ESFP memes- 40 of the Very Best

ESFP Memes

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ESFPs are the entertainers of the MBTI typology. With this personality type, there is never a dull moment. We simply love the ESFP for all the joy that they have brought to us over the years. So, we have decided to celebrate this personality type with 40 of the best ESFP memes we can find.

So, here are 40 hilarious ESFP Memes

40 Great ESFP Memes to Get your Day Started

1. Conscious of their Environment

ESFPs lead with extroverted sensing. This ensures that they are always in touch with their environment. Thus, ESFPs can step into the room and immediately feel the energy in the room

This is truly a superpower.

2. ESFP Memes- The Happy Bunch

ESFPs are happy people. Thus, you can always catch them smiling or just giving off a bubbly vibe.

If you want to feel uplifted, get closer to an ESFP.

3. ESFP Memes- Give them Tons of Attention

ESFPs love attention. They crave it and with the amount of entertainment they gave us, you can say that they deserve it. Tinkerbell was an ESFP.

4. ESFP and Compatibility

ESFP find that they get along really well with ISTJs and INTJs. These two types are super introverts and complement the ESFPs really well.

It’s a match made in heaven.

5. ESFPs Are Great Entertainers

ESFPs are nicknamed entertainers for a good reason. They love to entertain and genuinely look forward to it.

I often wonder how they get their energy though!

6. ESFPs Are So Much Fun

7. ESFP Memes- Annoying In a Good Way

ESFPs can very annoying. However, we would love them less if they were any less.

That’s really the spice of being an ESFP.

8. ESFPs Have Visitors All the Time









17. ESFP Memes- Making Decisions is not Their Favorite Thing

ESFPs do not like to make decisions. Sure, they can make the smaller decisions like deciding to wake up or go get the grocercies.

However, life changing decisions might be difficult for ESFPs. They’ll rather avoid the topic altogether.

18. ESFPs are more than Entertainers

While ESFPs are best known for their ability to entertain, they are so much more than that. They are exceptionally creative and motivated. With their energetic traits, they can accomplish whatever they set their minds to.


20. There’s Always Something Going On in their Lives

ESFPs and ENFPs always have something going in their lives. Sometimes, it’s their mental health. Other times, it’s their financial status.

So, while they might always look bubbly, there’s a lot they deal with.


22. ESFP is a Complete Maze

ESFP’s brain is a complete maze. There is so much going on in their heads. So, yes. ESFP are crazy both inside and outside.




26. ESFP Memes- Great Adventurers

ESFPs find it very difficult to relax. Thus, they are always on the move or on one adventure or another.

Thus, if you are dating an ESFP, you have to get used to this behavior.






32 ESFP Are Sensors

ESFPs are sensors to the very core. Thus, they are hardly interested in philosophical talks and abstract concepts.

Thus, if you bring that up in conversations, they are going to withdraw from it as quickly as possible.







39 ESFP Memes- Quarantine Was a Problem

ESFPs are super extroverts. Thus, staying in quarantine was hell for them. They love to go out and have fun. For the sake of ESFPs, we hope lockdowns across the world ends pretty soon.

40- Popular and Annoying

ESFPs are entertainers and very popular. Everyone knows them. You’ll probably know an ESFP too.


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