ESTJ memes- 40 of the Very Best

ESTJ Memes

ESTJs are the executives of the MBTI typology. This strong, resilient type is responsible for running some of the biggest organizations in the world. We absolutely love them for their strength and sense of duty. To celebrate this type, we have gathered 40 funny ESTJ memes we could.

So here are 40 of the very best

Top 40 ESTJ Memes Right Now

1 ESTJ Love Perfection

If an ESTJ is your boss, get ready. They are going to push you to be as efficient as it gets. If you plan on working with one, you should get ready to be really productive.


3. ESTJ are Really Organized

ESTJs are one of the more organized types in the MBTI typology. This is mostly because of their extroverted thinking function.

This allows them to arrange things in an orderly manner in their head. Thus, everything is always running as it should.

4. ESTJ Memes- ESTJs Can be Really Bossy

ESTJs often get bad rep for being extremely bossy and commanding. Thus, if you have an ESTJ as a friend, they are just the right people you need for protection.

5. Blunt and Direct

ESTJs are very blunt and direct characters. Thus, if they feel that something does not make sense or that you are wrong, they’ll tell you.

The problem is that they will tell you in a very blunt and open manner. This might be viewed as harsh by other MBTI types.



8 ESTJ Memes- Bossy Even at Teaching


10. ESTJ vs ENTJ

These are often two types who are considered the highest earners among all types and best at leaderships.

While their work ethic is pretty similar, the types they take to reach their goals might be very difficult.

If you want to read an ENTJ vs ESTJ comparison, you can click that link.



13. ESTJ Memes- Big on Experiences

ESTJs are big sensors. They also use introverted sensing. This means that they rely a lot on past experiences.

Thus, ESTJs will run their lives completely on what has worked in the past. This might make them reluctant to try out new ideas.

14 ESTJ Memes- Tough People

While ESTJs don’t really punch children, they are tough and determined people. Thus, when they notice that they are going soft or slacking, they can pick themselves back up.

They have an amazing work ethic.

15. ESTJ vs ESTP

The ESTJ is quite the opposite of the ESTJ. While the ESTJ craves order and structure, the ESTP works best in chaos.

This can become very interesting to watch.

16. ESTJ Memes- Blunt and Insensitive

As earlier stated, ESTJs can be really blunt. This might also make them seem insensitive to others.

17 ESTJs Can Be Ruthless

ESTJs always love to have their way and call the shots. If an ESTJ is an enneagram 8, they might see this as a form of power.

Thus, they can be ruthless with anyone who stands in their way.




21 ESTJs Can Be Really Competitive

ESTJs can be really competitive in everything that they do. Thus, they might not take it lightly if this happens to them.


23. ESTJ Memes- Demanding Bosses

If your boss is outright demanding and even controlling, chances are that he’s an ESTJ.

ESTJs try to control their environment by telling others how to behave. An ESTJ might even attempt to control your emotions.


25. ESTJ and ESFJ

ESTJ and ESFJ can make really good pairs. However, there are other personality types that can also catch the ESFJ’s attention.

Expect the ESTJ to be quite territorial about this.

26. ESTJs and Feelings

ESTJs don’t exactly find emotions and feelings comforting. So, they try to avoid it as much as possible.

This also includes emotionally charged events. They simply want no part of it.

27. Chronic Workaholics

ESTJs do not know when to stop working. They often end up being workaholics. When this is directed to their workplace, this can put a strain on their family life.




31. ESTJ and Intuitive Children


33. ESTJ Memes- Harsh Critics

If your boss is an ESTJ, be prepared for some really constructive feedback. Well, to them obviously. To you, it might sound more than like an attack.

It’s not a surprise to see people gave way to tears after an ESTJ launches a feedback.


35. ESTJs Are Always Right

ESTJs are always right. They have strong values and are opinionated about them. Convincing an ESTJ that your point is the correct one is a herculean task.

good luck with that!






So there you have it! Those are 40 ESTJ memes right there. I hope you enjoyed every one of them

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