ESTJ 8w9 (The Complete Guide)


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ESTJs are hardworking, disciplined, and great thinkers. ESTJ 8w9 is that and more. Want to know more about this personality type?

This article discusses the ESTJ 8w9 and what you can expect from them.

Who is the ESTJ 8w9?

ESTJ 8w9s are determined and disciplined people. They tend to be assertive, dominant, and brave. They combine the goal-oriented nature of type 8s with the structured life of the ESTJ to perfection.

Because of their wing, they might be more easygoing and less confrontational. Type 8 is a popular enneagram type for ESTJ. However, the presence of their wing still changes some of the typical traits of the ESTJ, as we shall soon see.

ESTJ 8w9 are slightly more likely to be assertive than turbulent.

What is the Core Desire of the ESTJ 8w9?

The core desire of the ESTJ 8w9 is to remain in control of their lives. Because they are ESTJs, the need for control spreads to other areas they consider their territory. This includes their family and loved ones.

What is the Core Fear of the ESTJ 8w9?

The core fear of the ESTJ 8w9 is to be powerless. To avoid this, ESTJ 8w9s work hard and are hyper-sensitive about any situation that can make them vulnerable.

How the 8w9 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the ESTJ

1.   More Reserved

ESTJs are extroverts. They enjoy interactions and are even energized by them. ESTJ 8w9s are slightly different. While they are extroverts, they are more reserved.

This affects other things. Their assertiveness drops slightly, and they are less forceful than typical ESTJs.

2.   Better Work-Life Balance

ESTJs and type 8s are workaholics. This translates to the neglect of their personal life. While this is true, ESTJ 8w9 might be different.

This is down to their wing. Type 9 wants a slow-paced life. So, ESTJ 8w9s usually spend more time with their family.

The extent to which this applies depends on the strength of their wing.

3.   Better Leaders

ESTJs are good leaders. ESTJ 8w9s are even better leaders. Here’s why. The presence of type 9 means that ESTJ 8w9s are more tolerant of mistakes and people’s nuances.

Things are different with typical ESTJs. They might grow frustrated and impatient. ESTJ 8w9s might still be impatient, but will not show it outwardly.

Simply put, they are in more control of their emotions. This makes people more relaxed around them.

4.   More Protective

ESTJ 8w9s are more protective. This might be hard to believe when you meet them. They talk less and are less confrontational.

However, you’ll see a different side when you hurt them or their loved ones. ESTJ 8w9s can be ruthless if necessary.

Because they are also thinkers, they are less likely to show mercy.

5.   More Ambitious

ESTJ 8w9s are determined people. They have big goals and targets to hit. This also makes them ambitious.

ESTJ 8w9 and ESTJ 3w2 are similar in this regard. The difference between ESTJ 8w9s and ESTJ 3w2s lies in their desire.

While ESTJ 3w2s want to be successful for admiration, ESTJ 8w9s want to be successful for the control it brings.

6.   Better Negotiators

ESTJs are thinkers. This makes them blunt and straightforward with others. The downside is that it also reduces their ability to make compromises.

ESTJ 8w9s are different. They are more tactful and approachable. They combine the ruthlessness of ESTJ and the easygoing nature of type 9s. This makes them better negotiators.

The extent to which this applies depends on the strength of their wing.

New Weaknesses of the ESTJ 8w9

1.   Prone to Anger

Type 8 and type 9 are in the anger triad. This means the first emotion that floods their veins is anger. Thus, ESTJ 8w9s usually have anger issues.

There’s also a difference in how types 8 and 9 approach anger. Type 8 confronts it, while type 9 tends to repress it. This difference in approach can make ESTJ 8w9s less predictable and more volatile.

2.   Lower Energy Levels

ESTJs usually have a high work ethic. This is the same with the ESTJ 8w9 but to a lesser extent. They tend to relax more and take time off work. As earlier stated, this can lead to a good work-life balance.

However, it also has its downsides. ESTJ 8w9s won’t be able to reach the same heights as typical ESTJs. In other words, ESTJ 8w9s sacrifice some of their ambition for a better lifestyle.

3.   Extremely Stubborn

ESTJs use introverted feeling (Fi) as their inferior function. With ESTJ 8w9s, this function is a bit more developed. This means ESTJ 8w9s will have strong opinions and values.

Because they want to avoid vulnerability, they’ll stick to these opinions no matter what.

This makes them extremely stubborn. Changing their minds on a topic is a herculean effort.

4.   Less Decisive

Don’t get us wrong. ESTJ 8w9s are very decisive. However, they are just not on the same level as typical ESTJs.

They look at other factors, such as people’s reactions or needs. They want to keep the peace where possible.

That guarantees a slower response.

ESTJ 8w9 in the Workplace

ESTJs are good at organizing people. They want to be in control of their work environment. This need makes them work alone or seek out managerial positions. They are born leaders and prefer a structured environment.

ESTJ 8w9s are the same. They also try to keep everyone happy if it does not interfere with work.

Ensure ESTJ 8w9 is given managerial responsibilities to get the best of them.

Best Careers for the ESTJ 8w9

  • Entrepreneur
  • Financial Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Politician
  • Attorney
  • Sales Manager
  • Military Officer
  • Law Enforcement officer
  • CEO
  • Mechanical Engineer

Worst Careers for the ESTJ 8w9

  • Social Worker
  • Clergy
  • Artist
  • Cosmetologist
  • Graphic Designer

Fictional/Famous People/Anime Characters That Might Be ESTJ 8w9

  • Gook Yeon-Su
  • Dr. Phil
  • Mandarin (Marvel)
  • Li Shang (Mulan)
  • Lin Beifong (The Legend of Korra)
  • King Bradley (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Alma Coin (The Hunger Games)
  • Stoick the Vast (How to Train Your Dragon)


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