INFJ and ENTP Relationships- Intense and Incredible


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If there’s one pair that’s often talked about and for good reasons, it’s INFJ and ENTP. If you are an INFJ dating an ENTP or vice versa, you’ll probably already think it’s a great match.

We certainly do agree. However, there are still some pitfalls to watch out for. These pitfalls can wreck even the strongest of relationships.

So, if you’re ready as I am, let’s begin!

Why They Might Be Attracted to Each Other

Here’s why there will certainly be some sparks flying when these two are attracted to each other.

Why the INFJ will be Attracted to the ENTP

1.      Straight forward

ENTPs are as straightforward as it gets. While this can be annoying, it’s also great for a relationship with the INFJ. INFJs want a relationship where direct communication reigns.

They want to know how their partner feels, what makes them happy and when they’re sad. While INFJs are great with people, trying to guess how their partners feel every time can be tough.

ENTPs make it very easy for them. They never have to guess what’s on their minds as this type is always saying it at the top of their lungs.

2.      Oozing Confidence

ENTPs are charming and confident. This certainly does not go unnoticed by INFJs. It’s also appealing for other reasons.

First, INFJs are one of the rarest personality types. Because of this, they are also very difficult to understand.

So, it can be astonishing to see the ENTPs keeping up with everyone at full strength. This is especially obvious if you’re dealing with an ENTP 7w8.

3.      Their Logical Minds

INFJs are feelers. However, they still have introverted thinking (Ti) as their third function. This means that they have a good dose of logic.

INFJs find the more developed Ti in ENTPs really appealing. They can use that to further develop theirs. It is for this every reason that INFJs don’t think ENTPs are too insensitive.

4.      Their Inquisitive Minds

ENTPs are curious people. INFJs are too. What this creates is a couple who are willing to consider anything. They will not judge each other for their ideas or thoughts.

They are also willing to take on new experiences. This is especially a wonderful prospect when it comes to intimacy. Both types are willing to see how far they can go in the bedroom.

Their inquisitive minds know no bounds.

5.      ENTPs are their Thoughts in Flesh

INFJs think of so many things. Most times, these thoughts are kept to themselves as they can be quite reckless and crazy.

So, you can imagine their surprise when they see the ENTPs saying and doing the things they think about freely. It can be very exciting, to say the least.

6.      ENTPs keep the INFJs guessing

INFJs can read most people and situations without trying. This is probably because of their introverted intuition (Ni).

ENTPs are not very easy to read. They wear a façade and are very carefree. It’s hard for the INFJs to pin down the unpredictable ENTP. That makes things very interesting for them.

Why the ENTP will be Attracted to the INFJ

1.      Considerate and Warm

INFJs are warm people. They are empathetic and can be very considerate when healthy. ENTPs love this about them. They help the ENTPs develop their extroverted feeling function.

ENTPs can go out into the world and come back to their warm partners. Nothing could be better.

2.      INFJs have Sound Logic

INFJs are the most rational feelers in the MBTI. To most feelers, ENTPs are insensitive jerks. To others, they are plain rude.

To INFJs, ENTPs are just blunt. INFJs also like and speak logic. This excites ENTPs as it can be difficult to get a feeler type who actually gets them.

Once they get close enough, they are never letting go.

3.      INFJs are their Emotions in Flesh

ENTPs have a wealth of emotions hiding under their façade. They just don’t know how to handle them. So, they keep them locked in.

INFJs are all the things they are inside. So, it’s really intriguing for this personality type. They want to understand how INFJs can afford to do this. This certainly makes the INFJ very attractive to them.

4.      Non-Judgmental

ENTPs are devil’s advocates. However, what they argue is never really their own thoughts. They have this under wraps and only a few get to hear them.

These thoughts and beliefs might not exactly conform to society’s standing. So, they keep it to themselves. INFJ’s non-judgmental stance allows the ENTP to be their true selves around them.

Of course, there is nothing INFJs love more than authenticity.

Strengths of the Relationships

1.      Communication Style

One of their biggest strengths in the INFJ and ENTP relationship is their communication style. ENTPs are as direct as it gets. They want to talk over matters until it’s resolved and they want that now.

While INFJs are not as pushy as ENTPs, they also appreciate direct communication. The INFJ partner never has to think about what their partner is feeling.

The ENTP is thrilled that their partner can discuss matters freely with them. Thus, matters can be resolved early. This might also be because both types can understand each other’s perspectives.

2.      Love Languages Blend

INFJ and ENTP’s love languages are also very similar. Both types value quality time. So, this will be among their top 2 love languages.

INFJs might also value words of affirmation and physical touch. ENTPs also value physical touch but are more drawn towards acts of service.

