ESFP Male- Popular and Energetic


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ESFPs are pure cool vibes. You cannot be bored with the ESFP by your side. Pretty sure you know that already. The ESFP male also gives off those vibes. Here, we’ll talk more about the ESFP male.

So, what can you expect from ESFP Men?

Quick Facts about ESFP Men

1.      Spontaneous

The need to be spontaneous is at the heart of ESFPs. This is not different with the ESFP men. They want to live their lives on the edge and be spontaneous.

To them, this is what it means to truly live. Because they are sensors, they are more likely to live in the present. While this is a nice quality to have, their spontaneous might cause other problems for them.

The lack of planning, for example, will make them less reliable than other types.

2.      Impulsive and a tad Reckless

ESFP are the entertainers. Combine this with their spontaneous nature and you get an impulsive individual. This makes them more likely to be reckless and make decisions on a whim.

These decisions can often be disastrous and not thought through. ESFP males need to learn how to control their impulsive nature.

3.      Caring and Considerate

Despite their need to enjoy life to the fullest, ESFP males are very emotional people. This is especially evident when they are around those they care about.

Let’s admit it. ESFP males are fun to be around. Their loved ones often feel at ease with them and even more loved.

4.      Super Extroverts

ESFP males are super extroverts. They are energized by their external environment and often have a high energy level.

Thus, they are social animals and have no problems interacting with others for long periods. This has several implications.

Being social extroverts with a lot of good vibes can make them look very charismatic. However, this same quality can be a bit overwhelming for other more introverted types.

As always, the key is to find a balance.

5.      ESFP males and Enneagram Types

ESFP males are more likely to be type 7 than any other type. They can also be type 2. If they identify as type 2, they are more likely to have type 3 as their wing.

ESFP males who are type 7 have an equal chance of having both type 6 and type 8 as their wings. Type 7 complements their dominant function extroverted sensing perfectly.

Thus, this pairing makes a lot of sense.

6.      Attention Seeking

ESFPs like a lot of attention. This doesn’t change for the ESFP males. They want to be the life of the party or the center of attention. They are the entertainers after all.

However, ESFP males must make sure that their need for attention does not take over their lives. When they are unhealthy, a lack of attention might make them bitter or make them seek attention elsewhere.

This can be a serious problem if the lack of attention is coming from their romantic relationships. ESFP males need to understand that while attention is important, there are bigger factors that need to be considered.

7.      People-Pleasing and Boundary Issues

ESFPs want to be accepted by people and appreciated for their efforts. Thus, it might be difficult for them to set boundaries with others.

They might have issues relating to people-pleasing. While this might be a problem, this might also make them better at negotiations and diplomacy with others.

Thus, while this quality increases their social value, it reduces their privacy and boundary levels.

8.      Enjoy Sensory Experiences

ESFP males will enjoy their sensory experiences. Their dominant function is extroverted sensing (Se). Thus, they are usually aware of their surroundings. They will also appreciate aesthetically appealing things.

Most ESFP males might enjoy physical activities or cooking.

9.      Creativity

ESFP males have a truckload of creativity. How else will they be able to entertain you so effectively? Their creativity combined with a little dose of discipline can see them achieve a lot of things.

They just need to find a bit of discipline.

ESFP Males and Career Options

ESFP males attack everything the same way. Thus, they want their workplace to be bubbling with life. They also want to be in the thick of the action.

ESFPs want a career that is filled with happy enthusiastic co-workers that are happy to work towards a goal. They also like a bit of flexibility and the allowance to flex their creative muscles.

To get the best out of ESFP males, make sure that you give them the right environment and space to work their magic.

Best Careers for the ESFP Male

·        Chef

As earlier stated, sensory experiences appeal to this personality type. Thus, being a chef is something they’ll love.

It also allows them to be spontaneous with their cooking, recipes, and arrangement. They get the chance to entertain people and be appreciated for what they do. What could be better?

·        Musician

Musicians are always at the stick of the action. If you are a good one, you’ll probably have millions of fans. ESFPs will fit perfectly into this role.

They can also turn up the heat on stage if they get the chance. This will simply be amazing for an ESFP. They will simply flourish.

Here are some other career options that ESFP males should consider

  • Fitness trainer
  • Florist
  • Nurse
  • Interior Designer
  • Animal Trainer
  • Farmer
  • Police Officer
  • Photographer
  • Law Enforcement

Worse Careers for ESFP Males

  • Chemical Engineer
  • Lawyer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Auditor
  • Financial Analyst

ESFP Males and Dating

Are you dating an ESFP male? Here are some things you should expect

1.      Memories and more memories

ESFPs know how to thrill their partners. In the process, they create memories that will stick with them forever.

This is one of the cool things about dating an ESFP. There’s never a dull moment with this type.

2.      They Pay Attention

When ESFP males truly love you, they will notice everything about you down to the little details. They will truly listen and pay attention. They want to know everything that makes you tick.

So, when you have the attention of an ESFP (who’s usually the center of attention), you’ve struck gold.

3.      They Attract Attention

ESFP males are going to attract attention. They want the attention. So, it’s something you need to accept if you are dating one.

Of course, this attention might also come with other problems. ESFP males often give the wrong signals to people. Because of their attitude, they might come off as flirtatious.

The constant back and forth can have an impact on your relationship. However, this could all be subdued if the ESFP male is matured.

4.      Hard to Commit

ESFPs find it hard to commit. This can make them seem flighty. Most times, people find this problem in younger ESFPs. They just cannot stay in a relationship.

However, matured ESFPs know when and how to keep the flames of a relationship going. If you are in a relationship with an ESFP, it might be more beneficial to consider their attachment style.

ESFPs are simply amazing people. We just cannot get enough of the action that follows them.


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