INFJ vs INTJ- How Can You Tell These Two Personalities Apart?

Infj vs intj

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Are you an INTJ? Are you an INFJ? Or are you currently confused as to where you really fall? If that is the case, then you are not alone. Just taking the MBTI test and reading about both personality types might help. In some cases, it doesn’t. For that reason, we are going to do an INFJ vs INTJ comparison.

Usually, the confusion is on the third function. Some people are usually just borderline between the T and F functions. That’s perfectly understandable. INFJs are often considered to be the most rational of the feeling types. This just adds to the confusion.

So, this is the complete guide on how to tell the INFJ apart from an INTJ

INFJ vs INTJ- Their Cognitive Stack

When comparing these two personalities, the first place you should look at is their functions and the way it is arranged. All MBTI types have about 8 functions placed in a specific order. These functions are Ni, Ne, Te, Ti, Fe, Fi, Se, and Si. These functions have a big effect on how we see and understand certain things in our life. However, among these 8 functions, there are four that are really dominant.

For the INFJ, those four are Ni, Fe, Ti, and Se while for the INTJ, there are Ni, Te, Fi, and Se.

What Do Their Cognitive Functions Mean?

INFJ vs INTJ Cognitive Functions

Just looking at their cognitive functions, you’ll quickly realize that these personality types share two of their functions. These functions are the Ni and the Se.

This means that the INTJ and INFJ both lead with Ni. This trait is called introverted Intuition. This allows them to speak up on certain patterns and dots expertly. They do this without having to talk or think aloud. Most times, these patterns just appear to them without any research or thinking.

It simply as if they just know. They also both share their tertiary function which is extroverted sensing (Se). This means that they both are attuned to their present-day life and environment. They tend to stay in the present and are aware of their surroundings. They are also aware of their body and hardly forget daily activities unlike types with the Si function.

This is also the function they turn to when dealing with stress. This means that they might turn to their environment to provide a source of comfort for them. This might be over drinking, excessively watching movies and so much more.

While they share these two functions, their other two functions are completely different.

Fe and Te

Their secondary functions are Fe for the INFJ and Te for the INTJ. This means that the INFJ has a developed value system. They use these value systems to understand how others feel. This means that they are more likely to focus on other people’s emotions. INFJs are also more likely to be empaths than other types. They feel how other people feel deeply.

While this is a good thing, it often has some drawbacks. INFJs will almost always forget their own emotions in the process. Their Fe means that their own emotions might come second fiddle to others. However, in situations where the INFJ feels deeply about a certain issue, this can easily change.

For the INTJ, their secondary function is the Te. With the help of the Te, the INTJ can weigh the pros and cons of any situation and act accordingly. They are also able to sieve their true feelings and focus on the truth. They do it in an extroverted way. This means that their thinking process usually happens when they are talking.

This is their second line of action once the Ni process is finished.

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Ti and Fi

The Ti is the third cognitive function for the INFJ. This is how the INFJ processes thoughts. It’s also the way that they think and logically make decisions. With the aid of the Ti, every dot and pattern that has been found by the Ni is then understood and arranged logically.

Note that the Ti is the third function of the INFJ. This literally means that thinking comes after their emotions. While the INFJ is a very rational type, it is still a feeler at the end of the day.

For the INTJ, they have the Fi as their third function. This means that emotions are internalized. They see other people’s emotions through a mirror of themselves. This allows them to put themselves in other people’s shoes. It also allows them to understand the depth of emotions a person feels if they have also faced a similar problem before.

This is also a motivator to change the world. For the INTJ, they want nothing more than to be the change agent or to meet a grand vision that has to do with changing the world. That is the Fi talking right there.

INFJ vs INTJ- Relationship and Love

Infj vs intj love


Another difference between the INTJ and the INFJ is in the way they show and like to receive love.

The INFJ can also show a lot of fear when it comes to starting new relationships. Because they are looking for a partner that will always be there, they usually are meticulous when searching for the right one. They are almost always looking for a long-term relationship. This makes them more likely to avoid casual flings or one-night stands.

INFJs will always start by throwing signals and bread crumbs for their partners to follow. If you are an INFJ, it might be a good idea to actually be clear with your intentions from the very beginning. You will be much better off and your partner will be glad you did too. The INFJ natural partners are the ENTP and the ENFP.


The INTJ absolutely love and respect their partners. They also hold their partners in high esteem and expect them to just be as creative and smart as they are. This might become a problem if their partner doesn’t share their own ideals or thinking patterns.

The INTJ will struggle with feeling clueless in a relationship. This is ironic for a personality type that is known to be great problem solvers and inventors. Another issue that they are most likely going to face is dealing with emotions. The INTJ is a very logical type. This means that they are always going to decide issues based on facts and not emotions.