However, chances are that their two love languages might just be the exact match.

3.      No Fight for Attention

When two people that love being the center of attention are in a relationship, there might be problems. These problems are non-existent here.

The last thing INFJs want is to be the center of attention. They want to drift in and out of conversations. This allows them to pick conversations that interest them. They don’t want to be noticed, period.

Some ENTPs love to be the center of attention. ENTP 7w8s and ENTP 7w6s are probably in this category. However, ENTPs are not obsessed with this either.

So, what you get is one partner who doesn’t want to be in the limelight and another who doesn’t mind but isn’t crazed about it.

This issue is dead on arrival.

4.      Both at the Middle of the Personality Spectrum

Here’s another strength of the INFJ and ENTP relationships. They are both in the middle of the introversion/extroversion spectrum. ENTPs are introverted extroverts while INFJs are extroverted introverts.

They both need time to recharge and time to socialize. This creates the perfect balance in their relationship.

They will never feel like their partner is draining their batteries.

5.      Logic/Emotions Development

ENTPs have Ti as their second function while INFJs have Ti as their third function. INFJs have Fe as their second function while ENTPs have Fe as their third function.

Each MBTI type can help the other to improve on their less developed function. Thus, INFJs can teach ENTPs to be more considerate and sensitive.

ENTPs can teach INFJs to be more logical when making certain decisions. It’s the best trade-off ever.

6.      Ni/Ne- Intuition at its Best

Great conversations are a good signal that a relationship is healthy. INFJ and ENTP relationships can count on this.

Their conversations are usually deep and meaningful. This is probably because of their leading functions. While ENTPs lead with extroverted intuition (Ne), INFJs lead with introverted intuition (Ni).

While Ne is more interested in expressing endless possibilities, Ni is more interested in connecting the dots internally before making a prediction.

So, ENTPs can spend their time expressing their endless ideas to the INFJ. INFJs will think about them internally. By the time they are done, both partners will reach the same conclusion, but with different methods.

Their eyes will light up and dance with excitement. The conversation never ends.

Weaknesses of the Relationship

1.      INFJs Might Struggle in Conversations

While their conversations might be amazing, a disturbing trend can still develop. INFJs do not like to initiate conversations. They also prefer to listen.

So, when they do have amazing ideas, they might feel overpowered by their more extroverted partner. Thus, the INFJ partner might feel like their opinions no longer count. The ENTP partner will bluntly deny shutting them down.

The INFJ partner will not like this attitude. Things can go really downhill from here.

2.      ENTPs and Messiness

INFJs are tidy people. Because a lot of INFJs are type 4s, they also want to be unique. This affects the way they keep their things and the structure of their homes.

ENTPs have no regard for their sense of uniqueness. Worse yet, ENTPs can be quite scattered.

So, ENTPs might continually ruin the efforts of their partner to stay organized. This will be annoying to the INFJ.

They might even start counting the cost of a relationship.

3.      Flexibility vs Structure

This is where the J and P finally clash. ENTPs love to be spontaneous. They want to be independent and do things their own way.

They certainly do not do well with structure. They do not want to be micromanaged by anyone else. INFJs work well with structure. They know where they keep everything and they have their plan for the next day all sorted out.

Scheduling and arrangements are important to them. This is how they stay really focused and organized.

ENTPs are going to ruin that. INFJs will feel overwhelmed. They will complain. ENTPs won’t change. All hell will break loose.

4.      Decision Making Process

The INFJ and ENTP dynamic might also face issues with decision-making. INFJs like to take their time when making a decision.

Just like when communicating about issues, ENTPs want to make decisions right now. By now, the INFJ has probably seen this situation unfold once or twice. They know the ENTPs will make a reckless choice.

So, they insist on taking their time. ENTPs won’t be happy and will become impatient. Their INFJ partner won’t budge.

A quarrel is certainly brewing.

How to Make the INFJ and ENTP Relationship Work

·        The Need for Compromises

Everyone is different. ENTPs and INFJs need to discuss and find compromises on areas where they don’t agree on.

This solution can work as both types like to constantly improve and develop themselves.

By simply talking things out, they give their relationship a better chance.

·        It Takes Two to Tango

Both partners must make an effort to actively express themselves in their discussions. If the INFJ partner feels that they are being stifled, they should have a proper discussion with their ENTP about how they feel.

ENTPs are logical and can take feedbacks really well. They will try to improve things in their own way. Things will certainly get better.


As you probably can see, there are not a lot of problems to solve in this pairing. INFJ and ENTP relationships are more likely to succeed in the long term. They are simply a match made in heaven.


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