ESTP Girlfriend- Life Through New Lenses

ESTP Girlfriend

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ESTP ladies are definitely not stereotypes. If you have an ESTP girlfriend, you’ll definitely agree. If you are about to start dating an ESTP lady, you might need some guidance.

As always, we’re here for you. This article discusses what to expect when dating an ESTP lady.

How Does Dating an ESTP Lady Feel?

A relationship with an ESTP woman is a rollercoaster. They love adventures and seek them constantly with their partners. Because they are also extroverts, you can expect a lot of action in between.

Like all ESTPs, ESTP girlfriends go hard for what they want. They are intense and protective of their relationships. If you are going to date an ESTP, you better be prepared for the ride.

Remember though that no two ESTPs are the same. Thus, some of the expectations outlined here might appeal more strongly to her. Discussing this topic with her is always the best solution. This article should only be a guide.

What to Expect in a Relationship with an ESTP Girlfriend

1.   The Need for Adventure/Pleasure

ESTPs are always looking for new ideas or adventures. One reason for this is their need for new ideas and activities. This also extends to your ESTP girlfriend. She’ll have a bunch of activities lined up at all times.

You can be forgiven if you wonder where she gets all her energy from. If you’re an introvert, this is usually challenging because she’ll want to do them all with you.

2.   Constant Stimulation

This follows the last point. ESTPs need to be stimulated. Your ESTP girlfriend is the same. Let’s be real. You will spend a lot of time together. She doesn’t want to feel bored or unstimulated during this period.

This need can put their partners under a lot of pressure. This is especially true if their partner is not creative or is more traditional. An ESTP girlfriend can turn their world upside down. Regardless, it’ll be memorable.

3.   Super Extroverts

This goes without saying. Your ESTP girlfriend will usually be a super extrovert (the exception is an ESTP type 4 or 5). This makes her more outgoing and interactive. It also means she’ll want to talk to you a lot. She’ll tell you all about her day down to the tiniest bits, and that’s just the start.

You should be worried if she’s not doing this. The best part is that somehow, their day always seems exciting.

4.   Love Languages

Love languages refer to the way you prefer to give and receive love. ESTP’s top three love languages are quality time, physical touch, and acts of service. This means that they feel loved when they connect with their partners by spending time with them or through sexual activities.

Doing things for your ESTP girlfriend also wouldn’t hurt. You get bonus points if it’s something thoughtful.

5.   Blunt/Insensitive

Your ESTP girlfriend is a thinker. So expect her to be more straightforward or blunt. Sometimes, this can be borderline rude and hurtful. This is especially challenging if you’re a feeler.

The other side of this trait is that they prefer blunt conversations. If you’re dating an ESTP, speaking bluntly should be your goal.

6.   Action-Oriented

Your ESTP girlfriend will have very little time for theory. She wants to be a part of the action. Now, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t like deep conversations. It just means that the deep conversations should have an end goal- taking action.

So, try to make sure you include as much exciting activity as possible. It’ll strengthen your relationship.

7.   Quick to Move On

ESTPs get a lot of stick for their commitment problems. Your ESTP girlfriend will not stick around if they feel things aren’t working out. For example, they might be inclined to leave if they feel the relationship is boring.

Unhealthy ESTPs are usually unfaithful to their partners. Their flightiness can make their partners a bit insecure.

Getting The Best Out of the Relationship

1.   Make Your Relationship Exciting

Excitement and constant stimulation are key. Now, this is easier said than done. However, you have to make an effort. It’s also important for them to know that this doesn’t come naturally to you.

Telling them will make them appreciate the effort you are putting in. There are a lot of activities that ESTPs find appealing. Here’s an article that might give you some ideas.

2.   Accept Them For Who They Are

Let’s make it clear. You can never change an ESTP. So, don’t even try. Moreso, if you decide to date someone, you’ve decided to accept them for who they are. So, do just that. This doesn’t mean that you have to accept toxicity.

However, making compromises for them will strengthen your relationship.

3.   Make Your Intentions Clear

As mentioned earlier, ESTPs can be reluctant to commit themselves to a relationship. So, ensure that you’re not left in the mud. Make your intentions clear immediately. This is especially important if you’re looking for a long-term relationship.

ESTPs are blunt. So, you can be sure that she’ll let you know if she doesn’t want the same thing.

4.   Their Love Language is Key

Finally, show them love in their love language. Because your ESTP girlfriend can get bored or dissatisfied easily, this advice is imperative.

Give her no reason to doubt why she ever picked you.

Dating an ESTP female is fun and memorable. Just make sure you’re ready for the ride.


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