INFJ Girlfriend- Uniqueness and Sensitivity

INFJ Girlfriend

There are only a few types as rare as the INFJ. So, if you have an INFJ girlfriend, it’s a new experience. However, the goal is to make this a pleasant experience. So, how do you get the best out of your relationship?

This article answers that question and some more. Keep reading.

How Does Dating an INFJ Lady Feel?

Having an INFJ girlfriend is a relationship of a lifetime. They’re smart, kind, and empathetic. INFJ females will support those they love through the most difficult times. This also naturally translates to incredible loyalty. While this is true, dating an INFJ female comes with its struggles.

First, INFJs are one of the rarest types in the MBTI. This means it’s very easy to misunderstand them. They are also introverts and shy. Getting them to open up about their inner fears or feelings can be difficult.

You should also know that no two INFJ females are not the same. So, the best way of making your relationship work is to tailor the advice given in this article to your partner.

What to Expect in a Relationship with an INFJ Female

1.   Communication Style

INFJ females want to have meaningful conversations with their partners. They want to talk about the deeper things in life and avoid small talk.

If you enjoy small talk, it might feel draining to your INFJ girlfriend. Including some abstract concepts in your conversation will do a world of good.

2.   Love Languages

Love languages refer to how a person prefers to receive and give love. When it comes to the original love languages, physical touch, words of affirmation and quality time are usually their top 3.

When it comes to the new 7 love language test by Truity, INFJs are likely to prefer intellectual and physical intimacy. You can take this test by clicking that link.

3.   Autonomy

INFJs want space and remain fiercely independent. Thus, your INFJ girlfriend will demand space. Sometimes, this will be to work on her projects. Other times, she’ll need space to recharge.

Understanding this is essential.

4.   Sensitivity

INFJ females are sensitive and emotional. They bring this intensity into the relationship. Really, their sensitivity can go both ways. It can solidify the relationship or it can break the relationship if not handled properly.

This also means that your INFJ girlfriend might struggle with constructive feedback.

5.   Authenticity

INFJs take pride in being true to themselves. So, expect genuineness in your relationship. They’ll try to be honest and work hard for the relationship.

This also means they expect the same from their partners. Because they use the extroverted feeling function (Fe), they can tell when a person isn’t genuine.

6.   Nurturing

INFJ females are kind and compassionate. They can also read the room and act accordingly. Because of this, they bring care, affection, and love to the relationship.

It never hurts to be affectionate if you ask me.

7.   Making the First Move

As earlier stated, INFJs are often shy. This especially applies to INFJ females. So, don’t expect them to make the first move. This applies to the start of the relationship and afterward.

You’ll most likely have to initiate conversations and first contact. This adds an extra burden especially if deep conversations aren’t your thing.

Notable exceptions might be INFJ 2w3 and INFJ type 7.

Getting the Best Out of the Relationship

1.   Tactfulness

A relationship can only grow if both parties improve or continue to grow. If you have a concern about the relationship, you should share it with your INFJ girlfriend. However, it should be done politely because of how sensitive they are.

An overly harsh criticism will lead to defensiveness or withdrawal. The INFJ door slam will eventually follow.

2.   Be Ready to be the Initiator

Be ready to initiate conversations. Here’s the trick. If you succeed in raising a great topic, you’ll get her talking. Once this happens, it’s smooth sailing.

The key is polishing your communication skills.

3.   Acceptance

Your INFJ girlfriend will accept you for who you are. It’s only right that you accept them too. They’ll be vulnerable with you as this is how they bond. Trying to change or fix them is a recipe for disaster.

Now, this does not mean that there is no room for improvement. Just make sure you aren’t regularly making jibes at their core values.

4.   Be Ready to Bare Your Soul

As earlier stated, your INFJ girlfriend will be vulnerable with you. This naturally means she’ll expect the same. So, be prepared to bare your soul with her. She has to see that you’re genuine.

That makes her feel like you are real and present.

Having an INFJ girlfriend is quite the experience. Make it a lasting one.

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