ESFP Female- Talent and Seamless Entertainment


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There’s never a dull moment with an ESFP female. They are entertainers in every way possible. However, there’s more to them than being entertainers.

That’s what we’re here to talk about. In this article, we’ll talk about who an ESFP female is and what you can expect from her.

Who is the ESFP?

First, let’s briefly describe the ESFP. The ESFP is the personality type that leads with extroversion, sensing, feeling, and perceiving functions.

Their cognitive stack is arranged in this order.

  • Extroverted sensing (Se)
  • Introverted Feeling (Fe)
  • Extroverted thinking (Te)
  • Introverted intuition (Ni)

How Rare is the ESFP Female?

ESFPs are one of the more common MBTI types. This is also true of ESFP females. They make up about 10% of the female population.

This means it’s very possible you have met or will meet an ESFP female in your lifetime.

What are ESFP Females Like?

Wondering what an ESFP female is like? Here are some of their common traits blended in with fun facts.

1.   Super Extroverts

ESFP females are usually super extroverts. This means they gain energy through external stimulation. They also have no problems being in the limelight.

Their outgoing nature ensures that they are noticed among a crowd. This also naturally makes them more assertive and opinionated.

They are nicknamed entertainers after all.

2.   ESFP Females and Enneagrams

When compared with the enneagram of personality, most ESFP females will identify as type 7. This is closely followed by type 2. Type 3 and type 8 are also very plausible combinations.

Their combination with type 7 makes sense as it complements their Se function perfectly. They love adventures and amazing experiences. These are the same things type 7 is known for.

ESFP females are also big nurturers. This is especially true when they are around loved ones or family. They genuinely care. Thus, it’s not a surprise they also identify as type 2s.

3.   Sensory Experiences

As earlier stated, ESFPs lead with Se. Thus, ESFP females are all for sensory experiences. They love beautiful places, the environment, people, and food.

Thus, if you want to captivate them, try to appeal to their sensory senses. It’ll be amazing.

4.   Spontaneous

ESFP females are spontaneous. This is down to their perceiving function. Thus, planning and having a rigid schedule is not something that appeals to them.

They also work and react to situations on the go or with random bursts of energy. While this keeps things interesting, it can also have negative consequences.

For example, ESFP females might struggle with making rash decisions or being impulsive buyers.

5.   Talented

ESFP females are talented. Whatever they put their minds to, they do it with commitment and gusto. It can be amazing to see the dedication and passion they put into their projects.

However, it goes past dedication and passion. They are also supremely talented. This allows them to grab the headlines when they want to.

6.   Warmth and Big Hearts

Despite their outward assertiveness and sometimes crazy nature, ESFP women have big hearts. They care deeply and passionately about their loved ones. They want them to be safe.

Their big hearts are undeniable if you know them personally. If they have a chance to help others, they will. This is heightened by their feeling function.

7.   The Need to be Stimulated

Finally, the last thing ESFP females need is boredom. They avoid this like the plague. Thus, they are always on the lookout for engaging people, conversations, or activities.

This has its pros and cons. On one hand, it means that ESFP females are always learning new things and ideas. On the other hand, it also means they will have a problem with continuity.

They might struggle to finish tasks or be with just one partner. The need to be stimulated is integral to their personality.

What Makes the ESFP Female So Attractive?

Their passion and love for new things and adventures make the ESFP female attractive. Their optimism and happiness are contagious. People usually feel drawn to how comfortable they are in the limelight.

Other things that make them so attractive are their creativity and boldness. You can never be bored around them.

The ESFP Female and Her Career

ESFP females want a bustling career or workplace filled with activities. They perform best with hands-on careers. Because they are sensors, they like to deal with practical and concrete ideas.

Their love for sensory experiences might also influence their choice of careers. Careers relating to exercise/sports, food, and music are ideal career options for the ESFP female.

They also don’t do well when their workplace has strict rules or guidelines. The ESFP females crave flexibility. That allows them to express themselves.

We’ll highlight two great career choices and list the rest.

Best Careers for the ESFP Female


Food and all the culinary delight that comes with it are just perfect for ESFP females. They love activities that appeal to beauty and their senses.

Making and decorating food is something that achieves both needs. It also gives them the flexibility to express their creativity. It’s a no-brainer for them.


ESFP females are there for the thrill. They also like activities that are hands-on. Being part of the police or military gives them that feeling.

It’s also more pragmatic and practical for the ESFP.

Here are some other careers that are suitable for the ESFP female

  • Fitness instructor
  • Cosmetologist
  • Massage therapist
  • Nurse
  • Animal trainer
  • Photographer
  • Travel blogger
  • Flight attendant

Worst Careers for ESFP Women

  • Judge
  • Economist
  • Attorney
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Accountant
  • Auditor

The ESFP Female and Dating

Dating or thinking of dating an ESFP female? Here are some things you should know.

1.   ESFP Females and Compatibility

The natural partners of the ESFP female are the ISFJ or ISTJ. While this is true, ESFP might also be compatible with their polar opposite INTJ.

However, any two MBTI types can make a relationship work. There are other factors that you should consider when going into a relationship. This includes the attachment style of your partner, their background, and enneagram type.

2.   ESFP Female and Love Languages

Physical touch and quality time are overrepresented as the top two love languages for the ESFP. We have no reason to believe that ESFP females are different.

Thus, if you want to be with an ESFP female, make sure you make out quality time for them. The type of quality time depends on the individual. This can be talking or going on an adventure together.

Physical intimacy is also a big plus for the ESFP female. So, don’t hold back on those touches.

3.   Commitment Problems

ESFPs are famous for having issues with commitment. It’s not that the ESFP females cannot commit. They just need to find a partner that doesn’t make them feel trapped.

If you are someone that loves the same thing they do and gives them enough freedom, they might just stick around.

However, ESFP females are likely to have a lot of partners during their lifetime.

4.   They Love Spontaneous Activities

If you want to date an ESFP female, you have to be spontaneous. This doesn’t always mean setting up big surprise dates or adventures. It could just mean giving them a surprise hug or gift.

When you find ways to add thrill and anticipation to the relationship, your ESFP partner is going to stick around.

5.   They Want Their Partner to Be Confident

ESFP females want a partner that’s just as confident and charismatic as they are. They want to show off their partners to the world.

They also want someone who is independent and has their own network or friends.

ESFP females are amazing people. If you have them as friends, there’ll never be a dull moment.


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