This can be terrible for a partner who is a feeler. They can start to feel that the INTJ is insensitive and really does not care about them. The natural partner of the INTJ is also the ENFP and the ENTP.

INFJ vs INTJ- Population Count

There is also a difference between both personality types when it comes to population count. The INFJ is notorious for being the rarest personality type in the world. This also means that they can feel out of place and isolated in the world they live in. it also gives them the feeling of uniqueness. Truity puts their numbers at only 2% of the total population.

The INTJ is also very rare. The percentage of INTJs in the world today stands at 4%. This makes them one of the rarest personalities in the world. Here’s an article that tells the top 5 rarest MBTI and Enneagram personalities in the world.

INTJ vs INFJ- in the Workplace

infj vs intj


The INFJ at the workplace is completely dedicated to making things better for most customers and humanity in general. The INFJs are often very organized and idealistic. This often transfers itself to the workplace.

The INFJ’s best work environment will be one that is quiet and quite open to creative ideas. They often perform best when the workplace is without conflict and is directed at improving the world. Some of the best career options for the INFJ include

  • Pharmacists
  • Nutritionist
  • Social scientist
  • Clergy or evangelist
  • Social worker


The INTJ has high standards for the work they do. However, they want to do it on their own terms. This often means that they want as much freedom as possible to hit high creativity levels. Therefore, the INTJ will do best at a workplace that is not limiting. You can also bring out the best in them with flexible working hours.

If there is one thing that you can count on, it’s the reliability of the INTJ. If they are to work under someone, they will want their boss to take charge and provide them with some clear directions. Once given clear directions, the INTJ will be able to function better.

Some of the careers or professions that will suit the INTJ perfectly include

  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Financial advisor
  • CEO
  • Entrepreneur
  • Logistician

INFJ vs INTJ- Enneagram Types

INFJ vs INTJ Fun facts

According to Thought Catalog, the INTJ is more likely to be an enneagram type 5 than any other type. This is followed by type 3 and type 8. This definitely rhymes with their need to connect the dots and patterns. It also shows just how isolated and withdrawn the INTJ can be from others.

The INFJ, on the other hand, are more likely to be type 4 than any other type. This stems from their need to be unique. It could be because they are simply the rarest personality type in the MBTI. Other types that have a strong correlation with the INFJ are type 1 and 5 in that order

INFJ vs INTJ- Childhood

intj vs infj childhood

The INFJ child is often going to be shy and very sensitive. This means that harsh criticism is simply a NO for the INFJ. They are also likely to want to be very private with their life. However, the INFJ child also desires to be liked by all. They also have a strong sense of right and wrong at an early age. This means that they are less likely to go along with others just for the sake of it.

They will often get into trouble for standing up for what they believe in at school or elsewhere. For the INFJ child to become the best versions of themselves, they need lots of emotional attention.

The INTJ child, on the other hand, is often way ahead of their peers. They may have been able to develop a vast vocabulary at an early age. They are also going to be quite imaginative and creative. The INTJ child is definitely going to be an introvert and may struggle with being shy for most parts of their childhood.

Their introverted nature also means that they will need a lot of silence. A lot of noise can easily irritate or disturb the INTJ child. Overall, the INTJ child is brilliant and needs the right nurturing to reach their full potential.

INFJ vs INTJ- Emotional Intelligence and Mental Intelligence

Now, don’t get us wrong. Both personality types have both types of intelligence to a great extent. However, the INTJ is just simply the best when it comes to mental intelligence. They have the highest scores on IQ tests.

While the INFJ might not a match for the INTJ in this respect, the INFJ is simply the best in emotional intelligence. They understand how emotions work better than other types by a long margin. Backed by their intuition and rational mind, they can be really good at investigative matters or manipulating people.

INFJ vs INTJ- Dealing with a Breakup

infj vs intj break up

The INTJ treats a breakup as a problem that they need to solve. Issues such as who broke up first might seem really important to them. They are great analysts and will try to find out what went wrong in the relationship. Once they can figure this out, they will try to make things work in the next one.

They often ignore their feelings or hide them behind sarcasm and jokes. However, the INTJ feels a lot of hurt within those walls. This is true even though they hardly show it.

The INFJ, on the other hand, is known for giving their loved ones a lot of chances. Sometimes, these chances given might seem unreasonable to others. However, once the INFJ has decided that they have had enough or you have betrayed them, they quickly withdraw from you. Most writers call this the INFJ door slam.

They will dwell in solitude as this allows them to process the pain that they currently feel.


So are you an INFJ or an INTJ? Regardless of who you are, these types are simply unique and awesome. You should be happy regardless of anyone you strongly identify with.


  1. INTJ and INFJ don’t have extraverted sensing (Se) as their tertiary function, but as their inferior function, ENTJs and ENFJs have (Se) their tertiary function.


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