INFJ 5w6- Here’s What You Can Expect

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INFJs are people of intrigue. I think it’s the 100th time we are saying this but yes, they are the rarest personality in the world. INFJs usually correspond to type 4, type 5, and type 1 on the enneagram chart. Here, we’ll be looking at the INFJ 5w6.

So what can you expect from this personality type?

What would the INFJ 5w6 Look Like?

INFJ 5w6 will definitely be different from your usual INFJ. However, the defining qualities of the INFJ will be present with a twist.

This type is deeply analytical, curious, and knows how to turn the switch from being an extrovert to an introvert and vice versa.

However, they will have new weaknesses that are a bit different from the usual INFJ. Because INFJs are usually type 4s or 5w4s, this makes this particular blend really rare.

What is the Core Desire of the INFJ 5w6?

The basic desire of the INFJ 5w6 is to be self-sufficient. They try to achieve this by gathering the best information on their chosen path. Once this has been done, they then choose the safest possible option.

This route is followed to be as secure as possible.

What is the Core Fear of the INFJ 5w6?

The core fear of the INFJ 5w6 is to be dependent. Dependency on others is fairly uncertain. Thus, INFJ 5w6 will be less secure and less self-sufficient.

So, they try to avoid this by taking in information and putting their creativity to use.

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How the 5w6 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the INFJ

1.      Less Sensitive to Criticism

INFJs are notorious for their sensitivity to criticism. They don’t do well with it. Either they are simply too stubborn to accept it or they take it personally. However, INFJ 5w6s are much better with criticism.

Their analytical mind allows them to look at matters from an objective perspective. This trait allows them to develop at a much faster rate. INFJ 5w6s will also make improvements based on that criticism.

2.      More Extroverted

Granted, INFJs are introverts. Type 5 is also a big-time introvert. However, their wing makes this type a bit more sociable than your textbook INFJ. They are the true definition of extroverted introverts.

In public, this type might be quiet and seem like super introverts. However, once they are alone with friends, they can become quite talkative. It can be incredible to see.

3.      More Worried about Security

INFJs are usually concerned about finding their true selves. That is why they are usually type 4s. However, INFJ 5w6s will be more worried about being secure.

This could transcend their financial, emotional, and romantic lives. They want to be secure. Security provides a springboard for this type to be who they truly want to be.

4.      More Rational

INFJs are considered to be warm and considerate. INFJ 5w6s is slightly different. While they are quite conscious of their emotions and feelings, they know how to control them. That’s not all.

They also know and treasure the importance of logic. This plays a role in their decisions and output. INFJ 5w6s will be less likely to react emotionally to charged situations.

5.      More Analytical

INFJ 5w6s are much more analytical. This is down to their intuition and enneagram type. They can perform quick analysis and trust their instinct. Who can blame them? Most times, they are usually correct.

This personality type will rely on this quality more than other INFJs. It is important in achieving their goal to be self-sufficient.

6.      Loyalty is even more important

INFJs are known to be loyal people. When they are in a relationship or are friends with others, they are quite supportive and reliable people.

With the INFJ 5w6, this is taken to the next level. They will be extremely loyal and will want to see their loved ones and friends succeed.

That is simply incredible.  

New Weaknesses of the INFJ 5w6

1.      More Fearful

Type 5 and type 6 are two types in the fear triad. Thus, INFJ will have to grapple with fear and uncertainty. Add this to their need to be secure, and you have a very worried INFJ 5w6.

The normally calm INFJ might find themselves fidgeting a lot if they are 5w6s.

2.      Depression and Anxiety

INFJ 5w6 has type 6 as their wing. Because of this, they will be more likely to develop some form of anxiety and depression.

However, the extent of this is often dependent on the strengths of the wing. If you are facing any issues with depression, then seeking help is one of the best steps you can take.

3.      Less Trusting

INFJs are quite rare. Add distrusting to that list, and you have a very lonely person. INFJ 5w6s find it difficult to trust people. This can make them more suspicious and paranoid.

It also means that others might struggle to understand them on a deeper level. This can pose a problem when dating an INFJ lady or man. Here’s an interesting article on how to deal with an INFJ female in a relationship.

4.      Less Compassionate

INFJs are often regarded as kind and compassionate people. INFJ 5w6s are the same. However, it’s a bit lower with this personality type.

This makes sense as their Enneagram type favors rational thinking and logic. Thus, do not expect a lot of emotional outbursts or tears from INFJ 5w6s.

However, this does not mean that they are cold people. In the end, they are still INFJs after all.

INFJ 5w6 and Career Options

INFJ 5w6 will be looking for a role that allows them to be creative and express their own ideas. While this is true, they will also want a bit of security.

INFJs, in general, work well when there is a structure in place. To get the best out of them, make sure you place them in a role that offers structure, creativity, and security.

Best Careers for the INFJ 5w6

  • Lawyer
  • Social Counselor
  • Physician
  • Medical Scientist
  • Professor
  • Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • HR Manager

Worse Careers for the INFJ 5w6

  • Farmer
  • Freelancer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Auditor
  • Economist
  • Stock Broker

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