INFJ 5w4 (The Complete Guide)

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Despite being the rarest MBTI type, interest in INFJs is at an all-time high. That’s easy to understand. INFJs are naturally intriguing. When compared with the enneagram, a small part identifies as 5w4s. So, what can you expect from an INFJ 5w4?

That’s what we’re here to find out.

What are INFJ 5w4s Like?

INFJ 5w4s are independent and self-sufficient people. This type often has to balance rationality and emotions when making a decision.

INFJ 5w4s usually have an artistic streak. However, it will most likely manifest itself as a hobby. You should bear in mind that people are different. So, this might not always be the case.

INFJ 5w4s are in the minority. The majority of INFJs will identify as type 4s. Thus, you can expect significant alterations from the usual INFJ behavior with this subtype as we shall see.

What is the Core Desire of the INFJ 5w4?

The core desire of the INFJ 5w4 is to be self-sufficient. They try to achieve this by using their wealth of creativity. They are also adept at gathering information. So, this also works in their favor.

They do not want to be a burden on others and are really independent folks.

What is the Core Fear of the INFJ 5w4?

The core fear of the INFJ 5w4 is to be reliant on others. They strongly believe that they lose their dignity and self-respect when this happens. Plus, they become a burden to others.

These are things that this personality desperately wants to avoid.

How the 5w4 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the INFJ

1.      Problem Solvers

INFJs are often considered to be empathetic. However, they are definitely not problem solvers by the very definition. INFJ 5w4s are different here.

Because their dominant type is type 5, they are big problem solvers. They feel a lot of concern for people and act to ensure that these concerns are addressed.

While this can definitely be a source of strength for people who need solutions, it can be terrible for a partner who simply wants comfort.

2.      More Realistic

INFJs are idealists. They have preconceived ideas about their reality and believe things should be a certain way.

However, INFJ 5w4s will be a lot more realistic. They will make decisions based on the situation of things and not what they want.

While they still maintain those idealistic beliefs, they also understand that certain situations call for something different.

3.      Thinkers

While INFJs are often called warm and considerate, you get a deviation with this type. They can be deep thinkers and passionate about research.

This can make them seem aloof or detached from their surroundings. This is probably because of their dominant type.

It is not surprising then that most INFJ 5w4s find academics and research work to be very interesting.

4.      Better with Finances

INFJs are not the best financial managers in the world. However, that’s different with the INFJ 5w4s. Because their main desire is to be self-sufficient, they are more concerned about their finances.

While they still have an eye on things that appeal to their taste, they are less likely to go on a spending spree.

5.      More Analytical

This personality type is what gives INFJs the rational feeler title. They are quite analytical and can be mistyped as INTJs.

However, while their analysis levels are pretty high, they also keep their emotional intelligence too. This gives the INFJ 5w4s the best of both worlds.

New Weaknesses of the INFJ 5w4

1.      Aloof and Detached

One of the main traits of the INFJ 5w4 is their aloofness. This is present in INFJ 5w4s. They can be aloof and detached from their surroundings. Most of the time, they are in their heads analyzing and thinking about several things at once.

While it can be an amazing way to pass time, it can be frustrating to those around them who want to connect.

2.      Blunt

INFJs are feelers. This means they will largely be more tactful than thinkers. However, INFJ 5w4s will be a bit blunter than other INFJs. This is all down to their dominant type.

Type 5s are known for their straight way of talking. This will be very evident in the INFJ 5w4. While we have listed this quality in the weakness category, it can also be a strength if used properly.

3.      Increased Stubbornness

INFJs are stubborn people. They like their boundaries and values. They are also very independent. Combine this with the type 5’s need to be self-sufficient and you have a very stubborn individual.

While this might help in promoting their individualistic nature, it can also make them seem rigid and inflexible.

INFJ 5w4s need to consider other options and the bigger picture when faced with various choices.

4.      Procrastination

This type has a problem with procrastination and complacency. The problem is that they have all these wonderful ideas and thoughts in their head.

It can suck them in and keep them right there. Thus, they might never get around to actually implementing these ideas themselves. This can make them complacent and unreliable.

INFJ 5w4s need to not only think the thought but walk the walk.

INFJ 5w4 vs INFJ 4w5

Wondering if you are an INFJ 5w4 or an INFJ 5w4? Here are some of their common differences

INFJ 5w4INFJ 4w5
More likely to be analyticalMore likely to be artistic
More RationalMore warm and Sensitive
Major desire is to be self-sufficientMajor desire is to be unique

To get a better understanding of both types, you might want to read more about the INFJ 4w5. You can also more about the 4w5 and 5w4 by clicking on those links.

INFJ 5w4 and the Workplace

Mental stimulation and flexibility are just some of the things that matter to this personality type. They want a career that challenges them and involves a bit of problem-solving.

If they are saving humanity in the process, even better. To get the best out of the INFJ 5w4, make sure that they are in a role that allows them to be innovative.

Like all INFJs, this personality type will also love a bit of structure in the workplace. So, make sure they know exactly what their role is.

Best Careers for INFJ 5w4

  • Professor
  • Medical Researcher
  • Historian
  • Anthropologist
  • Psychologist
  • Physician
  • Pharmacist
  • Computer Engineer
  • Writer

Worse Careers for INFJ 5w4

  • Civil Engineer
  • Farmer/Rancher
  • Secretary
  • Bartender

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    • Hi Upekshana,
      Yes, an INFJ 5w4 will make a good lawyer. Because they are type 5s, they will have a good sense of logic. That’s an important trait if you want to be a lawyer!

  1. I have economics degree and have questions about is this type might be successful in bussiness carreer. Is it possible?

    • Hello Emircan,

      What matters is what you have passion for. If business or economics is what you love, then go for it.

  2. Hi !
    I found this explanation very interesting, in addition to being enlightening and even revealing. I knew that my enneagram was 5w4, but every MBTI tests typed me as an INTJ and I obviously believed in these results. But while studying all the cognitive functions, I found out that the cognitive functions of the INFJ personality applied to me more than those of the INTJ personality, especially when I was still a child. I shared my impressions to my nearest friend and they agreed too.
    However, I was still doubting about my own opinion, because of my rationality and my detachment from the world. I am very emotional and feel deeply others emotions more than mine, but I still don’t feel as warm as others say about INFJ, although I always make sure people feel comfortable with me.
    In conclusion, it really helped me to read this presentation of the INFJ 5w4 personality, I think I can understand my own personality more than before now and settle into a personality that seems to me to be my own.
    (I’m sorry I wrote a lot, I was a bit confused about who I really am for a long time)

  3. I wonder why farmer is listed as a worse career choice. You can achieve a lot of self-sufficiency with your own business and growing your own food. There can be a lot of creativity and planning in farming. Constant learning, observation, research, challenge, innovation, and problem solving with lots of time to think by yourself. A farmer must be realistic, independent, good with finances, and stubborn doesn’t hurt. Animals like it if you are blunt, don’t mind intellectually aloof, and appreciate kindness. 🙂 Signed, Happy INFJ 5w4 Farmer

    • Hello Kelly, I’m delighted you love being a farmer. You have also managed to use your personality traits excellently well in your chosen profession. Well done!

  4. heyo !, I was wondering if a Languages and linguistics degree or working in the translation/interpretation field work well for infj 5w4s?:)

    • Hello James,
      Civil engineering is practical and hands-on. Hence, it is not something that comes easily to them. While this is true, this does not mean that there are no INFJ 5w4s breaking the stereotype.

      This just highlights the careers that might seem easier to this personality type.


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