ESTP-A: Who is the Assertive ESTP?


It’s hard not to notice an ESTP. If you’ve been around them, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Imposing and sometimes aggressive, they instantly give you an impression (good or bad). This is also true of the ESTP-A. 

If you want to know more about this personality, stick around. It promises to be fun. 

Who is the ESTP-A?

This is the assertive ESTP. They take a more hands-on approach to life and the challenges they face. They also want to be in control of their lives and steer their own ship. 

This need will show in their outlook in life. You should know that ESTP-A and ESTP-T have the same cognitive functions. The only difference is their approach to life. 

What are ESTP-As Like?

Here are some things that’ll quickly stand out about ESTP-As. 

1. Confident

It just had to be said. ESTP-As are more confident in themselves and it shows in the way they do things and how they see themselves. 

Assertive ESTPs take on tasks with confidence in their abilities. Thus, they often seem to do better overall. 

This also affects the way they see themselves. They have a lot of self-respect for themselves. Thus, they are not afraid to make important decisions. 

This has its benefits and drawbacks. Confidence is a good thing. It also gives a good first impression.

However, too much confidence can lead to impulsive and reckless decisions. Striking a balance is key here. 

2. More Motivated

ESTPs are naturally motivated. They are determined people who know how to put in a shift. It’s even more evident with ESTP-As. 

They are more motivated than other ESTPs. This might be because of higher confidence levels. They might also have a lot of drive to push forward towards achieving their goals. 

As with the first point, this has its own benefits and drawbacks. 

The benefit here is that ESTP-As will be able to handle more challenges without getting bogged down. However, the drawback is that being extra motivated might make it harder to read between the lines. 

Thus, assertive ESTPs might spend more time on an unrealistic task because of their extra motivation.

3. More Assertive

As their name implies, ESTP-As are more assertive than other ESTPs. They are bold and are confrontational. They are also not afraid to state their views and challenge the views of others. 

Think Donald Trump. Thus, they are very straightforward and you always know where they stand. 

Their need to be assertive makes them no push-overs. So, ESTP-As are less likely to be people pleasers. 

However, their assertiveness will often make them look insensitive and rude. Thus, ESTP-As can make a bad first impression. This is especially true in conservative societies. 

4. More Aggressive

ESTPs are also very aggressive people. Assertive ESTPs take this a notch higher. They are more aggressive. This isn’t just limited to physicality. 

They are aggressive towards their goals and want to surpass challenges. It’s in the aura they give out. To some people, it can be intimidating and scary. 

To others, it can be inspiring. They can be great leaders if they play their cards right. 

5. ESTP-A and Enneagram Type

Assertive ESTPs are more likely to be type 8s than any other enneagram type. They can also be type 7 and type 3

When they are type 8s, they will have type 7 as a wing. When they are type 3, they are more likely to have type 2 as their wing. 

If they are type 7s, they are more likely to have type 8 as their wing. 

As you can probably see, this type is a blend of strength and charisma. 

6. Handling Emotions

When it comes to handling emotions, it really boils down to “what emotions”. Assertive ESTPs find it easy to handle negative emotions. 

This might be because they believe in themselves and their abilities. So, they are confident that these negative feelings will pass. 

However, when it comes to other emotions such as jealousy or anger, it’s more difficult for them to manage. Thus, ESTP-As might lash out at others when pushed or confronted. 

When this happens, it can be quite scary to interact with them. 

7. Handling Finances

Finances are something that assertive ESTPs will struggle with. Because of their confident and spontaneous nature, ESTP-As will often spend on impulse. 

They will get things they don’t need or didn’t plan for. This can put a strain on their finances. The good news though is that ESTPs are good at making money. 

Thus, their financial decisions usually don’t have a fatal impact. 

8. Independent

Finally, ESTP-As are very independent people. They have clear goals and targets that they want to achieve. They want to make their own decisions and be accountable for them. 

Their need for independence also shows in how they view advice or the opinions of others. To them, these opinions do not have a strong influence when deciding what to do with their lives. 

While this makes them more independent, it also means that they miss out on valuable insights people can give them. 

ESTP-A and Dating/Relationships

Thinking of dating an ESTP-A? Here are some things you should know about them

They Like the Thrill

ESTP-As make very interesting partners. One reason for this is their love for the thrill or to be unpredictable. Thus, they might make sweeping changes in their relationship just to spice things up. 

If you’re a partner that loves the thrill or wants a lot of surprises from their partner, then this is your dream come true. 

Change is Constant

Just like their cousins the ENTPs, ESTPs do not like routine or mundane activities. They want something spontaneous and adventurous. They want to change like the wind whenever they wish. 

They also want their partners to be this way. So, if you’re thinking of dating an assertive ESTP, be ready to constantly change and adapt. 

They Like Confident People

ESTP-As are especially attracted to confident people. To them, these people exude charisma. So, if you want to attract an ESTP-A, you know just where you should start. 

ESTP-A and Love Languages

Physical touch and Acts of service are especially appealing to the ESTP. They might also be attracted to receiving gifts. 

To figure out what your partner prefers, you should ask them. However, these love languages are the most likely options. 

To know your love language, you can take the official test by clicking that link. 

ESTP-A and Compatibility

The natural partners of the ESTP-A are the ISFJ-T and ISTJ-T. However, any two mature people can make a relationship work. 

You just need time and effort. 

ESTP-A and Career Options

ESTPs enjoy careers that are fun, managerial, and flexible. They also enjoy technical jobs and are good at them. 

Just like the ISTP, they enjoy jobs with some physicality in them. These cravings are also evident in the ESTP-A. 

They want a job that gives them flexibility and excitement. The quickest way to kill an ESTP is to give them a job that requires a lot of routines. 

They won’t last 6 months. 

To get the best out of the ESTP-A, make sure their role is flexible, managerial, or technical.

Best Careers for ESTP-A

  • Mechanic
  • Chef
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Law Enforcement
  • Pilot
  • Military Officer
  • Photographer
  • Executive/Director
  • Carpenter
  • Entrepreneur

Worse Careers for ESTP-A

  • Paralegal
  • Writer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Nurse
  • Counselor
  • Librarian

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