ESTJ 8w7 (The Complete Guide)


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ESTJs are the executives of the MBTI typology. They are leaders who know how to get the job done. The qualities of the ESTJs are celebrated in the corporate world and even politics. A significant number of ESTJs identify as 8w7 in the enneagram of personality. So, what can you expect from an ESTJ 8w7?

What are ESTJ 8w7s Like?

ESTJ 8w7s are confident and motivated people. They see the world through the lenses of opportunities and power.

This personality type is efficient and can be relied upon to get the job done. Heidi Priebe reckons that there are more ESTJ 8w7s than other versions of ESTJs today. One reason for this is their extroverted thinking (Te) function.

While this may be true, the presence of type 8 and type 7 alters some of the natural tendencies of the ESTJs as we shall see.

What is the Core Desire of the ESTJ 8w7?

The basic desire of the ESTJ 8w7 is to be in control. They want to be in control of their life and manage their own affairs without interference.

They try to achieve this by playing by the rules (rules set by them) and making others do the same.

What is the Core Fear of the ESTJ 8w7?

The core fear of the ESTJ 8w7 is to be betrayed, controlled, or manipulated. They try to avoid this by being as efficient and responsible as possible.

By staying in control of their lives and actions, this personality type hopes to never answer to any human.

How the 8w7 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the ESTJ

1.      More Playful

ESTJs are often described as intense and perfectionists. They know what they want, what the job is, and how to get it done.

However, the ESTJ 8w7 will be slightly different. They know what the job is and will get it done as usual. However, they will also be less intense and more playful.

They might also party just as hard they work. What you get with this personality type is a more balanced person.

2.      More Aggressive

Aggressive here does not necessarily mean violence. ESTJ 8w7s will set goals and aggressively meet them. They want to grow and hit their targets. As far as they’re concerned, nothing is going to stop them from doing this.

This also means increased willpower and sheer determination. ESTJ 8w7 is a force to be reckoned with.

3.      More Creative

While sensors are known for their practical abilities and nature, ESTJ 8w7 has the best of both worlds. They can be extremely realistic and practical. This shows in their management skills.

However, this type is also very creative. They can think outside the box and use innovative ways to proffer solutions.

It is not surprising that some ESTJ 8w7 might mistype themselves as ENTJs.

4.      More Charismatic

The presence of type 7 as their wing makes this personality type more inspiring and charismatic. Thus, expect them to be good speakers and leaders.

People often feel motivated to work for these individuals. Their charismatic nature also means that they are very persuasive. These factors all combine to make them more effective managers.

5.      More about Power, Less About Recognition

While most ESTJs care about public opinions, ESTJ 8w7s are different. To them, it’s more about power and control. Thus, they might not mind being seen in a bad light if it lets them achieve their goals.

They prefer respect and fear to popularity. This disposition is of course different with the ESTJ type 3.

New Weaknesses of ESTJ 8w7

1.      Prone to Anger

ESTJ 8w7 will be more prone to anger. Type 8 is in the anger triad and is very confrontational about their problems. Type 7s are also expressive about their ideas and thoughts.

The combination of both types will mean angry moments mixed with a lot of shouting. The good news though is that ESTJ 8w7s will rarely remain angry after it has passed.

They just need an outlet to express how they feel. It might be rewarding to work on your emotions.

2.      Distrustful

ESTJ 8w7s can be very distrusting of those around them. This is a type 8 issue and is almost always present in all type 8s.

This might make them paranoid or suspicious. The root problem here is that the 8w7s do not want to be betrayed. Thus, ESTJ 8w7s will usually look for signs of betrayal regularly.

It is extremely difficult for this type to completely trust someone.

3.      Less Diplomatic

ESTJ 8w7s might find it difficult to be diplomatic. They prefer to confront issues head-on. While this is often needed and is quite admirable, it can also cause some problems.

Some issues do not need to be handled aggressively. Thus, ESTJ 8w7s may alienate themselves from friends or allies who feel hurt by their behavior.

4.      They do not know when to rest

ESTJs are reliable people. They almost always get the job done. ESTJ 8w7s will work hard and still find time to play.

This means less time to rest and recover. Thus, ESTJ 8w7 can easily become stuck in a work-play loop. The biggest losers here will be their health and body.

To get the best out of their lives, ESTJ 8w7s need to pay more attention to their bodies. They are the real MVP of their achievements.

ESTJ 8w7 vs ENTJ 8w7

Are you an ESTJ 8w7 or an ENTJ 8w7? Can’t make up your mind? Here are some of their noteworthy differences.

ESTJ 8w7ENTJ 8w7
More PracticalMore Visionary
More of a ManagerMore of a leader
More Detail OrientedLoves the bigger picture

ESTJ 8w7 and Workplace

ESTJs are good managers. This does not change with the ESTJ 8w7. They know how to get others to work effectively.

This personality type works best where they are laid down rules and a clear hierarchy. They also want to know what their role is in the organization. They have a great work ethic and will give their all for the business.

To get the best out of the ESTJ 8w7, make sure you provide them with a good structure and a management role.

Best Careers for ESTJ 8w7

  • Lawyers
  • HR Managers
  • Directors
  • Executive
  • Auditors
  • Editors
  • Law Firm managers
  • CEO
  • Entrepreneur
  • Public Health Officer
  • Military officer
  • Law Enforcement

Worse Careers for ESTJ 8w7

  • Bartender
  • Receptionist
  • Paralegal
  • Secretary
  • Photographer
  • Musician

Famous or Fictional Characters that were ESTJ 8w7

  • Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft)
  • Alice Cooper (Riverdale)
  • Andrew Jackson (Former President of the United States)
  • James Monroe (Former President of the United States)


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