ESTP vs ENTP- How Can You Tell Them Apart?


Are you caught up somewhere between the ESTP and the ENTP? Perhaps the MBTI test you took shows that you are borderline in the sensing and intuition part? Or is the test telling you one thing but you are pretty confident that you might be the other instead? If this is you, you’re definitely in the right place. This is the ESTP vs ENTP comparison.

This is the complete guide on how to tell both personalities apart.

What Is The Main Difference Between The ESTP And ENTP?

The main difference between ESTP and ENTP will be aggressiveness and physicality. While the ENTP will rather play with your mind to manipulate you for their gains, the ESTP will normally use force and intimidation to get their way.

While this is the main difference on the surface, there are a lot of other differences between these two types. These differences cut across several situations and issues.

ESTP vs ENTP- Cognitive Functions

Just like every other MBTI function, the ESTP and ENTP have four dominant cognitive functions. These functions help them to process and understand the information they take in.

Extroverted SensingExtroverted Intuition
Introverted ThinkingIntroverted Thinking
Extroverted feelingExtroverted Feeling
Introverted IntuitionIntroverted Sensing

Looking at their cognitive functions, you will quickly realize that their last and first functions are different. This means that these two types share a lot in the way they process things.

However, there are still some differences we can definitely explore.

ESTP vs ENTP cognitive functions

Se and Ne

For their leading functions, the ESTP and ENTP use the Se and Ne respectively. For the ESTP, the world comes alive. They are right in the present.

They take in every little thing happening around them. From the humming of the birds to the sound of their car engine, everything is in sync with the ESTP. Because they can notice every detail in their environment, they are also able to see the changes in people’s behaviors. This makes them excellent observers

It also allows them to take in that information without too much of a fuss.

The ENTP, on the other hand, leads with extroverted intuition. This means that the ENTP is going to be a talker. They are going to also have brilliant ideas flying off from their heads.

The first thing they do when they see a possibility from a concept or place is to immediately voice it out. The presence of the Ne allows the ENTP to enjoy starting new projects as well as persuading others to follow them on their new adventure.

This is often the reason why most MBTI types will often think the ENTP is charming and witty.

Si and Ni

The Ni for the ESTP is their inferior function. This function is used only when the ESTP has to deal with abstract theories and information.

It can also be used when the ESTP is forced to plan for the future or evaluate its goals. For the ESTP and most types that proceed with Se, they would rather not use this function.

To them, it can be boring or just too time-consuming. Using it might also mean losing out on some of their most precious experience. That can be tough on the ESTP.

The ENTP’s inferior function is the Si. They use this function to store away vital information to be recalled when needed. The type of information the ENTP might store away might be specific steps that are needed to complete a task.

The Ne is more of the big picture function. Thus, the ENTP relies fully on the Si in important situations. However, this can be tasking for the ENTP as it does not allow them to act on their ideas.

Here’s an article that gives you a complete guide about the ENTP inferior function.

Introverted Thinking and Extroverted Feeling

The ESTP and ENTP both use Ti and Fe as their second and third functions. The ESTP uses Ti to make sense of the stimuli they are getting from the environment. Once this is done, they can then make very logical decisions based on the information.

The ENTP, on other hand, makes use of Ti to filter the endless possibility of the Ne. Once this is done, they can then filter their ideas and choose the best possible method to execute their ideas.

However, this comes way later after the Ne excitement has died off.

Both MBTI types use the extroverted feeling as their third function. They use it to consider the various opinions and emotions of the people they are around. This can make these types very people-oriented.

However, both of these types are thinkers in the end. This means that they will always put logic over emotions.

ESTP vs ENTP- Relationships and Love


For these two types, it’s easy to tell when they are in love. For the ESTP, they are really passionate about it and will want to be around their partners all the time. The ESTP sees romance as the adventure of a lifetime.

They will do all they can to make sure that their partner absolutely stays in love with them. If you are with the ESTP, you will definitely love their enthusiastic nature and their need to make you happy.

You are going to notice their generosity and be amazed at how soft their hearts can be.

You are still going to face some struggles when dating an ESTP. They can be harsh and aggressive when angry. This is especially true when they are unhealthy. If they are dating a feeler type, then things might be a bit tough.

The natural partners of the ESTP are the ISFJ or the ISTP. Here’s an article that breaks down the compatibility options for the ESTP.


For the ENTP, falling in love with someone is terrifying. This MBTI type often puts on a mask for the world. So, falling in love might mean letting go of their mask and letting someone in.

However, when they do this, they can become the most romantic partner. They are also very curious people. Thus, you can expect exciting adventures with this type.

You are also going to face some struggles when dating the ENTP. At their core, they are a thinker type. This means that they place logic over emotions. If you are a feeler type, this might be a bit tough to understand.

The ENTPs are also going to be bouncing a lot of ideas for your relationship off their partner. This can easily get overwhelming. Here’s an article that talks about what you can expect when dating an ENTP.

