ESTP memes- 40 of the Very Best

ESTP Memes

ESTPs are the entrepreneurs of the MBTI typology. Their aggressive and direct stance often makes them formidable foes in the corporate and business world. We love the ESTPs for all that they bring to the table. So, I have compiled 40 of the very best ESTP memes I could find.

You should find this interesting.

ESTP Memes- 40 of the Very Best


2. Breaking the Rules is What they do

ESTPs don’t have a problem breaking the rules. In fact, they actually seem to enjoy it. Top of that list is overspeeding.

ESTPs are bound to get a ticket for that at least once during their lifetime. They just cannot help it.

3. ESTP Memes

4 ESTP Memes

5. ESTPs Love Working Out

If there’s something that most ESTPs like, it’s working out. It allows them to take out some of their excess energy.

ESTPs, generally, enjoy partaking in sports and outdoor activities.

6. Too Much Plans Don’t Work for ESTPs

ESTPs are very spontaneous people. Thus, when their life is planned out with other activities seemingly boxing them in, it just doesn’t end well.

They will try to resist.


8. Blunt and Honest

ESTPs have a reputation for being blunt and honest. Thus, their comments might offend some and people often think they are insensitive.

Most ESTPs don’t care what others think.

9. ESTP Memes- Easily Bored

ESTPs are easily bored. Thus, they keep their eye out for new adventures and things to explore.

It is not a surprise then that a number of ESTPs identifies as enneagram 7. They always have a new activity lined up.


11. ESTPs Can be Quite Daring

If there’s something that ESTPs have, it’s a lot of determination and a daring spirit. Thus, they can take up a lot of challenges that might seem ridiculous to other types.

Sometimes, it puts them in a lot of trouble.

12. ESTP Memes- Structure doesn’t appeal to them

ESTPs don’t want to follow structure throughout their life. Thus, mundane activities and checklist might be pretty hard for them to stick to.

This is down to their perceiving function. It’s just not what they want.

13. ESTP and Emotions

ESTPs are not exactly good with emotions. Thus, they might struggle when others need a bit of comfort.

To ESTPs, they rather focus on finding a solution to the problem rather than comfort. Unfortunately, that does not work with everyone.




17 ESTPs Can be Aggessive

ESTPs can be pretty aggressive. Thus, they can easily resort to heated confrontation if they think that fighting their way through is the best alternative.

This is one of the biggest differences between the ENTP and the ESTP. For a detailed comparison, click that link.

18. ESTPs and Procrastination

ESTPs are very spontaneous people. This often means that they procrastinate a lot.

The great thing though is that they often find a way to finish their projects and tasks in the last hour.

It’s a super power if you ask me.


20. Little Respect for Authority

ISTP and ESTPs are the two sensor types that go against the stereotype of authority, tradition and sensors.

They really enjoy testing out the powers of those in charge. They also don’t really a lot about tradition.

So there you go.


22 ESTP Memes- Difficulty Expressing Themselves Emotionally

ESTPs might be flawless when it comes to addressing logical issues. However, expressing themselves emotionally can be quite difficult.

Thus, most ESTPs are not in touch with how they really feel.



25. ESTPs Do not Like Boredom

ESTPs do not want to bored. Thus, they can think of many activities or even invent them just to have something to do.

While this might be fun, ESTPs can even make reckless decisions just to spice up their lives a bit.


27. ESTPs Don’t Like Vulnerability

ESTPs are not ones to admit that they are vulnerable to anything. It is not a surprise then that some ESTPs identify as type 8s.

ESTP will also maintain a controlled look and will never admit to being insecure.



30 ESTPs Have a Weird Sense of Humor

I take that back. ESTPs have an amazing sense of humor. The problem is that it is not understood by everyone. Thus, some types are prone to taking the ESTP more seriously than they should.




34. ESTPs Can be Wild

There’s always a chance that your ESTP might do something wild and interesting.

With them by your side, things will never be boring.

35. ESTPs Want to Explore

ESTPs are always looking to make things better and improve. This is one reason why they are often mistyped as ENTPs or ENTJs. Thus, ESTPs might have issues doing things the way they always have just for the sake of it.

That’s simply too boring




39 ESTP Memes- Breaking the rules is What they Do

ESTPs simply love breaking the rules. So, if you are on an illegal mission, out them in!


So, here you go folks! ESTPs are big personalities. We just cannot get enough of them.

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