire of the ESFJ 3w4 is to be successful. They also want to look the part. This desire is heightened by their wing’s desire to be different.

Successful people stand out by default.

What is the Core Fear of the ESFJ 3w4?

The core fear of the ESFJ 3w4 is to be a failure or be average. To avoid this, they work hard to achieve their goals.

How the 3w4 Changes Some of the Natural Tendencies of the ESFJ

1.   More Ambitious

The natural inclination of type 3 is ambition. So, it’s not a surprise that ESFJ 3w2s are ambitious. This personality type wants to achieve great things and usually has the drive to pull it off.

Their ambition, combined with their judging function, allows them to plan effectively. If an ESFJ 3w4 has a plan or goal, you can be sure they’ll attack it with everything they got.

2.   More Creative

The presence of type 4 gives them a creativity boost. So, ESFJ 3w4s defy the sensor stereotype by being innovative.

Their creativity also makes them problem-solvers and natural troubleshooters. You’ll find working with them an incredible experience.

3.   Even More Adaptable

Type 3s bring more than ambition. They bring adaptability. This personality type understands that people have different values and opinions.

ESFJ 3w4s also recognize this fact and use it to their advantage. Thus, they can adapt to changing circumstances while remaining relevant.

Their adaptability makes them reliable and increases their popularity.

4.   Higher Work Ethic

As stated earlier, type 3 wants to be successful. Their ambition motivates them to work even harder. ESFJs are reliable and effective workers. However, ESFJ 3w4s take this to another level.

Because of their wing, their work ethic remains the same in a group or independently. They are always on the go.

5.   More Concerned About Their Appearances

ESFJs care a lot about their appearance. They want to be acceptable and dress appropriately. With ESFJ 3w4s, it goes beyond that.

While their appearance is crucial to the impression they want to give, it’s also a key to networking. For some ESFJ 3w4s, it can be the difference in their careers.

6.   More Emotionally Invested

ESFJ 3w4s take their careers seriously. Because of their wing, their careers are more than a springboard to success. They are also emotionally invested in them.

The joy and thrill they feel when they win go beyond their initial desire for success. It becomes personal.

The problem lies in when they fail. It can take a toll on their mental health.

New Weaknesses of the ESFJ 3w4

1.   Competitive Streak

Like most people who take success seriously, ESFJ 3w4s are very competitive. However, they often take things too far.

Their competitive nature makes it hard for them to relax and have fun. They also don’t take losses very well. In worst-case scenarios, they might retaliate with sarcasm when they lose.

Simply put, they’re sore losers.

2.   More Image-Conscious

The need to maintain or control how they are perceived can make ESFJ 3w4s too image-conscious. They might begin to put their image and reputation before anything else. This includes their loved ones.

This can strain their relationship with their support system when taken far enough.

3.   Insecurity Issues

Type 3 and type 4 might seem confident and independent on the surface. However, these are two types that are plagued by insecurity issues.

They have doubts about their abilities and strengths. This makes the ESFJ 3w4 a very anxious type. It can also make them a bit volatile. This is especially true when they are confronted with their insecurities.

4.   Need for External Validation

This follows the last point. Their insecurities usually need some affirmation. This affirmation comes from people’s recognition of their achievements.

ESFJ 3w4 needs this a lot. Most of their achievements are not really achievements without the plaudits. So, they depend on people’s approval, which helps them feel secure.

ESFJ 3w4 in the Workplace

ESFJs want a career that allows them to work alongside people. They derive joy in helping others and being the best version of themselves. ESFJs prefer working in a structured space with defined rules and responsibilities.

They might prefer working 9-5 as this bring them closer to others. ESFJ 3w4s are similar. This personality type wants a career that offers progression. They will also excel in leadership positions. Because of their wing, they bring something dynamic to the workplace or organization.

To get the best out of the ESFJ 3w4, ensure their role allows them to stand out.

Best Careers for the ESFJ 3w4

  • Writer
  • HR manager
  • Politician
  • Attorney
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Actor/Actress
  • Ambassador
  • Entrepreneur
  • Civil Engineer
  • Pilot

Worst Careers for the ESFJ 3w4

  • Editor
  • Economist
  • Bartender
  • Actuary
  • Farmer
  • Carpenter

Fictional/Famous/Anime Characters that Might Be ESFJ 3w4

  • Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)
  • Tiffany Young
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Erin Quinn (Derry Girls)
  • Josie McCoy (Riverdale)
  • Leigh-Anne Pinnock
  • Sutton Brady (The Bold Type)
  • Rebecca Black
  • Ahri (Harmonies: League of Legends)
  • Barbara Walters

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