ESFJ 8w9 (The Complete Guide)

ESFJ 8w9

ESFJs are often popular people. One of their super strengths is being adaptable no matter the situation. However, this is not always the case. ESFJs can be strong, a bit less sensitive, and more controlling. This is where the ESFJ 8w9 comes in.

This article discusses the ESFJ 8w9 and what you can expect from them.

Who is the ESFJ 8w9?

ESFJ 8w9s are determined people with a touch of calmness. This personality type is more nuanced and ambitious than typical ESFJs. They tend to find a balance between pleasing people and pursuing their interests.

Because of their wings, ESFJs know how to relax after a long day of work. With 8w9, ESFJs add a solid backbone to their typical traits. Type 8 is not a common type of the ESFJ, so there are some changes to the typical traits of the ESFJ.

ESFJ 8w9s are slightly more likely to be assertive.

What is the Core Desire of the ESFJ 8w9?

The core desire of the ESFJ 8w9 is to be in control of their lives. Ultimately, they want to make their own decisions.

This desire can also extend to their loved ones. They are fiercely protective and might react aggressively if they feel their friends are being bullied.

What is the Core Fear of the ESFJ 8w9?

The core fear of the ESFJ 8w9 is to be left vulnerable or betrayed. Thus, ESFJ 8w9 are continuously navigating their social world with their extroverted feeling function (Fe) and type 8’s instincts.

How the 8w9 Changes  the Natural Tendencies of the ESFJ

1.   Healthier Boundaries

ESFJs are the masters of selflessness. They can hardly say no when asked to take on more responsibilities. ESFJ 8w9s are different. They become less selfless.

This is a good thing because it allows them to focus on themselves. It also means they have healthier lives; mentally and physically.

ESFJ 8w9s can say no more often than typical ESFJs.

2.   Less Extroverted

ESFJs are super extroverts. ESFJ 8w9s are not for several reasons. Firstly, 8w9s are much more indecisive. Thus, their introverted thinking function is more involved. For example, ESFJ 8w9s will pause to think before thinking when they smell a conflict is brewing.

While this is true, ESFJ 8w9s are still ESFJs. So, they will forever be able to take center stage when they need to.

3.   Focus Shifts to the More Important Things

ESFJs have incredible focus. However, their focus is usually directed at people. ESFJ 8w9s are different. They tend to focus more on their loved ones and themselves.

This does not necessarily mean they don’t try to please others. They just have healthier boundaries, so it’s harder for people to manipulate and take advantage of them.

4.   Even More Family Oriented

This follows the last point. While ESFJs love their family, they are often distracted by other activities. ESFJ 8w9s are different.

They are more family-oriented. For example, they pay more attention to their family’s mood and gestures. This is different from other ESFJs, who are more likely to pay attention to strangers’ tones and moods.

5.   Tactful with an Edge

The benefit of being conscious of people’s intentions is the art of tact. ESFJs have mastered this art. They know how to say the right things at the right time. The problem is that they often look to compromise.

This is different with ESFJ 8w9s. They know how to say the right things while being tough negotiators, which makes them likable but intimidating.

6.   More Protective

The consequence of being more family-oriented is that they become protective. ESFJ 8w9s are often worried about people bullying their loved ones.

Their protectiveness can be perceived as overbearing by some, and it can also be surprising to people who have never seen it on display.

New Weaknesses of the ESFJ 8w9

1.   More Indecisive

As mentioned earlier, ESFJ 8w9s are often more indecisive. This is because type 9 (their wing) is often trying to avoid conflict.

Thus, ESFJ 8w9s are often torn in making crucial decisions. While their priority is their family and themselves, people’s emotions still matter.

Their hesitation can initially make them seem unreliable.

2.   Prone to Anger

Types 8 and 9 are both in the anger triad. This means that the first emotion they access is anger. So, ESFJ 8w9s are more like to raise their voice or confront problems with anger.

The presence of their wing also means they hardly forget and find it easy to build resentment. In other words, ESFJ 8w9s are very volatile people who tend to hide their anger behind facades.

3.   More Competitive

ESFJ 8w9s are more competitive than typical ESFJs. This is because they often are more obsessed with their goals. Their competitive streak can sometimes become too intense. While this is true, it usually does not lead to a strain in their personal relationship.

4.   Less Sensitive

ESFJs are feelers and along with the Fe function, they are sensitive to people’s needs. ESFJ 8w9s are different. They become less sensitive and might misinterpret people.

While I don’t believe this is a strength because it weakens the ESFJ’s strongest superpower, it can be useful during tough negotiations.

ESFJ 8w9 in Love/Compatibility

Are you dating or married to an ESFJ 8w9? Here are some things you should know

1.   Love Languages

This refers to the way people prefer to give and receive love. ESFJ 8w9s will have quality time and physical touch among their top three love languages.

While this is the consensus, the most accurate way of truly knowing is by making your partner take the official love language test.

2.   Compatibility

ESFJ’s natural partners in the MBTI are the INFP and ISFP. In Socionics, it’s the INTP. Type 8 is compatible with types 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 9.

Thus, there are many options to choose from. Regardless of these options, any two mature persons can make a relationship work.

3.   A Balanced Relationship

If you are dating an ESFJ 8w9, expect a well-balanced relationship. You’ll get a partner who’s into giving and helping others, but you’ll also get someone who knows how to draw the line when needed.

It’s the perfect combo if you ask me.

4.   Communication is Crucial

Finally, make sure you consistently communicate with your ESFJ 8w9. The presence of type 9 means they tend to repress their thoughts, which can easily lead to resentment. Creating a comfortable environment even when they’re angry is key to making the relationship work.

This does not mean you have to tolerate toxicity. You just need to tweak your approach to make the relationship work.

ESFJ 8w9 in the Workplace

ESFJs are people-oriented. Thus, they enjoy careers that combine handwork with human interaction. Examples might include mechanics and most trades occupations.

ESFJ 8w9s are the same. They also enjoy careers that give them more control over their lives, which is why some might become entrepreneurs. ESFJ 8w9s can adapt to any work environment and do well in managerial positions.

Ensure their role comes with flexibility to get the best out of the ESFJ 8w9.

Best Careers for the ESFJ 8w9

  • Entrepreneur
  • Mechanic
  • HR Manager
  • Plumbing
  • Electrican
  • Attorney
  • Photographer
  • Interior Decorator
  • Financial Analyst
  • Professor
  • Executive

Worst Careers for the ESFJ 8w9

  • Data analyst
  • Software engineer
  • Programmer
  • Mathematician

Famous People/Fictional/ Anime Characters that Might Be ESFJ 8w9

  • Christian Siriano
  • Marco Feliciano
  • Celeste Headlee
  • Bastet (Egyptian)
  • Kris Aquino
  • Mao Inoue
  • Alexa Donne
  • Spencer Grammer
  • Ed Orgeron
  • Dom Toretto (The Fast and the Furious)
  • Raphael “Ralph” (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • Maggie Sawyer (Supergirl)

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