Female Enneagram 8- Defying All Barriers

Female Enneagram 8

Enneagram 8 is often considered one of the alphas of the enneagram of personality. The problem is that most descriptions focus more on the male version of type 8s. The enneagram 8 female also exists and has more influence than they are given credit.

This article discusses the female enneagram 8 and what you can expect from them.

Who is the Female Enneagram 8?

The female enneagram 8 has similar traits as the male enneagram 8. These traits include self-confidence, determination and discipline. They also share many of their weaknesses.

The problem is that most of these traits are usually associated with men. Thus, people often feel that female 8s are too stubborn, bossy, or independent. So, this personality type has a different set of challenges they face.

These challenges can be further narrowed down to the wings they have. Female 8w7s are generally more aggressive, light-hearted and entrepreneurial. This makes them more likely to be found in male-dominated jobs.

The female enneagram 8w9, on the other hand, are more reserved with a stronger backbone. They will face most of the same challenges that the 8w7 faces but outwardly react differently.

However, the basic desire and feeling underneath remain the same. Female 8w7s are more likely to be assertive, while female 8w9s are more likely to be turbulent.

Strengths of the Female Enneagram 8

1.   Willpower

Just like most type 8s, female 8s have a lot of willpower. For them, this is super important because of how society sees them.

It allows them to persevere and gain the respect they deserve. While people might have grudges, they also cannot deny how strong a female 8 can be. You rock.

2.   Opinionated

Female enneagram 8s have opinions about everything. These strongly held opinions form their values and beliefs. They are also not afraid to express themselves even when everyone thinks otherwise.

This leads to both pros and cons. The benefit is that people will admire their bravery. On the other hand, their need to always express themselves will win them enemies.

No one ever said it’s easy being a female type 8.

3.   Driven/Aggressive

Female enneagram 8s are driven. In other words, they are very ambitious. Like most type 8s, they see material things as a tool or protection. So, they might power through obstacles to get more resources.

As you probably know, the major desire of enneagram 8 is power. Thus, having money, physical strength and, to some extent, sexual dominance will appeal to them.

4.   Goal-Oriented

This follows the last point. Female 8s have goals that drive them towards their targets. Because of how determined they can be, they meet most of their goals.

This makes them seem reliable and, to some extent, inevitable.

5.   You Want to Control Your Life

As a enneagram 8 female, controlling your life is important. You want to make your personal decisions alone. Because of the nature of the world, you are extra sensitive to someone deciding for you.

The need to control your life naturally makes you more independent. With independence comes other benefits and trouble, as we shall soon see.

6.   Oozing in Self-Confidence

Female 8s are decisive. They know what they want and go for it. With them, there’s no beating around the bush. They are also clever and street-smart.

This makes them self-confident. This is also one of the reasons why they are so opinionated.

7.   Leaders

With all the qualities above, it’s understandable that leadership comes easily to them. They are born leaders who know how to motivate people. While this is true, they are also strict and might have a temper (More on that later).

So, you can trust them to get the job done when it matters.

8.   Loyal

Type 8s are loyal. Female 8s are no different. They take their friendships and relationships seriously. Female 8w7s are more vocal about their support. They are willing to confront others that hurt their loved ones.

This is especially true if they are extroverts. Female 8w9s might seem reserved but are generally more vengeful than 8w7s.

What are the Female Enneagram 8’s Weaknesses?

1.   Anger

Anger is something that comes easily to type 8s. That is the first emotion they access when faced with any unhappy situation.

This also affects the female 8. Depending on their wing, they might explode or seek revenge when pushed. Regardless of what you get, it never ends well.

2.   Proud Insensitivity

Female 8s are also no-nonsense and insensitive. The need to defend themselves in a world where men dominate some careers worsens things.

The added pressure makes them double down on this trait. Thus, they might find it extremely difficult to yield in any situation. They are also very cautious of being looked down on or controlled.

This makes them embrace their insensitive nature.

3.   Intimidating

Because of how opinionated and no-nonsense they can be, other types might find them intimidating. While this is true, it only enhances people’s respect for them.

On the other hand, it can prevent them from forming meaningful connections with others.

4.   Issues with Authority

Female 8s, like all type 8s, will have a problem with being told what to do. Authority figures are not left out. Thus, most female 8s will be rebellious as children or adults.

They will bend the rules or simply make theirs. Of course, this is always done strategically to limit the consequences that follow.

The Female Enneagram 8 in Relationships

Are you dating a female enneagram 8? Here’s what you can expect.

1.   Independent

As stated earlier, female 8s are independent. This also extends to their relationships. They maintain their circle, life and business aside from their relationship.

They want to enjoy intimacy without giving up on their interests. Usually, this means that they work even harder. However, if there’s anyone who can pull it off, it’s a type 8.

2.   Love Languages

When it comes to love languages, physical touch and quality time rank consistently among their top 3 languages for receiving love. Female 8s usually show love through words of affirmation, gifts and physical touch.

Intimacy is quite important to them. Depending on their MBTI type, it might even be a deal breaker. So, don’t hesitate to show your female 8s how intimate you are.

3.   Generous

When type 8s are in growth, they act and behave like type 2s. If a female 8 is happy in a relationship, she’ll give you the world.

Generosity comes easily to them. They will be generous with their time, affection and resources.

4.   Blunt

Female 8s prefer to face issues and resolve them immediately. This makes them very blunt in relationships. They are also solution-driven. The problem is that this might not work every time.

It’s recommended that female 8s date people who are perhaps more sensitive than they are. This will allow them to develop that area effectively.

5.   Vulnerability

Despite how tough and brave they might seem, female 8s have a soft hearts. They are consistently searching for a partner that makes them comfortable.

When this happens, they’ll let down their walls and share their beautiful soul.

Famous Female People/Fictional Characters That Might Be Enneagram 8

  • Kat Stratford (10 things I hate about you)
  • Kamala Harris
  • Maxine (Stranger Things)
  • Merida (Brave)
  • Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)
  • Korra (The Legend of Korra)
  • Sylvie Laufeydottir (Loki)


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