INFJ Female- A Lesson in Rarity

INFJ female

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INFJs are the advocates in the MBTI typology. But that’s the least of their qualities if we are being honest. Emotional intelligence at its peak and being the rarest personality type in the world is often what dominates the headlines. Thus, being an INFJ female is even more interesting.

While not being the rarest female type (that title goes to the INTJ female), they are still quite rare. So what do we know about the INFJ female?

First, let’s discuss briefly about the INFJ type.

Who is an INFJ?

INFJs are people who lead with introversion, intuition, feeling, and judging functions. These people are often called advocates.

INFJ is known for its incredible introverted intuition. This helps them to connect seemingly unrelated dots and solve problems way before others.

What Are INFJ Females Like?

Here are some top traits of the INFJ female.

1.      They Are The Most Rational Feelers

Just like the general INFJs, the INFJ female is known for being logical. For this reason, INFJs in general, have earned the title of the most rational feeler.

This means that while they are likely to put emotions first when making a decision, they are also likely to think things through.

2.      They Love the Idea of Romance

Just like the INFPs, INFJ women love the idea of romance and falling in love. Thus, they are always on the lookout for the right partner.

INFJ females are usually in for the long haul once they are sure that their partner is as committed as well.

3.      Emotional Intelligence

INFJs are simply the most intelligent type when it comes to reading other people’s emotions. INFJ females also have this gift on default.

Thus, INFJ females will be able to tell when a person is lying, angry, or having a wave of emotions. This also makes them empathetic to how others are feeling.

4.      They Have Boundaries

While INFJs are very generous and willing to give, they also have boundaries. INFJ females have healthy boundaries. Often typed as enneagram 4, this MBTI type wants to be unique and independent more than anything else.

Thus, they will resist any attempt to compromise their independence. If you are friends with an INFJ woman, you should respect her boundaries.

5.      They Have Strong Values

INFJ women usually have strong values and beliefs. This makes them stand up for things they believe in. While they are core introverts, they will be assertive about what they stand for.

They also don’t take lightly criticisms aimed at things they hold dear to them. They can end all interactions with people because of this particular reason.

6.      The INFJ Door slam

INFJ females also use the door slam. This is when the INFJ has decided to block you out completely from their lives. This could be because you have constantly offended them or hurt them. Thus, the INFJ is taking steps to protect themselves from further harm.

If the INFJ female decides to door slam you, it can take a herculean effort to get them to change their mind.

To learn more about the INFJ door slam, you can click that link.

7.      The INFJ Females and Enneagram Types

The INFJ female is more likely to enneagram type 4 than any other type. This is closely followed by type 5. This makes sense as type 4s want to be unique and independent.

They also want to find their identity in life. These are all traits and goals that resonate with INFJs.

What Makes The INFJ Woman So Attractive?

The need to be independent and unique is the main reason why INFJ women are very attractive. This often translates to being sufficient. Thus, it is not surprising to see a lot of INFJ women build up careers for themselves at an early age.

The INFJ Female and Career

INFJ females are intuitive people. They yearn to use their creativity to make a difference in the workplace or their careers. While they use a lot of creativity, they are also very principled people. This means that they work best with a schedule and plan.

To get the best out of INFJ females, they need to work in an area that is free from conflicts and open to new ideas and innovation.

Working in an environment that is mundane and non-inspiring is bound to have a bad effect on them.

So here are some of the best career matches for the INFJ woman.

Best Careers for INFJ Females

·         Physician

INFJs are people-oriented. As earlier stated, they are empathetic to how others feel. This makes the medical line a very good career option for the INFJs.

This will allow them to interact with people and touch their lives to a greater extent.

·         Clergy/Missionary

INFJ females have strong values and beliefs. If those beliefs are spiritual, then INFJ females will be especially drawn to religious careers.

This makes missionary work and clergywomen some of the best-suited career options for the INFJ female.

Here are other career options worth considering.

  • Social worker
  • Social scientist
  • Food scientist
  • HR manager/specialist
  • Counselor
  • Pharmacist

Worst Careers for INFJ Women

  • Farmer
  • Electrician
  • Auditor
  • Sales Manager
  • Plumber
  • Lawyer
  • Military Officer

INFJ Females and Dating

Are you dating an INFJ woman? Here are some things you should know about INFJ females in a relationship.

1.      They Value True and Open Communication

INFJ women are suckers for authenticity. They expect the same for their partners. They want to have meaningful conversations with their partner.

INFJ females want their partners to be vulnerable and to be their true selves. If you are dating an INFJ woman, this is one of their non-negotiables.

2.      Physical Touch and Quality Time

An INFJ female’s love language is more likely to be physical touch and quality time than any other love language. They want to be intimately connected with their partner. They also want to express themselves freely.

To the INFJ female, their relationship is a place where they can express their thoughts without feeling judged.

3.      They Are Going To Need Time Alone

INFJ women are going to need their space. They are introverts and will need time to recharge. They can easily get drained from constant communication with others.

If you are dating an INFJ lady, you should be prepared for this. Giving them their needed space will allow them to come back to you all guns blazing.

4.      Value and Respect their Opinions

INFJs have very strong opinions. They want to tell their partners these strong opinions. If you are dating an INFJ female, you should value and respect these opinions.

While your opinions might differ, showing them that respect will go a long way in making them feel valued and respected.

If you don’t respect their opinions, this can make them quickly withdraw.

5.      Overthinking

INFJ women are more likely to be more pessimistic and realistic. This means that they tend to overthink issues in their relationship.

So, don’t be surprised if your INFJ partner overthinks when you have a major clash. All they need is a bit of reassurance and empathy.

INFJ females are simply a joy to be around. They are also unique and quite rare. You just need to understand them.


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