The natural partners of the ENTP are the INTJ and the INFJ. However, any two mature people can have a great relationship.


ESTP vs ENTP- Population Count

The ESTP makes up about 4% of the world’s population. This makes them extremely rare when compared to other types. However, the ENTP is even rarer.

They make up just 3% of the total population right now. When it comes to population counts, these two are some of the rarest personalities you can find.

Here’s an article that identifies the top five rarest personalities for the MBTI and the enneagrams.

ESTP vs ENTP- in the Workplace


If you are an employer or you are an ENTP, you have to understand that the ENTP likes a lot of autonomy when they work. However, they will and can work with others in a team.

The problem is that the ENTP is usually the one with big ideas and innovative plans. If the ENTP is still a junior in the office, this can be a big blow. There’s nothing more annoying to an ENTP than working on tiny details.

That will put their Si into overdrive. The ENTP will be best used in offices that involve a lot of creativity and critical thinking.

Here are some of the best career options for an ENTP

  • Entrepreneur
  • Lawyer
  • Sales representative
  • CEO
  • Psychologist
  • Writer
  • Blogger

Here are some careers that the ENTP should totally avoid

  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Auditor
  • Accountant
  • Paralegal
  • Office administrative staff
  • Compliance officer


This is one area where both the ENTP and the ESTP are a bit similar. However, the difference is that the ESTP is more of a problem solver than the ENTP.

This means that the ESTP will want to handle those gritty details that the ENTP will hate. They will find the solutions to the problems and fast.

So, while the ENTP is always buzzing with new ideas to promote the company, the ESTP will be more concerned with solving the present issues the company is facing.

However, just like the ENTP, starting as a junior will be a hard thing to swallow for the ESTP. The ESTP simply does not do well with keeping to the rules and traditions of any place or organization.

The ESTP is also great with their hands. This means that they will fit perfectly into crafts and other handy jobs.

Some of the career options open to the ESTP include

  • Mechanic
  • Entrepreneur
  • Accountant
  • Executive director
  • Building inspector
  • Chef
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Electrical engineer

Here are some career options to avoid as an ESTP

  • Writing
  • Psychologist
  • High school teacher
  • Pre-school teacher
  • Librarian
  • Blogging

ESTP vs ENTP- Enneagram Types

According to Thought Catalog, the majority of the ESTP type themselves as an enneagram 8. This is followed by type 7. Type 5 and 3 are joint for third. This makes a lot of sense as they are usually bold daredevils.

The ENTP also has a very similar enneagram reading with a few differences. A large number of ENTPs type themselves as an enneagram 7. This is followed by type 8 and type 3. This also makes sense as the ENTP has the same urge to bounce off ideas while seemingly ever positive.

ESTP vs ENTP- Childhood


If you are an ESTP parent, be prepared. Your child is going to test you and everything you have. This is not intentional. The ESTP child simply loves new ideas and adventures. This adventure will be so strong that the ESTP will want to try them out.

So, setting boundaries even at that early age will make the ESTP child feel trapped. You can be sure that they will break some boundaries during this time.

Here’s what you can do. Set healthy boundaries and explain to the ESTP why these boundaries are in place. You can even give them examples of things that could happen if the boundaries are violated.


Your ENTP child will be one of the most curious people you will meet . They are going to bombard you with questions and it is your job to answer. They also have one of the most imaginative minds in the world.

You will find that your child is full of life and ready to take on the world. This excitement can also land them in trouble. So, keep an eye on them.

If boundaries have to be set, set them. Also, be firm about them. The ENTP child will test those boundaries. If they feel it is not going to hold up, they are not going to obey it.

ENTP vs ESTP- Work Ethic

When it comes to work ethic, the ESTP works twice as hard as the ENTP. This is because the ENTP is a serial procrastinator who is only interested in the big picture. They will hate the tiny details of the work and will seek to avoid them.

The ESTP, on the other hand, will sink their teeth into the everyday problems that need to be solved. They will do so with a lot of force and aggressiveness. Few problems can stand in the way of an ESTP.

The ENTP when paired with an 8w7 however, will have equal or close to the same work ethic as a normal ESTP.

ESTP vs ENTP- Dealing with a Breakup

They are pretty good at handling breakups. The ESTP can break up today and be on the next trip around the world tomorrow without a care in the world.

However, things might be a bit different if they believe that they were at fault. The ESTP will beat themselves up and carry this blame for many years. This might also make them hesitant of entering new relationships.

The ENTP’s way of dealing with a breakup is by going overboard with their wittiness and charm. They are going to head out and have the fun of their lives. They will also be abuzz with the endless possibilities of their new status. This will make them giddy with excitement.

However, the ENTP has the problem of reliving old memories after a while. This might be when they come across their ex-partner. This can make the ENTP break down or try to save a toxic relationship.

The ENTP must find a way to process the breakup as soon as possible. This is especially important if it was a toxic relationship.

So what do you think? Are you an ESTP or ENTP? No matter what you are, these are two incredible MBTI types. You will definitely be fine.

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