ESFP 3w4 (The Complete Guide)

ESFP 3w4

I just finished watching “Never Have I Ever”, and it dawned on me. Devi is an ESFP 3w4. Then came the urge to write about this unique personality. If this interests you, keep reading!

This article discusses the ESFP 3w4 and what you can expect from them.

Who is the ESFP 3w4?

ESFP 3w4s are brave and courageous people. They are goal-oriented individuals who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Because of their wing, they remain creative and like to stand out.

This personality type is ambitious, a bit loud and seems always to have so much going on in their lives. Combined this with their impulsiveness and chaos is what follows. Type 3 is not the most common type for ESFPs. However, it still compliments their extroverted nature.

Despite this being true, the presence of type 3 and type 4 changes some typical traits of the ESFP, as we shall soon see.

ESFP 3w4s are overrepresented as ESFP-A.

What is the Core Desire of the ESFP 3w4?

The core desire of the ESFP 3w4 is to be successful and play the part. They want to achieve their goals and take the adoration that comes with it.

What is the Core Fear of the ESFP 3w4?

The core fear of the ESFP 3w4 is to be a failure. If they do fail, they’ll keep it to themselves and hardly share.

How the 3w4 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the ESFP

1.   More Ambitious

Ambition comes easily to type 3s. Thus, ESFP 3w4s have this in large quantities. Because they are also ESFPs, their ambition is fiery and loud. In other words, everyone can see what their ambitions are.

Their ambition is also followed by action. Unlike typical ESFPs who might struggle with procrastination, ESFP 3w4s have enough self-discipline to push themselves to success.

2.   A little Less Extroverted

ESFPs are super extroverts. ESFP 3w4s are still extroverts. However, their wing takes away some of its fire.

Thus, they might have periods where they just want to be left alone. While this is true, these periods do not usually last.

The extent to which this applies depends on the strength of their wing.

3.   Good Work Ethic

This follows the point of being ambitious. ESFP 3w4s work hard for what they want. They see the target and won’t stop until they get there.

While this is true, working hard doesn’t necessarily mean they have a routine. Most ESFP 3w4s will perform tasks with random bursts of energy.

They do it with enough precision and accuracy to keep soaring.

4.   Status Conscious

ESFPs love the limelight. That’s why they are called the entertainer. ESFP 3w4s go a step forward. They are acutely aware of their status at their workplace, school or home.

Because of their desire to be seen as successful, this new awareness can either break or make them.

If their status is good enough for them, the sky is their limit. If it’s not, it will have a negative impact on their self-esteem.

5.   Creativity Galore

ESFPs are creative people. ESFP 3w4s takes this to another level. This is probably enhanced by the presence of their wing and their need to win.

Expect them to make good designers, writers, and musicians.

6.   Good Diplomats

Despite being ambitious, loud, and everything chaotic, ESFP 3w4s are great diplomats. They know how to say the right thing when the chips are down.

They can sell any product with their contagious charisma or break down the most unforgiving person with their demeanor.

It’s a handy skill to have.

New Weaknesses of the ESFP 3w4

1.   More Impulsive

ESFPs are spontaneous people. This comes with its share of impulsive behavior. Type 3s are suckers for status. This makes them act impulsively in some situations.

The combination results in a very impulsive person. ESFP 3w4s routinely make reckless decisions that can ruin their lives.

All ESFP 3w4s have a high degree of impulsive behavior or a habit of not thinking things through.

2.   Can Suffer from Identity Crisis

Type 3 wants to look the part. Type 4 doesn’t. ESFPs love the limelight. The combination of all three is a recipe for mental disaster.

ESFP 3w4s might struggle with being in the limelight, sticking to their true selves, or doing whatever it takes to be successful.

This can take a toll on their mental health.

3.   A Double Dose of Shame

Type 3 and type 4 are both in the shame triad. So, the first emotion that ESFP 3w4s feels is embarrassment or adoration.

While this is true, types 3 and 4 have different ways of dealing with this shame. For type 3s, they try to numb their emotions, whereas type 4 embraces shame.

So, ESFP 3w4s will, in most situations, try to numb or deny their feelings. However, in really challenging situations, this might change because of the presence of their wing.

4.   Manipulative

ESFPs are not known to be manipulative masters. This is probably because they use introverted feeling. ESFP 3w4s are different.

Type 3 knows everything about persuading people to do what they want. So, an unhealthy ESFP 3w4s can easily take to manipulation.

When this happens, they can become selfish and ruthless.

5.   Extremely Competitive

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise. Type 3 is probably the most competitive type. So, it makes sense that ESFP 3w4s manifest this trait.

Because they are super extroverts, their competitive nature is more obvious. They might also not take losing quietly.

Their competitive streak can cause a strain in their personal relationships.

ESFP 3w4 in the Workplace

ESFPs love to have fun while working. They excel in the hospitality and service industry. This personality type wants to see tangible results for their efforts.

ESFP 3w4s are the same. However, they are usually more determined and want to climb to the top. This personality type can really excel in most professions. They will only struggle if it’s a boring job or a job that does not involve interactions with others.

Ensure their role guarantees career progression to get the most out of them.

Best Careers for the ESFP 3w4

  • Chef
  • Fitness trainer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Director
  • Lawyer
  • CEO
  • Politician
  • Entertainer
  • Actor/Actress
  • Pilot
  • Engineer

Worst Careers for the ESFP 3w4

  • Paralegal
  • Secretary
  • Auditor
  • Judge
  • Preschool teacher

Fictional Characters/Anime/Famous People Who Might Be ESFP 3w4

  • Devi (Never Have I Ever)
  • Mei Lee (Turning Red)
  • Oli London
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Rachel Green (Friends)
  • Justin Bieber
  • Amy March (Little Women)
  • Paris Hilton
  • Miley Stewart (Hannah Montana)

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