ESFJ memes- 40 of the Very Best

ESFJ memes

We all love ESFJs for several reasons. First, they are incredibly fun to be around. You just can’t bored around them. They are also really caring. It’s not surprising then that they are usually type 2 on the enneagram of personality. So, we are taking out time to enjoy 40 of the best ESFJ memes we could find.

So here are 40 of the very best ESFJ memes right now.

ESFJ Memes- 40 of the Very Best

1. ESFJs Hate Conflict

ESFJs hates conflict. When they are not in good terms with others, they prefer to literally die than be confrontational about it. It’s not easy to be an ESFJ who has to contemplate settling an issue.

2. ESFJs Love Rare People

ESFJs love people who seem rare and just brilliant. It’s not a surprise then that ESFJ’s closest friends are usually INTPs, ENTPs and INTJs.

They simply love the rush of mystery that come with these people.

3. ESFJ Memes- Caring is their middle name

ESFJs are incredibly caring. They can be caring to their friends and even strangers that they meet. In fact, that’s how they even make friends in the first place!

4. ESFJ are Family Oriented

ESFJs are family oriented. Thus, they are always looking forward to spending time with their families. This is one of the reasons why we absolutely love ESFJs

5. Great Advisers…I Guess?

ESFJs are great advisers when others are in trouble. However, they cannot seem to help themselves when they face similar problems.

That’s the cause of being an ESFJ.

6. The Problem of the Ti

When their last function Ti is weak, ESFJs might struggle with passing their theories through the logical test. This can make them quite interesting when embroiled in an argument with a thinker.

7. ESFJ Memes- Always Ready to Help Others But Doesn’t Ask For Help

ESFJs are always ready to assist others in their many adventures. However, when it comes to asking for help, ESFJs are going to struggle. They will prefer to do things by themselves to avoid being a bother.

8. ESFJ Memes

9. ESFJs will struggle with Quarantine

ESFJs love going out and interacting with others. Thus, they are going to struggle during the pandemic. Thankfully, that will be over soon.








17. ESFJ Memes- Talking About Emotions

ESFJs are so people-oriented that they find it extremely hard to talk about themselves. However, types such as the INFP and ENFP will always find ways to make them talk about themselves.

That’s why ESFJs love them.


19. ESFJs Want to be Vulnerable

While they may seem that they have all their walls up and protected, ESFJs really just want to be vulnerable. However, they want the person to show genuine interest first.

When that happens, it blows their mind.




23. ESFJ Memes- Super Extroverts

ESFJs are super extroverts. Thus, when you get into a conversation with them, get ready to talk all the way. They won’t back down!



26. ESFJs Do Not Enjoy Criticism

If there is something that ESFJs do not like, it’s criticism. It leaves them feeling hurt and defensive. If you are around an ESFJ, try not to be overly critical.


28. ESFJ Memes



31. ESFJ Memes- Positivity At Its Best

ESFJs are very positive people. That is what keeps them going even in times of difficulty. They can brighten your day in ways that you did not think was possible.






ESFJ have the fear of missing out. They want to be involved in everything that is nice. So, it can really hurt when they are excluded from wonderful events.





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So there we have! ESFJ memes are simply the best way to understand ESFJ without having to read long paragraphs about them. We hope you enjoyed this!

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