INFJ memes- 40 Of the Very Best


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The whole world wants to know more about the INFJ. Who wouldn’t? They are the rarest personality type in the MBTI world. This is simply one of the many problems that they face in their lives. We know the INFJ struggle. So, we have compiled 40 INFJ memes to celebrate this personality type.

So here are 40 of very best INFJ memes we could find

40 Wonderful INFJ Memes Right Now

1. INFJs are Deep People

If you have met an INFJ people, you can immediately tell that they are quite intense. INFJs are deep and this shows in everything they do, especially their relationships.

2. INFJ Has a lot going on inside

INFJs always have a lot of things going on at the same time. They are constantly feeling other people’s emotions as well as their own.

However, nobody ever knows. It’s an INFJ curse or blessing depending on the way you see things.


4. Pessimistic

INFJs can be very pessimistic about their future. Thus, you are likely to see an INFJ making numerous bad predictions on how things will go.

5. The Hidden Sides of the INFJ

There’s a reason the INFJ is often referred to as the most extroverted introvert. While they might seem shy at first, everything changes once you get to know them well.

6. INFJ and ENFP Relationship

INFJs simply loves everything the ENFP stands for. To most people, this is a match made in heaven.

The only other type combination with the INFJ that comes close is the ENTP.

7. The Most Rational Feeler

INFJs are often called the most rational feelers. This means that they feel more than thinkers but think more than feelers.

That feels the INFJs right in the middle of the chain.

8. Best Adviser But Sucks At Applying it

INFJs are great at advising people. However, they often struggle to take their own advice. This can create a funny scenario.

9. INFJ Memes- Small Talk is Mentally Draining

INFJs want to have meaningful deep conversations. Having small talk just doesn’t cut it. However, they might pretend to avoid hurting your feelings.

10 INFJ Memes

11. They Trust Their Friends

INFJs completely trust anyone who they call a friend. If the INFJ doesn’t trust you, then chances are that you are really not a friend.

12. INFJ Memes- Abstract Ideas

INFJs love abstract ideas. They also love a lot of things such as movies and books. You can expect their sleeping time to suffer.


14. Expressing Their Thoughts Can be Complex

When INFJs express themselves, it’s usually with a lot of warmth and depth. However, it can be hard to get started.

However, their thoughts in their head are crystal clear.



17 INFJ Memes- Excellent Writers

INFJs are excellent writers. They can convey their feelings in words that have depth. Thus, writing down how they feel is really a great way for the INFJ to express themselves.



20. INFJ Memes- Emotional Intelligence At Its Peak

INFJs are considered to be the time with the best emotional intelligence. They understand people’s feeling on a level that no type can.

It’s mind-blowing.

21. Distrustful

INFJs are suspicious of new people. Thus, it might take a while before the INFJ warms up to you.

However, when it happens, it will be glorious.





26. INFJ and Movies

INFJs love cold or ruthless characters with soft spots for people they love. If you know an INFJ, this will stand out to you immediately.

27. INFP vs INFJ

INFPs and INFJs are very similar. However, their judging functions allows them to be more organized. This gives the INFJ some bragging rights.


29. INFJ Memes- The Road to Discovery

INFJs are always on the road to discovery. They want to know themselves completely. This can lead them on a road to discovery. It is not a surprise then that they are usually typed as enneagram 4.

30. INFJs Wants to Know the Real You

INFJs wants real honest conversations. If you are putting on a mask, the INFJ is going to notice. This might make having any real conversation with them impossible.

They want to know they are getting the same energy from you.

31. INFJ Memes- Music is Important to Them

INFJs have the most expansive playlist. So, when they meet someone who shares the same taste with them in music, their minds are blown.


33- Grudges and Resentment

INFJs claim that they are free from grudges. However, their list of resentment and issues with people are constantly increasing. Yep, they have no grudges.






38. INFJ Memes- The Endless Battle Between Brain And Heart

INFJs brain and heart are constantly fighting for decisions and control. This makes it hard to predict their decisions.



INFJs are the rarest personality in the world. We love them for their emotional intelligence and all the good things to the table.


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