ESTJ 3w2 (The Complete Guide)

ESTJ 3w2

ESTJs are the bosses of the MBTI. When compared with the enneagram of personality, a good chunk of ESTJs identify as the ESTJ 3w2.

This article discusses the ESTJ 3w2 and what you can expect from it.

Who is the ESTJ 3w2?

ESTJ 3w2s are ambitious and goal-oriented people. Success runs in their veins, and they’ll do whatever it takes to reach their goals. Success to them doesn’t just include meeting their goals. It also comes with acknowledgment from others when they succeed.

Because of their wing, this personality type is open to teaching or being helpful to others. People often feel like they can learn a lot from them.

Type 3 is not the most common type for ESTJs. That title goes to type 8. However, type 8 and type 3 are similar in many ways. So, it’s not completely surprising that some identify with 3w2s.

Nevertheless, the presence of types 3 and 2 changes some stereotypical traits of the ESTJ, as we shall soon see. Most ESTJ 3w2s are assertive.

What is the Core Desire of the ESTJ 3w2?

The core desire of the ESTJ 3w2 is to be successful and look successful. To achieve this, they put their ESTJ skills to use.

What is the Core Fear of the ESTJ 3w2?

The core fear of the ESTJ 3w2 is to be a failure. If they win, they want the world to know.

How the 3w2 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the ESTJ

1.   More Ambitious

ESTJs are ambitious people. This article literally started by calling them the bosses of the MBTI. ESTJ 3w2s takes this to another level. They become obsessed with success.

Success to them usually means includes their career. However, it could also mean success in their personal life.

They simply want to meet their goals.

2.   Hard Working is an Understatement

ESTJs work really hard. ESTJ 3w2s blow this out of the water. One reason why is that they are motivated by the fear of failure.

So, there’s an element of desperation in their drive. ESTJ 3w2s do everything they can to ensure their work is perfect.

They’ll focus on making it “look” perfect even when it’s not.

3.   Competitive

Type 3 is extremely competitive. So, it’s not surprising that ESTJ 3w2s have this trait. This has its advantages. This personality type will excel in work environments with a corporate work culture.

Employers trust that they will pull their weight when needed. Because they are sensors, they are also present in the here and now. This makes them more action-oriented.

4.   Helpful/Generous

ESTJs are not known for being helpful. In fact, they are strict and might even be excessively blunt. Not this ESTJ. ESTJ 3w2s are more generous with their time, resources, and words.

This does not mean that they become soft-spoken or empathetic. They are just more open to helping others. The extent to which this applies depends on the strength of their wing.

5.   More Worried about Appearances

Type 3 is super conscious of how they work. This trait manifests in the ESTJ 3w2s. They take care of their clothes, accessories, and body stature.

Thus, expect ESTJ 3w2s to hit the gym, be stylish and smell good. This has its advantages. People usually think they are impressive at first glance. This, in turn, helps their networking effort.

New Weaknesses of the ESTJ

1.   Inability to Distinguish Fun from Competition

Most of their weaknesses are actually derived from their strengths. One of them is being competitive. While this can be useful, it should have boundaries.

This personality type might struggle to understand this. So, their competitive streak slowly creeps into their personal interactions.

This might make their loved ones see them as excessive.

2.   Strong Values vs. Impressing Others

Just like ISTJ, ESTJs have strong values about family, work ethic, and their beliefs. ESTJ 3w2s are the same, with a slight hitch. Type 3 is also interested in impressing others. This creates a struggle within ESTJ 3w2s when confronted with following their values or impressing others.

It becomes really difficult if it’s someone they truly admire. While this is true, ESTJ 3w2s are still ESTJs. Thus, their values will generally come first.

3.   The Need for Social Acceptance

This follows the last point. ESTJ 3w2s want to be socially accepted. That is part of the success package.

So, if this social acceptance doesn’t come through, It can affect their self-esteem. Type 2 also craves external validation. The absence of both can be a disaster.

4.   Shame

Types 2 and 3 are in the shame triad. However, they have different ways of dealing with this emotion. Type 3 tries to deny that this emotion exists by distracting themselves. On the other hand, type 2 internalizes it and tries to confront it by making people like them.

Thus, ESTJ 3w2 will first deny it exists. In desperate situations, they might lean towards their wing’s inclinations. When that happens, they become mild to moderate people-pleasers.

ESTJ 3w2 in the Workplace

ESTJs love order. Thus, managerial roles fit them perfectly. They usually have no problems getting these roles because of their work ethic. They want to see tangible results for their efforts and excel at routine activities.

ESTJ 3w2s are similar. In addition, they strive to be the best. Career progression is super important to them. They work best in traditional work environments.

Best Careers for the ESTJ 3w2

  • Entrepreneur
  • Executive
  • CEO
  • Financial Manager
  • Lawyer
  • Doctor
  • Politician
  • Professor
  • Supervisor
  • Public Health Officer
  • Actor/Actress

Worst Careers for the ESTJ 3w2

  • Secretary
  • Personal Assistant
  • Librarian
  • Psychologist
  • Graphic Designer

Famous People/Fictional/Anime Characters that Might Be ESTJ 3w2

  • Blossom (Powerpuff Girls)
  • Mother Gothel (Tangled)
  • Isabel Madrigal (Encanto)
  • Regina George (Mean Girls)
  • Kris Jenner
  • Howard Hawlin (Better Call Saul)
  • Bianca Barclay (Wednesday)
  • John Walker (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)
  • Hera
  • Stella of Solaria (Fate: The Winx Saga)
  • Haewon

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